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Abenteuerfahrer 06-09-2010 02:49 PM

Hacking North by NorthEast...
Hi All....

Hacking North by Northeast….
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I suppose we should be posting this in the ADV Ride Reports forum, but again it is so much more appropriate to post a sidecar adventure here among all my Hack brethren. We hope the powers to be that monitor this site will again, once more, allow us to post our trip report in the Hack Forum.

Inmate Abenteuerfahrer here with my frau, Sharon, who after
having Hacked eventfull to….(”Hacking North by Northwest”) Alaska last summer. We’re yet again being lured of all things NORTH and do another excursion to somewhere where icebergs are which have eluded me in 2008.

When I transited the Trans-Lab-Highway(TLH) solo in 2008 I was so taken by its beauty that I convinced Sharon to see and do Newfoundland this summer with me. So, here we are ”Hacking North by Northeast” to Newfoundland in search of icebergs; ogling at the 150 bars in St. Johns, and eating Baquettes et du fromage in France (??). Our full report will start at the Canadian border which should commence tomorrow, weather permitting. We hope to offer you a live daily report barring internet availability. Come along, give advice, offer encouragements and for those who cannot go---enjoy the ride from your armchair this summer. :clap <o:p></o:p>

claude 06-09-2010 03:01 PM

It was really great to see you all at the shop the other day and we will be looking forward to your ride report. Hope the tires do well for you.

hondachopper 06-09-2010 03:37 PM

I'm in!!! Knowing you---you're gonna come up with neat stuff!!! Looking forward to your RR...


Boondox 06-09-2010 05:16 PM

PMd you with my number. If you need a place to stay as you pass thru VT, give me a call. Will treat you to grilled lamb (we grow our own) and fine microbrews if I can salivate over your rig! :evil


AceRph 06-09-2010 05:40 PM

Bring it on, Elmer!

You two have a safe trip!

Silent Rider 06-09-2010 06:15 PM

What is the chance of posting a pix of ur hack on an iceberg? :evil

Fair weathers to both of you!

azabeemerboy 06-09-2010 06:20 PM


Abenteuerfahrer 06-09-2010 07:20 PM

Yo Amigos...

Thanks all for the well wishes...

Claude: YES, the tire is good and most of all seems to give me extra fuel miles:huh Was good to finally met and see you. You're cool, so is the wife and your team.

Hmmnn....see PM; ggrrrr....:freaky

Hondachopper: Again I hope you'll dream on to do the same in your MGA of course with your fair maiden in tow!

Aceph....Hi boss, thanks for letting me post here and wishing you a good summer.

This is a Prelude of better things to come. Zoomed North to get to the border. The ride has been cold by North Carolina standards and we believe we're heading into something c-o-l-d this early.

North to CSM( Claude Stanley Motors) for a tire change. My car tire on the BMW somehow developed inner carcass failure. Headed to the venerable Claude for a tire change. I had met him only on the internet during my travels and he was always there during my eventful Alaska trip to help and make suggestions. Bless the man.

Did I miss Claude who resides in MIddleburg, PA instead I am already in Newfoundland??

Additional spare car tire...Vexen 165/15

Here's the real Claude (pron: Klaud..not like the French" Klaude") and his lovely wife.....

Hey Klaud, you're famous now!

Bid Claude and team Adieu within an hour after changing tires and headed for New York. Overnighted in Newburgh, NY, lo and behold a HD rider told me to follow him to OCC (Orange County Choppers which was a stones throw from our motel. For those that don't know this TV series of battling Father and Son chopper business to the highest creative innovation. Their bikes cost $$$$$$$$$.

Here's their Pavillon...

Off to points North...

The beach at the town of Ogunquit, ME

It's cold up here....uuhhhh....

I am lucky to have a good understanding wife..while she browses, she lets me sip on my strong coffee and gaze at the passerbys.


After having my front tire changed; valves adjusted; throttle bodies alighned at Max BMW we stayed in this cool town of Ogunquit for the night then next day headed further North in search for the ultimate fried whole belly clams.

After Lunch it's to Bucksport..

Picture postcard copy of the area..

Maine Lobsta....from there to....


Adios...till Nuevo Scotia..:clap

koifarm 06-09-2010 07:56 PM

Hey guys!....Another great adventure ride!
Good to see y'all on a ride once again! I'm dusting off my palate for more gastronomic gallavanting and wonderful pictures on your trip.....envy you the cool weather it's a steam bath in flatistan!

Looking forward to it!!

My rig is finally where I wanted it and have been riding the pants off her....had a bit of thumb surgery and got the doc to mold my cast on the left side so it fits the grip and can still get the clutch with it. Six more weeks and it's off!

Here she is at the recent "Riding into History" at the nearby World golf village.


DirtyDR 06-10-2010 07:12 AM

I'm 2 weeks behind you, leaving here the 23rd heading that way except I am riding it clockwise. I can't wait to see how you do on Phase III. You are riding Phase III aren't you?

Abenteuerfahrer 06-10-2010 03:30 PM

Koifarm...wherefore hath thou been..?

