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wolvertone 06-18-2009 04:23 PM

Louisiana to Colorado - a 9 day trip
Let me start off by saying I've been reading trip reports for a couple of years and I've gone on trips and haven't posted an RR. This will be my first. I've decided to share my personal experiences as well, as I enjoy reading the RR's that have the same content. If this makes you squeamish, then skip those parts.

wolvertone 06-18-2009 04:30 PM

Tuesday, June 16. Three days to departure...
In three days I'll be leaving for a 9 day trip I've been anticipating for 9 months. It was conceived and now coming to birth.

And I don't want to go.

This week I've crossed the line in a personal way and the thought of leaving my life in a mess only to come back to who knows what, is scary.

We will be traveling approx. 3500 miles, round trip. Maybe in that time I'll discover myself and what makes me the way I am. Maybe. When I come full circle and arrive home again, will it serve as a metaphor for my life in general? Making big mistakes in life and hurting those around me only to do it again seems to be my lot in life.

I don't want to go, and I don't want to stay. I'm hoping by going in a counter clockwise direction, things done back home will be undone. I know they won't.

Why do we take these journeys? What are we looking for? If we knew, would we find it? Is it out there?

I'm going. My riding buddy is expecting me to. I've made commitments. I will go.

Trip planner next post....

wolvertone 06-18-2009 04:36 PM

The trip.
The journey starts in Baton Rouge run the super slab up to Dallas, TX and then take a US HWY into Colorado. We will be staying west of I-25 and south of I-70. Attempting to see as much as we can in the 5 days we have to play around there.

1200 miles in 2 days to get there, 1000 miles in 5 days of exploration, and another 1200 miles in two days to get home.

In all my similar trips, I've told myself "next time, write a journal. Stop and take more pictures". This time I will.

This will be my first journal of ANYTHING I've done in my 39 years of living. This in itself is huge. I'm hoping the memories contained will help me when I come back to my life that has been out on hold.

Guys, I realize this is not a 10 year epic journey to visit every country on the globe, and I'm not doing it on a bicycle, but at 39, a full time job, three small kids and a relationship that is on-off-on again, this is a long time for me to be gone.

Next post... Hardware....

wolvertone 06-18-2009 04:43 PM

I'm riding a 1990 BMW K100LT with 80,000 miles. I've slightly modded it for comfort. These bikes are notorious for blowing hot air on the driver all day.

I removed all the fairings and it's made a world of difference. Twin headlights from a Yamaha sport bike, plexifairing, $15.00 wal-mart driving lights and a rear topcase from a 1984 Goldwing.

My final drive was pretty knackered, so I found a used one complete with drive shaft from a K75 for $200 shipped. BMW wants $1500 for the final drive alone, so I got a great deal. The bike accelerates much quicker now as it has different gearing. My revs are a little higher at speed, but still plenty of power and you can't beat the price.

New tires, and changed all fluids. I'm set to go - mechanically.

Trying to bring everything is tough. Swap a pair of jeans for an extra lens? Pants liner sacrificed for jacket liner? You get the idea. OK. I'm packed. 1 more day....

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Thermophilic 06-18-2009 04:48 PM

Curve balls.
Somebody said the things we regret most are things we do in the so called "gray areas of life" in the name of personal freedom. It's never better on the other side of the fence and when the grass looks greener, we jump over to touch it, only to find that it's astro turf. Damn. It wasn't real anyway. No matter. Decompression is good. This trip will do it. Advance with confidence in the direction of your choice as long as it brings you back to the life you started from scratch. Withdrawal into that great ocean of solitude and hope that only finest sediments be deposited around you for a while. Hit the reset button for a minute and then step up to the plate.

I'll go on this ride with ya.

Ensey 06-18-2009 05:06 PM

Let's go.......what is your route to Colorado? :lurk :lurk

wolvertone 06-18-2009 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Ensey
Let's go.......what is your route to Colorado? :lurk :lurk

Baton Rouge to Dallas via interstate
Dallas to Amarillo via US287
Amarillo to Raton, NM via US 87
Then up I-25 a little bit and start heading west...

GB 06-18-2009 05:21 PM

I see the stove, but not the kitchen sink :lol3

Going from flat Louisiana to Colorado will give you a chance to work on your tires' chicken strips :thumb


cbbr 06-18-2009 06:16 PM

Good luck on the trip. I have been thinking hard about riding up there and visiting some friends, so I'll be watching this thread closely.:ear

Utah Bones 06-18-2009 06:58 PM

This ride rocks.:super :lurk

TaZ9 06-18-2009 07:18 PM

Good luck on your journey...
You will enjoy your time here in the Rockies. There are no bad views in Southwest Colorado, and it looks like at lot of our unusually wet weather will have moved off by the time you get up here. One are sure carrying a lot of stuff for your trip. There is plenty of everything up here supply-wise and gas is readily available. I have discovered after many years of motorcycle travels that less is better.

Ride safe and enjoy the scenery.


wolvertone 06-18-2009 07:57 PM

Yep, she's loaded down. If I could've packed smaller, I would.

Sleeping bag, tent, tripod, camera gear, couple changes of clothes, 1 gallon gas can that double as emergency fuel and cooking fuel, cold weather gear, warm weather gear, basic tools, water and some coffee singles and sweetener. I'm even wearing hiking boots to double as walking shoes and bike boots.

That's it. Really, if I had a proper tent and micro sleeping bag and not the target special, it'd look like a lot less. I really don't know how you guys pack so small.

Hotels and restaurants would lighten the load. When you realize I have all my meals for the 5 day on CO, it's not that bad. I'm kinda coming complete except for gas and water. Doing it on the cheap.

The more of these trips I take, the better I'll be able to pack and get smaller gear as I go...

Off to bed. gotta work tomorrow and get going late afternoon. I'll be posting on the road as internet connectivity dictates. Probably every couple of days...

ManitouMike 06-18-2009 08:10 PM

Looks like you're headed RTW, sure you don't have a 'Hungry Heart" :evil

gambler 06-19-2009 12:59 AM

i know what you are feeling about the leaving part. I felt the same way when I did the Colorado ride. I got over it just a few miles into the trip. I just thought about all the new things I would see and the new adventures I would have. I noticed a drop in mileage on my bike due to all the extra weight. I expect you will too. I learned that sometimes gas stations were rather scarce in certain areas and to keep my tank full. Good luck in your journey. I believe the only trip you regret is the one you didn't take.

achesley 06-19-2009 04:02 AM

Wow! I just know the kitchen sink is in there somewheres. :lol3 Don't worry about it. Been there and done that. As I gathered the miles about the good ole USA, my packing list changed. As I got older, my packing list changed. As I'm fixing to start traveling on retirement pay, my packing list is gonna change again I'm sure. Just getting harder, every trip, to find the little fine mom and pop motels and cafe's about the country to keep your expenses down.
Maybe we need to start a state to state data base on Mom and Pop motels in the under 50 buck a nite range and the little cafe's that dot the back roads of the country.

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