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The Toad 06-19-2009 09:21 AM

Colorado/New Mexico/Utah - Princess and The Toad, a Report from the Road
07/01 - UPDATE - Ride Report begins a few posts down

Well, its 8 days til the wife and I load up and head out for 9 days of riding thru Colorado, New Mexio & Utah.
Route is pretty much planned out just gotta load the GPS.
We will be meeting up with one or possibly two of my brothers in CO who will be joining us for the ride.

Launch date is June 27.
Expecting to arrive in CO the evening of the 28th.
Since we want to get to the good stuff asap, we will be trailering via superslab (not very ADV I know, but it will get us to the gate much quicker).

Plan is to spend a day double checking bikes and gear.

Then head out making a near figure 8 pattern:
Colorado Springs South to Santa Fe, N.W. to 4 Corners, East into UT, North thru Monument Valley back S.W. to Mesa Verde, North to Black Canyon and more.

Pics and Ride Report to follow

GB 06-19-2009 10:54 AM

That's gonna be one very scenic ride.. some of the best riding in the west! Lots of pics!! :deal


pyrate 06-19-2009 11:57 AM

is it June 27th yet? :lurk :jkam

The Toad 06-22-2009 12:35 PM

5 Days and counting......
Spent the weekend getting the gear ready and (sorta) finalizing routes.

Laid out all the stuff and surprisingly didnt pile up as high as I thought I remembered (did that makes sense?)

tent, sleeping bags, tools, clothes, all the usual stuff....

Changed the route a little so its more of a circle (seemed to make more sense)..

Gotta test pack the bikes tonite ill snap some pics of bikes & gear to post in this, still "pre" ride report.

more to come...

The Toad 06-22-2009 07:02 PM

Test loaded the bikes tonight.. all good

Just need to change oil and clean/lube chains

Without further ado the bikes that will be making the journey

The Toad 07-01-2009 07:17 PM

Day 1, 2 & 3 - posting from the road
Well it took a few days but finally got some time to post some words and pics.

Part 1: "Gettin outta Dodge"

Friday, June 26th - We got the trailer loaded:

Riding gear

Loaded and ready to roll......

Part 2: "Gettin There"

Saturday, June 27 - We started out about 9am (an hour later than planned) but managed to get about half way to Colorado that day.
Passing thru Michigan/Indiana/Illinois and stopping outside Des Moines Iowa about 14 hours into the day.

Sunday, June 28 - After a mostly good nights sleep, we hit the road about 8am. We made our way across Nebraska and into Colorado :D

We got to my brothers place in Colorado Springs by 8pm. Night night.

Part 3 - "Exploring"

We had a 2 day wait in "The Springs" (learnt the natives call it that), so my Bro could get his bike together (needed tires, brakes, stuff). So the wife (here to after known as "Princess") and I "The Toad" decided to explore the area.

Monday, June 29 - Learning the Dealer wasnt open on Mondays :huh , my brother decided to join us for a ride. After a hearty bowl of Cheerios (sorry no pic), we headed out to Cripple Creek area. See some nice pics below:

Pit Stop - Florissant<WBR>, CO - Day 1

Making Friends in Cripple Creek

What the hell is that in your hand Princess ???

Road to Cripple Creek (CO67)

Day 1 (continues) - Rampart Range
Princess and I deciced to do some "off the beaten path" ridden. As my bro's bike was in need of some fixin', he opted out of a ride up Rampart Range Road. Boy did he miss out. Great road, great views and great fun was had riddin the fairly well groomed dirt road up to Rampart Resivior (spelling?)

Rampart Range Road (Pikes Peak in view)

Princess & The Toad - Rampart Range Rd

The Toad on Rampart Range Road

Princess looks out at Pikes Peak

End of Day 1

Day 2 - "Gettin it Fixed"

Tuesday, June 30

After dropping my Bro's bike off, Princess and I went out to do some ridin'

On the road to Victor, CO - Day 2

View of Canyon (road to Victor, CO)

Road to Victor, CO

Time to fill the tank @ Feista Mexicana - Woodland Park, CO

Day 3 - "Off, Off and Away" (well some of us)

Tuesday, July 1

Today is the big day !!! We are heading out towards western Colorado, crossing the Continental Divide and down to Black Canyons NP.

Bro got his bike back last night, new shoes, brakes and ready to roll !!!! However, Bro was not so "ready?" He decided the night prior that he would only be joining us up to Salida, CO. Not sure why he opted out ??? Would have been nice to have him along. But alas, Princess and I pushed on. Luggage loaded, bikes checked and off we went........

First stop was Salida for a coffee break, where we would part ways with the Bro.

Princess & The Bro - Coffee Break - Salida, CO - Day 3

Last we saw of The Bro - Salida, CO

After heading out of Salida we headed west on US50 towards Monarch Pass. The road surface was good to great and the traffic was light as we climbed towards the summit.

Monarch Pass - US50 - Day 3

View from top of Monarch Pass

Princess & The Toad (Self Portrait) - Monarch Pass

After a pit stop atop, we headed down towards Gunnison, CO for an intended lunch break... but weather had other ideas... so we pressed on thru the oncomming storm towards the next town. Turned out to be a good plan as we quickly got out of the rain and into the Blue Mesa Reservoir Area. Staying on US50 the traffic stayed light and the scenery was well.... see for yourself.

View from bikes (US50 - near Black Canyon)

Roadside US50 near Black Canyon NP, CO

Self Portrait

Making our way to Montrose, we stopped in Cimmaron for a quick snack (deciding we'd fill our bellies at days end).

