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valvecrusher 03-17-2008 04:40 PM

NX250 Thread -- official ADV owners manual
A place for NX250 or AX-1, or XL Degree owners to discuss or display anything related to the machine internally known as MD21 by Honda.
(NX 250 AX-1)

Terms of Service

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I hope this thread is a wonderful resource tool, helpful to all worldwide as we come here to camaraderie and respect..
for members and motorcyclists worldwide.

NX250 ADV owner's manual
Terms of Service

>>FAQs post<< Click here
Flea Market FS/Wanted Ads < click here<click there="">
Not liable for accidents, or damages. What you choose to do to your NX, AX, or XLDegree is purely by your choice and judgement. We are not in any way responsible.

Longer clutch cable for taller handlebars../longer fork tubes..
80mm longer clutch cable
Kawasaki OEM#: 54011-1164

Air Filter mod, v.2 - Thx MuddyRabbit
AF-modv2 link
K&N air filter mod for NX250 --- thx WyoWillys46
*K&NfilterMod* oh. No more photos?:ddog

16" NX rear wheel to 17" XL wheel swap
17" XL wheel swap

Rear shock replacement: SV650 shock: SV650 swap/upgrade
starts with post #2407 and more info in 2410 thru 2424

Upside down fork swap (CR80): CR80 Fork Swap
post #2648-

other 37mm forks for possible swaps:
37mm fork list

Performance camshafts(? availability ?) Megacycle Cams" -- thx Mito-nx

Service Guide:

Rubber well nuts
link <------

Service manual in PDF form for Nx250 --- thx WyoWillys46
links to
copyrighted material is prohibited updated 1 march 2012

Changing the NX250 clutch pack -- thx IBJim
Clutch Change

Restoring your rusty headpipe Header paint and restoration

Stronger belly pan/ Metal Skid plate/ bash plate options Skid plate options

Kickstand Mod: Kickstand Mod
Keeps NX250 from falling over to the right

New Stock size rims
: different colors in different listings, hoop only
link to ebay listing, silver, black, gold available.

NX250 /AX1 XL250 Degree:TV & film stars:

"Criminal Minds"...Episode: "Psychodrama" starts 20:33 link ~thx I♥myNX
"Mcgyver" starts 34:56..40:23 link ~thx RabidSquirell

Class of 1999
Jackass 3D

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Check back on this page often:deal

Suggestions,:ear additions:clap , denials:cry, and rants:evil ARE encouraged
welcomed, and invited, pertaining to content of INDEX
Links and information for the INDEX can ALWAYS submitted to me via PM, I can add them into the post in the future here
Click the picture of the NX250 above, to see a complete parts list, exploded diagrams, etc
of the entire 1989 NX250...other years are available at the same link.
This page is also referred to as partsfiche, exploded views, EPC, fiche, schematic, diagram, technical drawing or NX250 1989 USA spare parts list. Here you find all available NX250 1989 USA parts manuals.

IF it's added to the thread, it'll be added to the INDEX

for the NX250 - AX1 250 Dominator AX-1 XL250 Degree XL 250 NX NX250J NX250K NX250L XLDegree parts help info plastics cdi cowl fairing faring shroud seat fender wheel tire speed six Honda

I urge all the NX and AX fans on this thread to TUNE IN!! to Sambucas' travels. HERE is the link

(Use Google translate on foreign language pages)
Sambucas has quite a story, and long journey
Be safe guys!!

Again, NX fans, HERE is the link

. ___________________________________

valvecrusher 03-17-2008 04:46 PM

where to get help and info fast

*******(no links work, yet....just an example)********
General.....Maintenance.. Body(general).....Lighting...Cooling...Engine(illustrated) ...Engine(performance)
link..........Clutch filter
link............pipe air filter2 ....................air filter 3

Transmission/Drive.... Wheels/Tires.... Braking ...Skid Plate... Rear Rack..........Fork swap/Shock swap
link..........................RollinJ's 17/

How-To..(walk-thru)..... Feedback(product/trial.error)....Electrical(mods/upgrade).....Special Tools(illustrated)
fix ........clutch
clutch .........................linkf you mind this photo being used, pm or email me, i'll remove it)

We'll have illustrations of changing the rear 16" wheel to a 17",
how to do your valve adjustments...
body coverings..skidplates, exhaust mods
ADVenture rack function and implementation

Miscellanous research and design -- R & D
BTW: if you've applied any of this photographic evidence to some other 'website' or whereever..would you please import it over here?...

