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AJ2 05-14-2002 08:04 PM

Helmet / bike camera (merged) mega threadfest...
Check this out! I read about it in Outside magazine(awesome rag, btw). It looks like one could make videos like the bike cam shots on Speedvision. Pretty cool, and at $150, not too outrageous. Anyone want to get me one? My birthday is right around the corner.:):

Tugrik 05-14-2002 10:52 PM

And if you're even more frugal...
This is the same camera <a href=" tem=31">Supercircuits sells</a>, but they charge you $50 to take off the Supercircuits logo and slap their own name on it.

Alternatively, if you want to spend the same amount of money but get a slightly smaller unit with the same performance (about .11" dia and 1" length smaller), <a href=" m=31">they've got yer hookup right here</a>.

Most of the 'helmetcam' shops just resell the same stuff with their own logo plastered on it. The only one that seemed worth the money came with a nicely designed helmet-mount that was pretty aerodynamic and didn't look like ass... I'd post a link but I don't remember it just now. If you go with this one or either of the supercircuits ones, you need to get creative with hardlok velcro or a Chatterbox-like clip mount.

I use these and various other camera types for RC-car work and various foolings around. Muchfun!

AJ2 05-15-2002 07:35 AM

Cool, I wasn't aware of these at all, I would've guessed they cost a lot more. So is the video quality pretty good? If so, I might have to get one. Never enough toys, you know?

zero-zero 05-15-2002 08:16 AM

There's some info on helmet cams in one of the forums I moderate, so maybe you'd like to take a peek . Some familiar people over there too.


Cpt. Ron 05-15-2002 09:43 AM

Here's some more:

The only thing holding me back is a small camcorder or some type of recorder. Well, that and cash.

AJ2 05-15-2002 10:46 AM


Originally posted by Cpt. Ron
Here's some more:

The only thing holding me back is a small camcorder or some type of recorder. Well, that and cash.
Well, aside from the cash bit, there's some really damn small mini-DV camcorders and a tiny Sony proprietary micro-mv recorder. I'm sure they ain't cheap.

wxwax 05-15-2002 10:57 AM

RAM mounts come with a camera adapter. Last weekend I put my MinDV recorder on the handlebar and took a ride. The RAM mount slipped a little on the bar, but was OK. The ride wasn't exciting, but proved that this can work. I did get a bit of the dash on the lower part of the screen. So if you already have a smallish camera, you might consider this very cheap option.

edmoto 11-28-2002 04:28 PM

Helmet / Bike Camera (merged) mega threadfest...
Anyone used the product from ? What has been your experience with this camera, and company?

Mr. Cob 11-29-2002 12:44 AM

I like it
Howdy Edmoto,

It's a good product, I have one and have used it to film a trip through the Rocky Mountains. The only complaint I have is this, the lens is a wide angle type, this is great if you are very close to what you are filming but if you are following another rider who is 50 feet ahead of you when watching the movie it looks like he is about 100 yards ahead. This makes shots as you are riding down the road not look on the movie as they look when you are riding past them. Even mountains look small and far away. I am assuming that this product was made to be used to film things at a close range and the wide angle lens allows more to be seen in the picture then what would have been seen with a regular lens.

Global Rider 11-29-2002 07:57 AM

I have one, but....
I have one from Helmet Camera and used it on my 2002 Alps Tour.

It is OK, but there are better cameras out there. The built-in microphone is next to useless. I use a different microphone set-up that works really well described in my post on the Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board

Do a search on "On-Bike Video Cameras" or just go to the "Photo Forum" and look half way down the page.

I'd also go for one of the higher resolution cameras from RF Concepts (UK), provided of course, your video camera has specs to match. By the way, you don't need much of a video camera in the way of features since all it does is act as a recording VCR when your helmet camera is attached to it.

Ammo 02-11-2003 11:06 AM

Video and Helmet Cams
Morning Gents,

Anyone savvy on video cameras?

I'd like to get a decent camera and make some videos this summer of our motorcycle adventures.

You know, mount the camera up and chase someone for a while, then switch it around so you can watch them following you, possibly to a helmet cam set up. It would also be cool to have a remote mic that you could put by the exhaust.

Keep in mind I'm just a basic 'ol sergeant in the air force so i have to work within a limited budget

Any ideas?


Global Rider 02-11-2003 12:16 PM

Go to the Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board where I've already started a thread on that subject.

On Bike Video Cameras

You don't need much of video camera to take on-bike videos. The video camera is used as a recording VCR and the camera portion of it isn't even used if you intend on using a helmet camera.

For that reason, you don't need to spend a lot of money on features such as image stabilization, high power lenses (useless unless you use a tripod, and even then), or other fancy features. If you want these for regular video shooting, then go for what you need.

The video camera does have to be able to input and output video signals to a VCR. If it can do that, you can connect a "lipstick" helmet camera.

I'd get a quality Digital 8 with 500 lines and then go for the Sony color camera with 480 line capability from that company in the UK. Their web site is listed on the above thread.

Good luck.

Ammo 02-12-2003 08:04 AM

thanks for the reply, i'll check that out


kehale 03-13-2003 07:43 AM

I like 's unit.

This is it mounted to a pair of glasses, really works better with a helmet.

patch29 04-30-2003 08:03 PM

This thread has been around a while. I read the links in it, and found some good info.

Has anyone tried one of these in the last year? I am looking to purchas one and would like to hear some current opinions.



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