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natedog39 06-27-2010 07:29 PM

Dr Frankenstien gets his hands on a transit bus.
I originally was hired to pick this up for another inmate but it ended up mine when it was offered at a price I couldn't refuse.

I had to decide if I was going to figure out a way to use it or turn around and sell it.

IT,,,,incedently is a 1990 Marcopolo Starship 28 transit bus,,5.9 Cummins
W/allison 542 auto transmission.
I already own a 36ft Keystone Raptor toy hauler and have been wishing my 3/4 ton Dodge was a 1 ton.
Well I bet that Transit Bus would pull that trailer if I just lob the body off and set er up with a fifth wheel hitch.

Lets see how this works out,,,,,It's either going to come out awesome or you guys can watch me totally screw this up.:thumb

natedog39 06-27-2010 07:36 PM

Trucks like this are also inspiration for this build.
The asking price for this baby was $65,000 big uns and it's a 05 with 40,000 miles.
Let's see what I can do for less than $5,000.

natedog39 06-27-2010 07:45 PM

Ready to go under the knife.
The remains of the "custom" limo style seats the PO had installed.
This is a good shot of the section of the body coming off,,,,the last 2 windows are gonna be sectioned out and the end cap moved forward and mated to the third window area.

natedog39 06-27-2010 07:50 PM

Now with a sunroof.

natedog39 06-27-2010 07:54 PM

Out with the windows.
Getting this down off the ceiling was fun.

madjimbo 06-27-2010 07:58 PM

This should be fun!


natedog39 06-27-2010 07:59 PM
No turnin back now!
That's it for this weekend but there'll be more rippin and tearin tomorrow.

Redne Dab 06-27-2010 10:56 PM


RonkoRider 06-28-2010 04:15 AM

:tb :lurk

seriousracer 06-28-2010 04:24 AM

i know i am being an ass but what waste of a hauler...

why not just sell the fifth and get a tag and convert the inside to living quarters...

FXRocket 06-28-2010 05:21 AM

That looks like a monocoque chassis...when you remove the walls and roof it may become weaker. What will you mount the 5th wheel hitch on?

I would have hinged the back of the buss and added a ramp, either on the side or the back. Just my .02

Looks like a great project tho, I cant wait to see how it ends up!


Uncle Pollo 06-28-2010 07:03 AM

This is going to be good1

De luxo moto touring mothership?

Spark Plug 06-28-2010 10:03 AM

I'm In!

Cool build

JimVonBaden 06-28-2010 10:09 AM

I too am wondering why you didn't convert this to a hauler? I assume, maybe, you have a really nice trailer?

Jim :brow

hillbillypolack 06-28-2010 10:19 AM

I only hope you're filling in the window openings for a full-length unicorn (or dragon. Or both) airbrush mural on the side.

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