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Riff 10-07-2010 03:27 PM

The Mountains of the East
I have been inspired and amazed by all the incredible posts on this web site that I felt I had to take a shot at it. I hope it can live up to the high standards you people have established.

The mountains here on the East Coast are called the Appalachias and are actually older than the Rockies, and that is largley why they are smaller. Having said all that there are still some significantly beautiful vistas. If we couple that with the LOVE OF THE RIDE it creates a gestalt experience every time I take a ride. Nuff talkn! Showing you the Pics!

The first think I have to share is my Girl! She is my 2006 BMW K1200R. I actually have a name for her. I call her "Kira" there is a story that goes with her.

Little Country churches dot the landscape, just like this one! the plackard in the middle of the steeple says it was established in 1875. One of the newer congregations.

this church is on state route 26 in PA just over the MD, PA border north bound coming off Old Rt 40 the original National Hwy just east of Cumberland MD. It continues North through Everett PA, up to "Raystown Lake".

It is a good sized Lake and supports a lot of water activities and just a few water craft like House boats.

This brand new to me so I am just experimenting right now. Sol I am not going to big on this first post, please bear with me till I become more proficient at this. I got a ton of new pictures, since this is the first full summer I have had with "Kira". I bought her the end of the summer of 09. So with my Pentax DSLR in tow I have taken what I believe is a lot of good pics. I need a good point and shoot like I have seen a lot of you have so I can get some action shots.

I have saved the best for last on my first posting, and that is a Pic of the Woman I am madly in Love with. Even after 29 years she still has what it takes to get and keep my motor running!

See Ya'll soon!

GB 10-07-2010 05:56 PM

Nice ride!! Love the bike too! Thanks for the sunny pics :thumb

c1skout 10-07-2010 07:20 PM

SHHHHH. Don't mention rt26.:D Did you stop at the Roadkill cafe? I haven't been there for a few years.

Riff 10-08-2010 05:47 PM

:roflLOL Skout. The RoadKill is very close just off 26 as you cross into PA from MD. I think I need to post the Cafe's menu for some of our refined folk who peruse these threads. A couple of us where there about a month ago for breakfast. Still good home cooked food, good folks and still at a screaming price. ( a breakfast with three eggs scrambled, home fries, ham, toast and all you can drink coffee all still under six dollars. ) May not be haute culture, but it is good for the belly, and easy on the wallet.

edsollen 10-09-2010 05:54 PM

Care-full, don't bring to many undesirables to the area.:evil
Rode from Berkly Springs to Paw Paw and on to Flintstone just last week, Beautiful area, keep on writing.

Signal 10-09-2010 09:41 PM

Mountains, forest routes, food stops, and covered bridges---get on it :gerg

Oh and how's about some Bar Harbour (Bah Habbah)


Riff 10-11-2010 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by edsollen
Care-full, don't bring to many undesirables to the area.:evil
Rode from Berkly Springs to Paw Paw and on to Flintstone just last week, Beautiful area, keep on writing.

:rofl Yeah Thanks Ed. I lost my head there for a second. I forgot our fine cuisine we have around here could cause a run on our area from those folks from you know where! :lol3 I could not restrain myself today. got some things done around the house and took off for a ride around town and next thing you know I was checking out the street light down in Mathias WV at Lost River State Park. OOOPSS no street light oh well! Did not get any pics, and I got a great DSLR, but I need a good point and shoot. It was invigorating. Here come some more pics from our area.

Riff 10-11-2010 04:02 PM

Ok here are some more! Some new some last fall. But I think all good!

Raystown Lake - all that water and can't do anything!

I guess everything else is ok!

Past Raystown keep following Rt 26 you head up a mountain (don't ask I can't remember) state forest to an over look where you see this. In the right side of this pic would be State College PA. Home of Penn State University home of the "NIttany Lions".

The overlook southbound now. Roth Rock state forest ( I googled it )

Coming back if you go west bound on Rt 30 you will begin see the wind farms. The interesting thing about this shot is that it is taken from a field in "Shanksville, PA". Some will automatically know this is the "Flight 93 memorial. It is a very sacred place. Not only because of what happened there, but how everyone who visits there gives reverence. It is a heart thing. The pictures speak for themselves.

