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GrahamD 10-21-2010 03:24 AM

The XT1200Z Super Tenere Link Thread MKII
2014 Model Differences and Info - [05 JAN 2014]

How to induce a hard start and fix it.

General Impressions, Reviews and Info

New Sub Section

Engine and Chassis Specs etc

Hard start issue, found reproduced and fixable.

Actual Measured weights of a the XT1200, GS, GSA, KTM990

Tiger 800XC actual measured weight fully fueled with pannier racks [533lbs / 242Kg]

73.6kW (100 ch) @7.250 RPM
114.1 Nm (11.6kgf?m) @6,000 RPM

Rake angles of Tiger800, F800, R1200, XT1200, etc etc [updated 26 APR 2011]

A pile of torque curves for MTS1200, TigerSE, R1200GS, S10, KTM990ADV, Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200NTX, XLV1000 Varadero

Adjusting the seat height, easy peasy.

RON and AKI conversion (Euro, OZ Petrol <--> American)

Electrical specs. To Answer the main question [580W alternator]

Gnarliness Ability.

The XT1200 R as an Urban Assault Vehicle - Running late for work?;in=483

Al-58 checking out how the Tenere goes in "Thousands of gallons of flowing water"

Altriders Custom Gunk Job How-To for the International Motorcycle Show booth in Seattle. (Gnarly S10) [Video]

AltRider's Jeremy LeBreton (Jeremy L) Getting into the Gnarly Stuff [video by Peckhammer 13 Nov 2010]

BIKE-R getting dirty like a pig.. [pics] [pics] [videos] [pics] [videos]

Wasps Gnarly off road test (story and pics). How to run in a bike the Australian way (KTM450 Vs WR250 Vs XT1200Z)

And the videos (warning - soundtrack too cool for some people)

Off Road, Beach and in the Water [video]
The longer Multicamera version

The first gnarly off road RR on ADVRIDER. P1 (Not drowning, not waving)

The first gnarly off road RR on ADVRIDER. P2 (Getting Dirty with a Strom)

Walking a Tenere (Ease of slow speed running)

Off road, riders view via R3B [video]

160Kmh on gravel with power slide and high speed trail [South Africa]

Medium hard terrain 2 up. [South Africa]

Accessories and Upgrades (Farkles)

Altriders XT1200Z S10 Page.
list of products for the Super Tenere

ALtriders product development videos and threads
in the special "Open Source Development Section" found

Andy Strapz Expedition Pannier Frame sets for the S10 suits Expedition Soft Panniers. (bottom of page)

Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors (XT1200z Page)

Bash plate list by jaumev

California Scientific (Calsci) Screens for the S10
Wasps Review of the pre-release Calsci Touring and Shorty Screen (in the Reviews section)

Devils exhaust

Force Accessories Bash Plate

Leo Vince pipe
Sound check Leo Vince [video]

McPerformance [Australian Aftermarket] XT1200z Tenere Page.

Metal Mule Pics on Old Gits bike?

Metal Mule S10 page

Motorcycle ADVenture Products S10 Page [Aus]

MotorradGarage [Aus]

Off The Road (Germany)
Dog bones for more Sport Biased Handling on Tarmac.
ABS Disable switch, (If you are that good)

Ohlins Rear shock for the S10 (you too can look the goods at Starbucks)

Supplies aftermarket parts and does quality custom work. Owns his own S10 so knows a thing or two about it.
Enlarged tanks, Serious Custom Bash plates. etc etc. Huge experience in custom fabrication.
In the "open Developer section" also

Rostra Cruise Control Project by SuperCruise (follow the ongoing cruise-fest)
And an alternative by Glenn C

SW Motech,show...t1200z,,,,.htm

Like some tastier nuts and bolts,. Spent far too long riding through the dead sea?
TastyNuts (Probolt)
TastyNuts XT1200Z UK Page
TastyNuts XT1200Z US Page

Team Voiges (Germany)
Digital Gear Indicator
Beak for the S10 (Seriously)

Twisted Throttle XT1200z page(s)

Ventura Rack system for the S10

Available via MotorradGarage and / or Waspworks (see seperate links)

HighwayPegs (Ask Wasp)
Decal sets
Controller mount plate:
Cat-Back Carbon muffler package:
Windscreen Adjuster kit:
Riser and lowering suspension link kits:
All the articles and discussions above in the special "Open Source Development Section" found


Woodies Wheel Works
Woody's now does Super Ten.
Also in the "Open Source Development Section" found

French owners custom cockpit "farkle" tray

Auxiliary Power wiring.