Sorry to hear about your thumb..too much throttlin'?? Your rig looks cool and it's a where are you gonna go with it rather than Flatistan?

Will on occassion post some culinary delights as this northern country here is sea food paradise..

Abenteuerfahrer 06-10-2010 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by DirtyDR
I'm 2 weeks behind you, leaving here the 23rd heading that way except I am riding it clockwise. I can't wait to see how you do on Phase III. You are riding Phase III aren't you?

Hi DirtyDR...we have already wasted one week down in NC nursing a NC cold!! Doubt that we'd make Phase III after Newfoundland. We hope that we can make it to St. Johns, NFLD and France(??) with what of the 3 weeks we have left. Let me remind you that I have aged a bit:gerg:lol3 and on occassion need my.....:snore Sharon has to be in Philly by the 5th of July..aarrgghhhh...earning moto dollars!

Abenteuerfahrer 06-10-2010 05:22 PM

Canada, OH, Canada...
Left Ellsworth, Maine-USA at 0900 hrs under cloudy, drizzly, and cold skies. Diverted from Rt 1A and 1 onto 179 toward rt 9 that would lead to Calais, Me where we plan to cross over to Canada. Cold, cold ride...

Isolated Rt 179..

Mechanical Moose kept us rolling behind him forever until he moved over...We do not pass on double yellow or white stripes...pronto!

Elmer: " Hmmnn...rig is 60" wide n' 4' tall if I tuck..hhmm...maybe we surprise the guy by riding under it?".. " You think we could ride thru underneath that?" Sharon: "Wot..don't you dare.. NO WAY!!"

Long stretches into the cold...

View of Calais, Me from the sidecar.. (Sharon editing here: Elmer's got it wrong...this is view of Saint Andrew just inside Canadian border)

The Borders of USA/ verboten, but we managed to steal some from a distance..Hope I don't have the FBI knock on my door in NC after seeing this:eek1

It's Kilometer time..

Part of the Bay of Fundy inlets..

Here we got bilingualism without much ado...Arizona won't be far away from it or will it??

Rolling toward Saint John, NB....a major commercial and industrial seaport the city grew rich quickly from immigration of the Irish Potato famine sufferers who established a thriving settlement. Before that Acadians, Loyalists and the Irish set foot on it first.

Rest stop before hitting St. John, with a not too good a view of one of the Bay of Fundy's Inlets..

This is the reversing falls on the St. John river. At high tide, waves and rapids as big as houses roar through the gorge. With a current of 25-30 knots this is something to be given tremendous respect. It is absolutely fabulous to watch center stage in a three-act drama-high, slack and low tide-a performance akin to Lucianno Pavarotti on stage during tenorization of Othello!
These pictures do no justice .....

St. Johns Flowers to complement the watery operatic performance

Making reservations at the terminal for the crossing tomorrow to Digby, Nova Scotia on the Good ship M/V Acadia. 2 passengers+motorcycle+sidear+>> $110 Canadan Dollars! Three hour crossing of the Bay of Fundy. Departure 1200hrs..

By the way we're ahead on NFLD time= 1 hour ahead of you guys down east!

"She who is to be obeyed" didn't want to mess up her American Hair in front of the reservationist....vanity:rofl

The Sights of Saint John Center...

Hackers'll lose your head trying to run under the belly of the beast!

A bit of history will do you good

Got our fill of Lobster and settled for ....

This is how one makes a REAL Caesars salad. No corporate dressing; no tube pastes; no false anchovies. Handmade with a feminine touch as well.

Soothed down with Fish Chowder of all species that swim hereabouts!

We don't have Bathrooms here..???...who takes a bath while's washrooms, much more appropriate and a bit more private than peeing in the showers:lol3

OK.. so what's the talk of Town..News, Politics..Sex, Gossip..reality shown..

They're gone ga-ga over Hockey, Soccer and Alewives..

No Obamadrama, no Prime minister................... but ALEWIVES...

Uh, resident go bonkers over the thousands of Alewives that reached the Miltown fishway. A total of 53,007 alewives returned from the ocean to spawn in their home waters. The fish ran at 8,300 coming up in 6 hours...Alewives have revived the towns hopes in improved fisheries. Cool, while we down in the US worry about Sarah Palin and her Mama grizzlies....eecchhh!

Bonne nuit mes amis....

hondachopper 06-10-2010 07:21 PM

Oh crap---now I gotta go to the nearest fish place and order me a lobster dinner tomorrow night!!

Keep them coming, love those pictures!!


koifarm 06-10-2010 07:49 PM

Great photos as usual guys!! Enjoyed the people in the plaza and noted a motorcycle among them, had the thought you could have put mellow yellow in there and it would easily fit in!

Food made me drool on the keyboard as em coming!!

Left thumb had a ligament replaced from an injury in a fall, sprung thumb, better now and about 6-8 weeks to heal in a splint...(body maintenance you know).

Am considering a Kentucky trip this fall along with a buddy from here...not much into interstate travel and will go blue highways....wanna see some mountains...

You going solo when Sharon goes to Philly?

Keep em coming!!


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