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Abenteuerfahrer 06-05-2009 01:06 PM

Hacking our way North by Northwest…
I suppose we should be posting this in a Ride Reports forum, but it is so much more appropriate to post a sidecar adventure here among all my Hack brethren’s. Trying to emulate Hacker inmates who have done it; Mikepa, MzCountryboy, Beemerchef and many others, also encouraging other Hackers to take the high roads of adventure. We hope the powers to be that run this ADV site will allow us to continue our trip report in the Hack Forum.

Inmate Abenteuerfahrer; here again, as some of you may know, part of my retirement has been riding the good ole’ USA and Canada two up in 2007 and then solo Newfoundland/Labrador last year. Having just completed; farkled, and attached Jay’s Dauntless Tub to the hip of our 2005 1200GS so that I can schlep my Brooklyn Frau with me….we’re ready to roll north by northwest.

Also as the ride reports unfold let us introduce to you ”Brunhilde”, our robust, well endowed, gas thirsty 1200GS and “Ingrid” our sidecar, so named in honor of our loyal, faithful longhaired Dachshund that has given us so much joy in our life.

We hope to post scenic/cultural/hack-oriented pictures and some perspectives from a deaf couple as we trek to the great white North: Alaska and the rest of Sara Palin’s, “I can see Russia from my window”…. State! Posting will be sporadic from NC to the beginning of the Northwest but will be more frequent once entering the wilderness. If you see us and shout, but if you get no response…..that’s us! We welcome any and all comments, questions, etc. that you may wish to post. We look forward to this epic journey in good company…along with you.

Cheers…your couple on the road

Ready to roll.....NC....>>....AK

Ingrid along for the ride...

Slab tested the Tug and Tub for 670 miles straight to Ohio through humid; cold heavy rains; various elevations..etc. All went well, except poor gas mileage..anything from 26-29 mpg. Speeds were mostly 65 mph on the slab with an occassional surge to 85 mph. Plenty of power reserve for all occassions. No vibrations whatsoever from the Dynabeaded tires.

Rolling along at 65 mph..steady as she goes..

Taking the grandkids for a sidecar ride to Monroe, Oh.

Here riding through Monroe. Notice that the sidecar wheel is not square of 90 degrees? I noticed the tire street wear as well, it isn't centered. Solution??

Tomorrow it's westward Ho...!

Nemo DeNovo 06-05-2009 02:38 PM



Abenteuerfahrer 06-05-2009 05:09 PM

Hi iHOP....dunno which routes. All are good. Plan on taking the roads less traveled. If all goes well with the Tub n' Tug..then we'll take on the Dempster to Inuvik as an appetizer for the Haul road to Deadhorse???...uh!...:cry

Abenteuerfahrer 06-05-2009 05:09 PM'ed ya!

Qwik 06-05-2009 08:08 PM

Lookin good. Subscribing to this one!

Dr Jim 06-06-2009 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by LiteWait
Sidecar frame is level.
Fender is vertical.
Yet somehow the sidecar wheel has 2.25 degrees of lean.
The suspension isn't on that axis, so load can't cause that like it would on an old Corvette.
There is no adjustment available to you to change that; short of welding.
No wonder your tire is tight to the fender.

You could get the wheel vertical by tilting the frame 2.25% and start from there. Won't help the fender clearance.

Seems odd, but it's only a photo.

I agree with Walt - nice job on the photo mark-up too - there's something FUBAR in the sidecar's swingarm geometry - my hunch is that the stub axle itself may be welded on off-axis, but it's also possible that the swingarm's pivot itself could have been misaligned.

Either would produce the camber we're all seeing - I think you need to forward these posts to Jay at Dauntless for his opinion, you may need to stop off in the NorthWet to get the swingarm changed.

As long as there's adequate fender clearance, and the sidecar tire isn't wearing abnormally fast, the couple of degrees of camber shouldn't hurt the handling very much. I'd be a BIT paranoid though, and carefully check the axle's fore-and-aft orientation too - a fraction of a degree of toe-in or toe-out relative to the sidecar's frame can have pronounced effects on pull and headshake.

The Cozy/Globe sidecars mount their stub axles on a movable plate whose slots have about 1" of fore-aft motion, and about 1/2" of side-to-side play. It's a bit of a Dog's Breakfast to set one up - I used to put a Magic Marker spot of the wheel rim, and use a set of inside calipers to measure from the frame to the wheel to set the proper toe-in and lead. This involved a lots of swearing and waving about of large rubber mallets.