Making more new friends in Cimarron, CO

Princess making time with my new friend

Humming Bird taking a break in Cimarron

Ending the day 238 miles later we stopped in Montrose, CO for the night. It was a great day of riding and new to us scenery. Tomorrow we head south towards Mesa Verde.

Done for the day- Montrose, CO

Best Western - Montrose, CO - Bike Friendly for sure !

Planning for tomorrow

to be continued.....

GB 07-01-2009 08:00 PM


The Princess and the Toad... lovin' it :thumb

GB 07-02-2009 07:44 PM

Thread title updated as per your request.. :thumb

Beautiful.. :lurk

WildTurkey 07-02-2009 07:56 PM


Does princess need a place to sleep in Santa Fe?
SWMBO might be out of town :evil and no toads are allowed in the house:deal

-Sleepless in Santa Fe-

The Toad 07-02-2009 08:10 PM

more form the road... Day 4
Day 4 - "The Road to Durango...and beyond"

Thursday, July 2 - started out not looking so promising as storm clouds loomed overhead. Undaunted princess said.... "come on Toad we got some riddin' to do". So after a not so fresh and not so hearty breakfast of stale bread products and warm orange juice we readied up the bikes and off we went.

The route today was simple enough... US550 south towards Durango, CO and then west to Cortez, CO.

Skies look a little menacing on the way out of Montrose - Day 4

About 30 minutes into the ride the Western slopes came into view and the skies started to clear.

The Western Slopes Come into view

The "simple enough" route proved to be a bit more fun, challenging and enjoyable than we had planned on when we began the first of 3 summit climb passes.

Hole in the wall - US550

Numero Uno -

Top O' Red Mountian (US550)

Nice view from near top of Red Mountain

Next up -

Molas Pass - US550

Last but not least was -

Coal Bank Pass

US550 between Montrose and Durango was a blast... lots or twisties, switchbacks and everyother kinda turn. The road surface was great and the traffic was light.

Switchback<WBR>s all the day long - US550

Once we got to Durango we stopped to refuel (ourselves and the bikes)

Lunch in Durango

Not much to say about the road betweeh Durango and Cortez except the road surface was great and the traffic was light. We decided to head to our cell... I mean room for the evening, unpack the bikes and go 2up back to Mesa Verde. Princess brought her camera and took some great shots from the back seat of my bike as we made our way thru Mesa Verde NP.

Road to Mesa Verde

Climbing in Mesa Verde

Twisties galore

Plenty of Switchback<WBR>s

View from my bike - who needs guard rails???

Helmet Head - Mesa Verde

The road thru Mesa Verde was a blast and a great end to a great days riding (mind the $15 charge to enter the park :eek1 ). 212 Miles. Countless Switchbacks, Twisties and Whoopdies.

</P< p>

The Toad 07-03-2009 06:50 PM

Many thanks

Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Thread title updated as per your request.. :thumb

Beautiful.. :lurk

Thanks for the fix :clap

The Toad 07-03-2009 07:23 PM

Still going - Day 5
Day 5 - "Utah here we come"

Friday, July 3 - In spite of weather forecasts calling for storms.We woke to find a most beautiful day for riding :D . After yet another breakfast of stale bread and weak coffee, we packed up the and checked over the bikes and headed out to Four Corners and beyond to Monument Valley, Utah.

Filling up for the days ride - Day 5

Rolling towards Four Corners

Guess where ???

After "doing" Four Corners we headed SW into NM/AZ on US160 and the turned North towards Utah on US191.

As we headed North into Monument Valley not only did the scenery change greatly from previous days but the temps began to rise as well. A sign of things to come.

Catching US163 we headed north up to Bluff, UT to refuel, have a quick snack and fill up our Camelbacks in preperation for the ride thru the Valley of the Gods.

I cant say enough about how great this 18 mile(ish) ride was. Climbs, Swithbacks, Twisties and all in the dirt :clap .

As the temps rose into the triple digits, we were sure glad we had the Camelbacks.... cuz it was HOT !!!!

Its said a picture is worth a thousand here is about ten thousand words or so.....

Entrance to Valley of the Gods (off US163)

Princess Climbing past Locomotive Rock - Valley of the Gods

The Toad Valley of the Gods - Mexican Hat, UT

Exiting The Valley of the Gods out onto US261, we headed South to Mexican Hat for dinner and rest for the day.

Only mishap was all with my helmets windscreen. Somehow? 2 podscrews worked there way loose and I nearly lost the shield. Had to pulll of the road and luckliy 1 of the screws was still there. I made a quick repair and we gotback on the road.

Roadside Helmet Repair - Outside Mexican Hat, UT

Checking into our room at the Hat Rock Inn, found the room to actually be better than expected. We put the bikes up for the night, cleaned up and headed down the street to the Swingin Steak for dinner.

Princess saying goodnight to the bikes

Cookin Dinner @ The Swingin Steak - Mexican Hat, UT

Dinners done

Another end to another great day of riding. 185 miles or so of varying terrian and scenery. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow when we head North.

some more pics from today:

Only in Utah ??

Friend of The Toad - The Lizard

Princess & The Toad - Mexican Hat , UT

More to come.....

The Toad 07-04-2009 03:33 PM

Day 6 - Moab
Day 6 - "Whaaaat a Ride !!!"

July 4, Saturday

Arrived in Moab... pretty tired.. but if anyone wants to know more.. I can post up todays report after a shower and somegrub....

GB 07-04-2009 04:00 PM

Riding through Monument Valley looks awesome!! You're one lucky toad! :thumb

10/10ths 07-04-2009 04:56 PM

yes, please!
More, more, more!

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