RULE #1:

Creative criticism, or safety issues are always welcome, but please...
no ridicule..

If you really, really hate it that bad..
or think, "hey, that guy :jose or girl :toney is going to get hurt"

plaster them in private( Use Private Message, or Email)....
not here in the public eye..

seen it ruin perfectly good threads elsewhere...

Jeff@TheQuadShop 03-17-2008 05:13 PM

Give me a day or so VC and I'll start adding what I've learned. :evil

Assfault 03-17-2008 07:37 PM

Been lurk'in in the shadows for a bit.
Just came across a beat down 88 model
on the cheap.Plan on using it as a commuter
and fire road eater this season.
A little here and there should sort out the
A quick carb cleaning, fresh fuel, and air in the tires
and I had a pretty good runner.
More to come later as it is missing the front fairing
and the instruments.
This will give me the excuse to build a custom bike
how I see fit.
A blessing in desguise.
Here's a pic as I got it.

jamin_mathis 03-17-2008 08:22 PM

Good idea VC we NX riders need a place like this to find useful info with out all the other stuff.

jamin_mathis 03-17-2008 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by ASSFAULT
A quick carb cleaning, fresh fuel, and air in the tires
and I had a pretty good runner.

Getting that carb in and out was anything but quick for me, the whole time I was thinking "I must be doing something wrong this shouldn't be this hard to pull" I guess I was doing something wrong but after removing almost all the plastic, the tank, the air filter box and the seat about 3 hours later it was done and running great.

Jeff@TheQuadShop 03-18-2008 05:50 AM

Here is what I've found for a better tire solution so far....

I finally found another front tire that may work and be a bit more aggressive. Its the Mefo MFE99, its a 3.50-19 and the stock Trailwing is 3.8-19.

The Dunlop K460 comes in the correct (close) size as well...

Here is another option for the rear..
Duro HF904

Jeff@TheQuadShop 03-18-2008 05:53 AM

I swapped out my 16" rear wheel for a 17" from a 87 XL250. This opens up a whole new world to rear tire options.
I'll be going with the Kenda K270, this is a great long lasting tire that served me well on my TAT trip last year...

wyowillys46 03-18-2008 09:11 AM

Hey everybody. Just bought an NX-250 in Colorado and should be going down tomorrow to ride it back. Since this is the technical thread I found this yesterday surfin' around:

It's the entire service manual in PDF form.

Jeff@TheQuadShop 03-18-2008 09:19 AM

Welcome wyowillys46! Make sure you get some pics from your ride back home! :deal

Assfault 03-18-2008 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by jamin_mathis
Getting that carb in and out was anything but quick for me, the whole time I was thinking "I must be doing something wrong this shouldn't be this hard to pull" I guess I was doing something wrong but after removing almost all the plastic, the tank, the air filter box and the seat about 3 hours later it was done and running great.

Yea, there are certainly easier carbs to get in and out.
But from my experiance the CRF 450 is way harder in my opinion.
I do like the pumper feature for a late 80's bike is pretty nice.
But when in the carb I tend to take my time so I don't have to
tear into it again.Have fun with your NX.


Jeff@TheQuadShop 03-19-2008 07:06 AM

Just for refrence, all these models use the same rear sprocket as the NX250. This may help in searcing for ones with a different tooth count.

VTR250 Interceptor 1988L
XL250R 1982-83
XL250S 1978
XL250S 1979-81
XL500S 1979-81
XL600R 1983-87
XR250 1979-80
XR250R 1981-82
XR500 1979-80
XR500R 1981-82

valvecrusher 03-19-2008 09:37 AM

FAQs for NX250 AX1 250 Dominator
Items still needing identified or resolved:

Chain slider - is there an aftermarket alternative?*'81 XR250R? not proven
a flexible cutting board from Walmart has been successfully used in a pinch to protect swingarm, using RTV silicone gasket to affix the flexible cutting board(shaped like OEM slider) to swingarm.