Have a good trip & flip us a PM when you get up this way....



mikepa 06-06-2009 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by LiteWait

Seems odd, but it's only a photo.

Excellent photo-analysis Litewait! Something is definitely a bit dodgy with the trailing arm set-up, and as noted, this may have been "fixed" when it was welded up, not an assembly error on 'Fahrer's part I wouldn't think? I'd jack that wheel off the ground, grab it across the diameter, and give it a hefty push/pull to make sure that bearings are (relatively) tight. If the wheel hub is secure, then I would also guess it's safe, but may cause some abnormal tire wear, and the only "fix" would be to suffer the down-time to have it checked out at Dauntless as Elmer and Sharon swing through the Great NorthWET. It would take some time to do it right, welding probably, then powder-coating, unless a quick rattle can spray job is good enough until they're home for service and maintenance.


Abenteuerfahrer 06-07-2009 07:10 PM

Not much to report as we're slabbing the interstates due to inclement weather patterns..looking for El Sol...where are you??

First of all, thank you very much Litewait, Dr. Jim, and Mikepa for yor analysis and input on the limping Tub leg! Although like Dr. Jim said that it might be OK...if no fender rubbing or performance is interferred with. However, like you all said that it WILL eat into my Tucks back-up tire. We have decided to shoot for Jay's stable and get it straightened after transitting some sights through the states of SD; ND; Mt...

So far the trip has been uneventful except gas mileage...25-30 mpg. It's been cold, rainy and windy. Today it's 50 degrees in Sioux Falls. Planning on a 2 day R+R here.

Here are a few not so grand pictures taken underway. We rode 670 miles on the first try and felt just great; then 480; today 400 miles.

It's been years since I last have seen reversible/rewashable cloth handtowels..but the machine on the left, errr...can you tell I'm at a truck stop

Prarie..oh so beautiful!

Got 25 mpg by using the 89'er octane...

The entire station smelled of spilled Ethanol....ah, Iowa Corn...
I am sure that our BMW comp compensates for the lack of octane??? losing 20 hp of my 100 hp....

Obama does it...
The famous 3-inch Minnessota Mosquito..??:eek1 :lol3

Oelwein(oiled wine)..anyone, only 35 miles:freaky :eek1

Brunhilde and Ingrid at rest...

TouringDave 06-07-2009 08:59 PM

:clap Great rr, :lurk

Andrew2 06-08-2009 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by TouringDave
:clap Great rr, :lurk

Speaking of which....

"Have fun at the Alpine, post some pics and I'll post some from the Sidecar rally."


hondachopper 06-08-2009 04:45 PM

The pictures are just wonderful---captures the spirit of traveling on a motorcycle. Can't get any better than this for a armchair wannabee!!!

I'm watching this...


HighScore 06-08-2009 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer

I think I can see still my dog running away in this photo (he left three days ago). Gotta love Minnesota:evil

Abenteuerfahrer 06-08-2009 06:23 PM

R & R in Sioux Falls...
Since we are a product of Deaf Schools and their education system, we decided to visit CSD (Communication Services for the Deaf) in town. CSD is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing broad–based services, ensuring public accessibility and increasing public awareness of issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Hall of fame room dedicated to well known deaf leaders... my frau worked for 3 of them at different times.

This is a picture of graduating seniors from the New York School for the Deaf in 1930's where my frau's father attended. Funny that during those days they wore military uniforms, carried a rifle and marched but were not allowed to join the military because of their deafness.

This poster (designed and made by a well known deaf artist) is of Ben Soukup, founder of CSD in 1975 and currently CEO.

This is a new public video phone where deaf people can make a call to the relay center to talk with hearing people (or vice versa). There are hundreds of relay center all over the USA and many other video relay service companies providing services for the deaf.

This is a portable version of video phone available provided by a company called "ZVRS"

Abenteuerfahrer 06-08-2009 07:16 PM

cont. Sioux Falls....
Street Art...
Typical western town buildings...

US court house build of solid granite..

Painted cast bronze...

Commemorating the event at this site...

Locals recommended the best Sushi place in the US..Sushi Masa in Sioux Falls, SD??? Excellent...


No helmet helmets required in SD to the Black Hills tomorrow...stay tuned

Qwik 06-08-2009 08:35 PM

Best Sushi in the US would be Matsuhisa in Aspen. (IMO) Kenichi in Aspen is damned good too.

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