Numerous memorials are placed in the chain link fence almost daily

This one yellow ribbons waiting for there return of the heros, and in the shape of the airplane.

The single American Flag in the middle of the filed flies over the final resting place of "Flight 93

It is very erie. Hardly anyone speaks. If they do it is usually a whisper. Many like this lady just gaze at the lone flag.

Construction on the monument is scheduled for I think some time in 2012. Why it is taking so long I don't know.

Pictures of the fallen heroes are in the temporary museum hall.

I will let this picture speak for itself.

Got some more - Later!

Keeping it real just giving it to you Straight Up


Riff 10-13-2010 09:00 PM

Looking back over the Pics I felt like I had to clarify somethings. I needed better pics of the Loves of my Life. Kira first and again the best for last. Clear evidence I have more bike than I could ever hope for and this conclusively proves I Married way over my head. I AM A BLESSED MAN!

This is my wife about 25 years ago

and this is her just last February

If there was any doubt? .............. Case Closed! :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

Riff 10-13-2010 09:59 PM

These are just a random collection of pictures from numerous rides I've taken since I acquired "Kira" July 09. We have shared 12000 miles together since and are both getting better with age.

We start with the official "Appalachian American" Rest Stop down close to Seneca Rocks WV. Close to "Smoke Hole Caverns" ( the new politically term to replace the forbidden terms of "Red Neck, Stump Jumper, Hill Billy, Ridge Runner... ect, ect., and so forth. further information and definition available on request! :rofl LSHICB Laughing So Hard I Can't Breathe!

Randomness with little or no explanation follows:
Seneca Rocks WV

Pick a direction any direction. Twisties either way you go!

Obligatory Dork and Road Sign Pose! :D

Even dead things has the potential for life

Skyline Drive VA is best appreciated on one of these!

The Best Beemer Shop East Coast "Morton's BMW" Fredericksburg, VA, and the Best shop Manager and Mechanic (former professional racer) Stuart Beatson.

Ohio Pyle State Park PA White Water Rafting, Kyacking, and .........

Notice the middle section of the fall!

Like soneone else who posts on a regular basis says "Color Break"!

Riding a Bike in PA has some benefits depending on how you feel about wearing helmets and helmet laws. :wink:

Traffic Jam on the River!

Ok I don't know how far to go sometimes, so I'll stop for now with this Pic! Still got some more will save them for another post.

douglasgraham 10-14-2010 11:09 AM

Hey Riff thats a really nice looking bike and thats Seneca Rocks West Virginia not Virginia:1drink

Riff 10-14-2010 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by douglasgraham
Hey Riff thats a really nice looking bike and thats Seneca Rocks West Virginia not Virginia:1drink

:eek1 BUSTED BIG TIME! Thanks Doug, and I like to pride myself at not being geographically illiterate. It was late and the sun was in my eyes.... and no excuse! I don't even drink anymore so I really have nothing to say except OOOOPPSS! :rofl I love this bike. I bought it from "Toyboy" only had 1489 miles when I bought it. Error Corrected Thanks Again.

Riff 10-20-2010 04:36 PM

Like I said, since I bought Kira last year I've logged a little over 11000 miles probably within a two hundred mile radius around Cumberland. All these shots are in a day trip from here. Cumberland would be a great place to set up a motorcycle guide service for some enterprising person. Here are some more pics.

overlook off Rt 50 about 60 miles south east of Cumberland in VA.

a back road off old rt 40 17 miles east of town.

Right here! :lol3

the other side of the intersection

this is what it looked like last fall, and will again in a couple of days

I just remembered I had more from that trip in another folder. Going looking for them and add them later.

Riff 10-20-2010 06:52 PM

:huh Where did the last couple of hours go? Daaaang!

A few more and then I'm done for the night?!

These where all from right around the Cumberland area. Most just along rt 40 the old National Hwy. Until later!

Wannabee 10-21-2010 09:53 AM

Awesome pics ! And that is my nieghborhood ! I camp around raystown and Ohiopyle every year , do some fishing , some riding , mostly getting out and about !

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