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fish 01-03-2002 07:21 PM

Alice's Restaurant ADVrider Meeting - Jan 3, 2002
<sigh> is not working for uploading right now, and slug is hiking somewhere in the Vietnamese Mountains. Spider doesn't know how to fix it. Out of inbound disk space or something.

fixed as of 1/4/02

So, being the impatient aquatic vertebrate that I am, I'm going to make a shitload of posts to this thread and attach a file to each. At least that's the plan.


Baldy - X
Fish - X
Chef - X
cRAsH - X
Rubbercow - X
JL - ?

fish 01-03-2002 07:24 PM

Baldy was there, but didn't seem too comfortable. No surprise...all of us were wearing body armor and goretex, and he was wearing a silly hat and spandex :huh

fish 01-03-2002 07:33 PM

Rubber cow was there. Rhoids were flaring up, I think.

fish 01-03-2002 07:37 PM

Chef was there. Apparently under the influence of psychotropics and frilly underwear.

fish 01-03-2002 07:43 PM

cRAsH was there...pondering baldy's silly hat.

fish 01-03-2002 07:46 PM

cRAsH is the only guy I know who lists Alice's as a backup contact number...

fish 01-03-2002 07:53 PM

Baldy, suiting up, was trying to convince RC to let him testride his GSPD. Doesn't look good for cueball.

fish 01-03-2002 07:56 PM

I am Ironman...with two right hands :huh

fish 01-03-2002 07:59 PM

So it was a pretty good time. On the way out, Baldy said he was gonna take Old La Honda down, and when I said that was one of my favorite roads, you shoulda seen him burn rubber on that little skinny tire...

We determined that the bottle on the left was urine and the one on the right was colostomy. Geez, like it's so hard to stop and go to the bathroom.

Jean-Luc 01-04-2002 10:42 AM

Excellent! Too bad I missed it :(:

fish 01-04-2002 06:38 PM

Re: Thanks!

Originally posted by OldRoadToad
Hello the house!

Thanks for the photographs fish. It is nice to be able to put faces to some of the names here. In a some what related aside, might I say that bicycles are neato, and the Toad doth aspire to owning either a Rivendell or Atlantis framed bike in the future (Ahhhh. The beauty of a traditional lugged steel frame).

It appears a most excellent time was had by all.

The Toad :smile6
Baldy's bike is carbon fiber and yeller :huh

Okie dokie. I stripped out all the attachments and img linked to a pbase gallery. Hopefully it will load faster.

Einstein 01-05-2002 01:30 AM

Wow !
1 Attachment(s)
Green grass and guys running around their bike in T-shirts!

Take a look at my situation.

Happy new year to you all !

Baldy 01-05-2002 08:13 AM

Gorgeous photo, Einstein. And welcome! Better get on that scoot and ride to Spain or something, no?

fish 01-05-2002 09:15 AM

Welcome, Einstein! Great avatar!

Einstein 01-05-2002 10:48 AM

Spain sounds reasonable !:smile6

It's not so bad as it looks.
I spend some time in the warmed up garage instead.
The batterycase in the GS needed a paintjob and I found some interesting modifications on Henry's site.

Maybe you know it, but anyway...:cool:

have fun.

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