Front sprocket cross-reference -what other model will fit?
rear sprocket: See Post #12, right above this post your are reading~thx Jeff@QuadShop

regulators/rectifiers -- what other HOndas fit?

If you can answer the above questions, please reply in the thread with your findings, and/or send me a PM so i can update and add it here, thanks!
If you have any question you want added, please pm and it will be

FAQs for the Honda NX250 AX-1 250 Dominator

I need a longer clutch cable for high bar risers, wider handlebars, longer fork tubes, or taller handlebars?
1984 Kawasaki GT550 (550GT)
Kawasaki OEM#: 54011-1164 ~thank you Scrambler66+ArthDuro

Can I use a different CDI than the factory Honda part?
link CurtW found aftermarket CDI on Ebay link

Are there any other footpegs that will fit my stock NX peg carrier?
CRF50/XR50 pegs work without modifications~ArthDuro

The headlight won't work, but the other lights are fine, and all the fuses are fine....etc... why? What is wrong with my headlight?

There is a small spring in the 'start' button for the engine, built into the right hand control. This spring will get dirty, or become loose and break the circuit for the headlamp illumination.
carefully, disassemble the right hand control, and clean the contacts and the spring.

My NX250 keeps falling over, to the right side of the bike? wth?
Kickstand Mod

Is there a K&N style air filter option for the NX250?
The OEM filter measures just under 4"x6" inches(add mm here VC!)

K&N makes Part #MG-0001 for the MotoGuzzi V1000 Lemans/California models.
It measures:Height: 1.22 in (31 mm)Outside Length: 5.984 in (152 mm)Outside Width: 4.449 in (113 mm)
. Some work is required, mainly cutting and filing. Then an adhesive is used to glue the OEM rubber frame to the K&N filter's body.
33-2263 is close, and is being experimented with.

What size tire or tube should i get for my 19" front rim, or 16"/17" rear rim?
here's a nice tube size chart, and a nice tire conversion chart thx-Rvn Ranger

What's my battery?

(same as Honda Rebel, Ninja 250) Ebay is a good source for inexpensive ones...
Try Here or here or here
For suggested starting prices, browse from there...
Also, look for the newer Gel type batteries(add notes here VC!)
Another option is to find a battery with the same physical size, but more 'plates' are in the battery.
(Put example here VC!)

My NX250 fell over to the right, i need a front brake lever? Anything cheaper than stock?

Parts Unlimited has # 44-1001 Polished brake lever Honda for $5.95, also in black

My bike needs fork boots! Who makes some?
Daystar Fork boots Part# F00234
There are others, the boots need to fit 37mm forks, with x amount of travel.

Why won't my bike spark?
Why doesn't it crank, or even hit a lick? Sometimes my bike misses, runs like crap and cuts off, then it won't start. My tachometer reads funny sometimes, or the tachometer doesn't move when the bike will turn over, but not start.

Check your CDI. If it starts with KW3....its the old 80s CDI
there was a factory issue with the CDI in the late 80s.
They will all fail sometime. Replace with a known good cdi, before you look for other component failures.
KW3H is the new part, updated sequence code....
should be printed on the CDI plug area..

There is a good video of a functional CDI p#22.
Video of good CDI tach view here
CDI discussion on abouts page #22 of this thread.

My bike is hard to start when it's cold?( I use choke a mighty long time, or else the engine shuts off when it's cold. Also, it doesn't quite have the normal power i remember)

It needs intake valves adjusted (do all 4, shim under buckets)
Check here for the short list of symptoms.
the carb's dirty

Is there a carb rebuild kit?

Keyster KH-0858N is the kit number.
Try Googling the part number, "NX250 Carb rebuild kit", or looking on Ebay.
This is just a suggestion/'s pricey! on that site.

What parts fit my bike?
The NX250 doesn't 'share' parts with very many US machines. Internationally, the NX250, AX1, XL250 Degree use the same engine, share frames(though some are square rails, and some are round frame rails)
HERE is a list of nearly all parts for the NX 250....Thx RabidSquirrel

My shifter is 'loose'. Can i get an aftermarket shifter? What model should i use to crossreference?
The (84-85) XR200R, XR250R, (84-87)XL250R has the exact same shifter as the NX250.
The (84-99) XL600R, and XR600R will also fit!, thanks Jeff!theQuadShop.
A little bird told us the Yamaha TTR250 (99-06) will fit, but lengthwise?-VC

Can I get those funny rubber 'wellnuts', they are like threaded rubber sleeves that hold my cowls to each other and to the bike?
Here or
link <------

What is a good tire for my bike?
Did you read this page?:lol3 the one you are looking at to see these words? Tire discussion is on this page and the next few after this one.
Also around post #850, it's revisited a bit.

