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RC Pilot 05-03-2010 08:30 PM

Multi Nut TOR
We now have a multi mascot game. Nutsy has been joined by Patriot Nut. As to the rules........................they just cause strife.

Play on.

AnthonyD 05-04-2010 06:15 AM

Cool idea. :clap

Even with all the other TOR's going on, this is gonna be a good one. Glad to see you got it started :thumb

Ovoidious 05-15-2010 03:43 PM

Well Mr Nut is on his way to a new home.

I actually spaced out and didnt get a full shot of my bike at the pavilion. I was still pumped from the twisty ride on the way in.

Mr Nut is not going alone either - Mid Atlantic Nut (Mr Nuts Brother) is heading with me. I am thinking I will keep them together at least for a little while longer. I dont want to split the family.

It was one hell of a ride out there - I thank you...

Not sure I can claim the tag for this one, since I didnt the full bike shot...but round trip to the nut was 260 he will just have to hang with his brother for now.

The guys fishing wondered awfully hard what I Was getting out of hte rafters.

And some creepy houses on the way out there...

RC Pilot 05-16-2010 12:25 PM

The grabs are yours! Glad you enjoyed the ride. Don't feel bad about splitting the bros up. They have to split eventually as one has greater aspirations then the other.

Ovoidious 05-18-2010 07:40 AM

Well I wanted to give an update since the drop time mark is approaching:

The nut brothers are still together and have been enjoying their time looking for sunny weather. It was take your mascot to work day so I brought them with me so they can help me look for sun shine on the horizon. Sadly, they haven't seen much of it. Kinda like a ground hog looking for shadow, these nuts wont give up and they are eager to get planted back into the wild ready to see new faces and meet new people. Until then...they sit and watch...

Ovoidious 05-19-2010 05:45 PM

Weather finally cleared up and I got out of work a tad early...Off I went.

Both Nuts brothers were eager to travel:

And into another state the Nut Brothers went:

The TAG: Our Bikes have horsepower, but these really have horse power: Had a smudge on the lens...dang what a crappy tag.
But Mr. Nut could better than me:

Across the street from this tag photo is the entrance to the parking lot: Mr Nut was trying to find a place to hide...

Perhaps on the Tracks:

No thats to Mr Nut rolled into the corner of the flower bed just behind the train tie of the right corner :

Good bye to his brother: Mr Mid Atlantic Nut said fairwell and off he went:

Thanks again for the wonderful ride to Elliott's Island....

MAN OF BLUES 05-19-2010 09:58 PM

I just rolled into Somerset today on a COG spring fling ride.......looks like a fun ride for the morn!!!!!!
whoooo hoooo!!!!!:clap


hmmmmmmm maybe not....360 mi roundtrip.......maybe on the way home....

RC Pilot 05-19-2010 10:07 PM

Well played. :clap

Ovoidious 05-20-2010 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
I just rolled into Somerset today on a COG spring fling ride.......looks like a fun ride for the morn!!!!!!
whoooo hoooo!!!!!:clap


hmmmmmmm maybe not....360 mi roundtrip.......maybe on the way home....

Man the spring fling crept on me and I totally missed it...Have fun up there, ride safe, and pass that along to the other connie owners...

OVO - COG#9090

David R 06-03-2010 03:46 AM

Nice game
Another one to watch. To far to get it today, work and all.... 6 hours each way for me.

Maybe this weekend...


Good game :clap

Edit, I was just through there 5-30-2010. Didn't know about the game.

wizze 06-03-2010 07:55 AM

Cool idea and right in my backyard! Busy weekend coming up. I hope somebody else gets it so I don't have to. :D

Ovoidious 06-09-2010 05:39 AM

bump - someone from PA, NJ go grab this TAG and move along...Mr Nut should be collecting moss by now.

RC Pilot 06-14-2010 12:15 PM

Someone go grab Mr. Nut!!!!

MAN OF BLUES 06-26-2010 12:35 PM

Grab them HOT NUTZ...gettem while they're HOT.....
everybody loves my nutz.....
.....everybody loves my nutz.....
..........everybody loves my nutz.....
slap my nutz.........:rofl :rofl

Strasburg Train of same Pa.
Dodged a few Amish Buggy Grenades on the way...wheeeeeww
man, it was I had to let my nutz cool down.....
munkey-butt ain't nothing compared to hot nutz-in-the-Stich....
Mr. Nutz is travelling, guess which direction.....
he's gonna hang out overnight with all us COG'rs at the North/South Ride, and tomorrow we'll be on the road, Guy B Young and I are planning a cool spot, very unique, and never been done before....When I told him the new "Tag" he told me I'll get Major-Kudos for it.....
stay tuned, part reeport later tonight when I get Mr. Nut drunk, and maybe let some women Hold him.....DOH....:photog :photog :photog :photog :photog

wizze 06-26-2010 12:59 PM

Good job! I knew I wouldn't take it far enough so I didn't go get it.

BTW We call them Amish fruit road apples. :D

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