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vander 06-20-2009 06:13 AM

handlebar + garmin 60 (Ttech?)
Can somebody tell me if the Touratech mounts need something (ram-mount?) to fix them to the handlebar?

I mean this:

What are the best options to have my new 60csx safe and vibrations-free? That expensive TT thing or simple (not cheap either) ram-mounts?

+ what's your opinion about Ram-mounts? do they filter enough vibrations to take decent photos (onroad, obviously).

Brent4ADV 06-20-2009 06:39 AM

Ram mount!

<img src="">

<img src="">

motomal 06-20-2009 07:50 AM

I have the TT locking bracket for my eTrex and it has been great especially as you can leave it attached due to the lock. To mount to my bike I used the TT bracket as below as their motorcycle GPS brackets only come with clamps to fit small diameter bars (6 or 8mm IIRC).

or you could try

The rubber dampers are good but you do get less choice of where to mount it. If you are feeling rich you could have the TT bracket AND a RAM mount!

vander 06-20-2009 09:45 AM

Thank you both :freaky

Brad4adv, is the "bracket" (I hope that's the correct word) firm enough not to let the unit fly away because of potholes or knocks etc?

This thing has to last from Spain to Thailand...

I think I prefer the ram, because it gives me the oportunity to put there a camera and take pictures/video too.

mcnut 06-20-2009 10:18 AM

TouraTech + Ram
The TT mount comes with a "U" bracket that mounts to the handlebar crossbar, which I have never used and there for have no comment.

+1, One more vote for the TT cradle in combination with a Ram mount. I bought the TT mount with the lock on the advise of TT USA. They said that while not common there have been reports of the TT latch opening in use and the lock prevents this. That said I have never used the lock (one more key to lose) and the GPS has never budged.


usgser 06-20-2009 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by mcnut
The TT mount comes with a "U" bracket that mounts to the handlebar crossbar,

That's where my 60csx TT bracket is mounted to. Works well.

GodSilla 06-20-2009 06:32 PM

+1 for the TT locking mount. It has rubber isolation built in too. Mine sits solid on the handlebar and doesn't vibrate.

Joerg 06-22-2009 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by vander
What are the best options to have my new 60csx safe and vibrations-free?

Take a look at ... considerably less expensive than TT, and it does not have all those sharp edges and borders :evil ...

I'm using this unit since early 2006, including two trips to Tunisia and a highsider in between ... the GPSr is still alive, no scratches, and the holder has no sign of wear or tear :thumb.

A few pictures can be found on my webpage.

rifflebox 06-22-2009 05:45 AM

Touratech to Ram

The Touratech is pre-drilled (square holes) to accept a RAM ball. The ball mounts diagonally on the Touratech. This is handy when you cannot mount the Touratech directly on the bars because of a lack of space, bar-size, visibility, or whatever.

The RAM allows multiple bar-mounts, extensions, etc., etc. and has a lot more flexibility in positioning. A downside is that the GPS is more vulnerable to theft unless you also purchase a locking RAM mount knob. You may want to carry the GPS and mount with you when you are off the bike. Also, the GPS may be more exposed if you drop the bike.

A big advantage is you can transfer the GPS/Touratech/Ram stuff from bike-to-bike easily by simply putting RAM bar mounts on each bike.

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