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underwaterguru 03-10-2009 05:30 PM

The 650 Dakar Thread
Just starting a new one. Just Bmw 650 Dakar's please. I have a stock (not for long) 06. Post your questions, pictures, tech, etc. Here is mine, looking for a great centerstand and a better windshield. One that is more straight up and down like the black 3 hole on the 04. Got any suggestions. Thanks Steve

OnTheRoad 03-10-2009 09:31 PM

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Hey Steve,
Here's my '07 from this past season's trip to Deals Gap. I installed the WUNDERLICH tall windscreen for GS's with handguards. It's ok.....but does meet your criteria of being fer more upright. I found it was more like a barn door at blocking the wind. It did create a nice area of somewhat turbulence free air, however I found the new air currents created a slapping sound/feeling on the back of my helmet (after 2000kms you get used to leaning forward :rofl ). Also, I'm 5'11" and seem to be looking through the top 4 inches of the screen which slightly distorts my image of the road. It still gives me the willies entering some corners:rofl . Anyhow...install was easy with some minor "adjusting" of all the mounting screws. Build quality is top knotch. From what I've read, most guys go through 2-3 windscreens before finding the right one. I think I'm going to try the Ermax +15 next. If you're interested in more pics of the wunderlich, try the following;

Right now I'm looking for exhaust slip-ons that will work with the Caribou Luggage system. From what Roger has advised Staintune and 2Bros. may be the only game in town for me. Good luck with the for the centrestand.....Touratech or SW Motech (best sourced from Twisted Throttle) both make decent versions specific for the Dakar. My Touratech is going on next week! :clap

HeadinSouth 03-10-2009 09:45 PM


Remus Exhaust
Touratech/Unifilter Airfilter
Clear Alternative signals

Wayyyyy nicer than Rylan's :)

RyLaN 03-10-2009 10:57 PM

...and mine...
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'05, bought it new and have just over 20000km on her.
A few things that I've done are... stiffer front fork springs, Acerbis hand guards, Rox 2" risers, steel braided front brake line, fairing crash guards, Touratech skid plate, PIAA 510 super white driving lights, Happy-Trails panniers, 15t front sprocket, the last thing I did was put on a KTM front fender because of the spray I get off road, I didn't want to go with the extension for the stock fender and this was a cheaper way, I have yet to go riding in the mud:D .
Thing's on the way... Pivot Pegs, steel braided rear brake line, short shifter (folding) and folding brake lever, I also want to put on an aftermarket rear suspension but that's a grand and I don't need it yet:wink: .
I have been all over the lower half of B.C. and want to go farther, but it takes time and money for that, so not yet, hope to get more distance in this summer.
The windscreen is the stock one and all I did was go to Rona and get some rubber grommets (washers) in the plumbing section and longer bolts so I could raise the screen on the back two screws leaving the lower two screws the same length, :huh , if that makes sense... now the screen sits on a greater angle, all I have to do is find a laminar lip to attach to the top to make it longer, hope it works.
Here are some pics...

RyLaN 03-10-2009 10:58 PM

...and with the KTM fender...
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KTM fender 1

RyLaN 03-10-2009 10:59 PM

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KTM fender 2

RyLaN 03-10-2009 11:00 PM

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KTM fender 3

bacon 03-11-2009 06:53 AM

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This is mine

LE Trainer 03-11-2009 07:35 AM


underwaterguru 03-11-2009 08:01 AM

Love all the posts and pics. I am going to experiment with the washers. I am 5'7" and can see over the stock screen but it is not blocking any wind. Love the KTM fender, not enough rain out here in the desert of western colorado to need it, but it look good.

Fauster 03-11-2009 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by LE Trainer

Nice picture from Bear Run. But didn't you have a few more similar pictures to choose from? :augie

LE Trainer 03-11-2009 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by Fauster
Nice picture from Bear Run. But didn't you have a few more similar pictures to choose from? :augie

Only about 8, if anyone is counting.:baldy

Trophy1298 03-11-2009 09:07 AM

2005, a couple mods

Have a huge windsheild that actually attaches to the bars. It is great for cold weather. I'll see what it is when I get back to you.

notmybikemodelname 03-11-2009 08:53 PM

Here's mine:

2006 Dakar
Excel rims
Protaper bars
Custom carbon fiber fairing
Custom carbon fiber tail fairing
Yamaha YZ426 front suspension
Threw ABS in trash can
Lowered battery into ABS tray to lower the CG
Stripped down and weighed at 338lbs dry

It's on it's way to this. The blue section behind the seat will be another 2.6g's of fuel. I have lowered the oil reservoir two inches and moved it insidde the frame. I'm building a new carbon fiber lower profile airbox and will add a 3/4g fresh water tank (drinking water) under the front blue section. The last touches will be either a WP or Ohlin's rear shock with 300mm of travel mounted to a custom aluminum sub-frame. Then bore to around 690cc's, port and polish.

Needless to say, mine spends about 90% of it's life in the deserts of Cali or Baja.

mcgiggle 03-12-2009 12:30 AM

The wifes.........
Well chuffed you started this thread, i'm prepping the wife's GS for our trip and have ordered a pair of Excel rims, the rear is 18 inch and I read somewhere else that the Dakar has a lomger swinger so found one on a forum, it was delivered yesterday and is exactly the the same as her GS :cry
So i'll just increase the thread length on the chain adjusters and keep the OE one.
Have any of you guys fitted ail bars and kept the heated grips ?
I have a million other questiioms but i'll save them for later !



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