Where can i get the 17" rear wheel for swapping onto the NX250?
84-87 XL250R, 85-86 XL350R

Where can i get a cheap jack for my NX250? Something just to grease the chain, or check swingarm bearings and the like...maybe like a light duty lift/jack?

try Here

Where can i find the cheapest parts OEM online?

__________________________________________________ _______

Promo materials section
__________________________________________________ _______

If you have a scanned sales brochure, owners manual, or historical "flashback" information relating to the NX250, send it to me...and I'll post it in this message.:deal
click to enlarge

An original sales receipt from your dealer would be smash out bangin'!!:freaky

~smell of mousehide~

Other bikes that were made at the same time as the NX250/AX1 include:
Pacific Coast(PC800), Gold Wing, Transalp, CB-1, Hawk GT, GB500, NX650, CBR, VTR, NX250, NX125, XR600R, XR250R CR500R, CR250R, CR125R, CR80R
Show us the above showroom! OLD PIC that has all the above HONDA's..That would RULE!

This bike was available as the NX250, the Ax-1, Baby dominator, 250 dominator and the like..some with minor differences.including OEM 239cc equipped
Also offered as XL250 Degree, but not in the US.

valvecrusher 03-19-2008 09:39 AM

NX250 Flea Market
The NEW NX250 AX-1 250 Dominator Flea Market...

Here is where we will list who has what, who wants what...and what they want for...uhhh....what... :lol3
Email me if you have something for sale, to sale in the NX market and i'll list it immediately



NX250 16" rear wheel and brake - will remove the tire $20.00 Plus shipping~HondaScoot
130/80-16 Duro in good shape and holding air $10.00 Plus shipping~HondaScoot
Front hub and Rotor $10.00 Plus shipping Contact HondaScoot
19" front wheel and rotor -will remove tire $20 + ship ~HondaScoot
front fender, no cracks, some scratches $10 + ship HondaScoot

1998 NX250 engine, complete, 9000 miles, valves not adjusted, no carb - 400 + UPS shipping ~ Contact PTC LINK
complete 1988 NX250 bike. . tank,seat,plastics,speedo,tach assy., and more, etc
carb, electrical-gone ~ Contact PTC LINK

RollinJ's NX250 odds and ends LINK

Complete radiator, fan, rad cap, VG,

Gas tank, VG in primer.

Gas cap, VG.

WP cover, VG.

<s>Gas petcock, VG</s> SOLD
engine electric starter - bench tested ~good.

Trades, offers? ----------- DonD

rear Cargo Rack for NX250 (Make offer) -- Spaceman_spiff

a headlight, spedo/tach brackets. -- Zeph4x

stock OEM 16" rear wheel + brake hub -- Jeff@theQuadshop

rear wheel, sprocket, brake hub $50pm valvecrusher
seat $50 pm valvecrusher
FAIL gas tank (free with above) pm valvecrusher


Front brake master cylinder, complete unit - TheBohemian

OEM rear plate -tag hanger -- pm Showallen

19" front wheel, complete -- PM Fiep

Rear fender bracket NX125
-- PM SpringCreekRider

NX 250 seat ~ PM Wolfy317

Front Fender ~PM ClaytonRoy

chain guide assembly on swingarm, headlamp, headlamp bezel ~ pm Kiesler

AX-1 Items wanted

AX1 speedo/headlight frame/bracket and all 4 AX1 turnsignals
and ALL their related bracketry. ~ PM Micahshaw

AX1/XL250~degree headpipe --stainless -- PM ValveCrusher

AX-1 Cams - PM IheartmyNX

NX Bikes wanted
1988-1990 NX250(or frame only) with title,
any condition -- PM

OTHER Motorcycles' Parts

selah 03-19-2008 08:34 PM

Hey Wyowillys46,

Welcome. Used to live up there in Laramie. Lot of nice terrain to explore on your NX.

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