Battery Charger Socket and Wiring from YAMAHA

R3B's Crocodile GPS and Tankbag Fittings

Servicing and Tech.

Rays Stainless Steel Spoke re-fit pictorial and supplier info.

Bargenator's SpeedoHealer Install Guide

Wasps "The new WaspWorks Super Tenere, in detail and the evolution" thread
(please be on topic with the comments, this is not a general discussion thread)

Exploded view of S10 rear end.

Old Gits link to Unified Braking Explanation from Service Manual.

S10 Guts hanging out (Easy maintenance) and ABS fuse discussion.

Old Gits first Service mini review with pics.

Spercruises 1000km service pics

Service Manual

Owners Manual Page from YAMAHA Europe [Free]

Whats is that VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Battery, Should I freak out and throw my hands in the air?
No, Its a Sealed lead acid Battery same as supplied in most bikes.

Gear Ratio's

Does a 150/17 TKC rear fit? [pics]

What is a Karoo?

Fuel Economy Thread (quick answer best so far 4.7L/100)
R3B's big trip economy chart next to XT660

Funny Stuff

Sleeping Tenere Pics (Sometimes not funny)

Classic S10 Funny of the year (So Far) Kudos Wasp and CB200


Warnabrother's Super TeneRRRe after racing at Phillip Island (Australia) (Track Rubber chosen? -- Battle Wings!!) [Auz] [23 Nov 2010]

Tough or Unlucky?

Other STZuff

Old Git Ray showing how easy the s10 is to pick up.

The World Crosser XT1200Z concept thread.

How to pronounce Tenere

Want too impress every one down at Starbucks? [video]
Here is how to Pronounce Ohlins properly. See 7 seconds, 24 seconds, 51 Seconds.

Zeth609's S10 Site (Spanish)
AND the English version

S10 Glamor shoot

Next to an R1200GSA (multiple shots)

Next to a BUSA

Next to an 1150GSA (multiple shots)

Next to a XT660z and an old GS (R3B)

Nice Screen Backgrounds


Matteo2 Running in his S10 the best way. (bought the bike and took off)

Wild dogs expedition to Angola. including the doodsakker. (borrowed the bike and took off the next day)

GB 10-21-2010 03:53 AM

The previous S10 link thread suffered a fatal flaw and has been closed.

To help Graham add links to his post, you may make your suggestions here.

simmons1 10-21-2010 03:57 AM


GrahamD 10-21-2010 04:17 AM

Thanks for the sticky-ness Gadget :clap:freaky

Wasp 10-21-2010 05:39 AM

Woo Hoo!!!:clap. It,s made it too sticky-status.

Well done GrahamD, and thank you G.B


SpeedStar 10-21-2010 08:39 AM

Yes! Thanks for the great info and taking care of this for a second time around! It is a great resource.

R3B 10-21-2010 08:48 AM

Well according to Wikipedia Gramams work is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !

But in adding everything, perhaps the Threads themselve can be a Top Item in the list, so newcomers can see instantly if their question about xyz has its own thread? ;-)

GrahamD 10-21-2010 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by R3B
Well according to Wikipedia Gramams work is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !

But in adding everything, perhaps the Threads themselve can be a Top Item in the list, so newcomers can see instantly if their question about xyz has its own thread? ;-)

Good point. I may have to start a Thread Thread rather than a link thread

and then a Cross Reference thread and then .... --> Thread wars!:lol3

I'll have a think about that when I feel game enough to modify the new page I'll put in a Beta Test section.


GrahamD 10-21-2010 04:32 PM

Added Motorcycle ADVenture Products S10 Page [Aus]

GrahamD 10-21-2010 11:42 PM

Added Wasp pics and dicussion about SW-Motech TRAX Panniers. (In General Impressions, Reviews and Info)

tremor38 10-22-2010 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by charlie264
Test road one today. First impressions, comfy, smooth linier throttle response, low, rides more like a street bike rather than endure, brakes are very good, traction control very sensitive, it looks nice and love the wheels.

Kind of feels like a 1200cc version of the 800GS, better that the 12GSA on the road..yes. Getting on my KTM SER after felt like climbing on a 450 dirt bike. So she quite heavy but very stable, head buffeting over 80mph is unbearable. Overall as a road tourer 7.5/10 but to seriously mix in the dirt...Id say no thanks.

You're in the wrong thread.

GrahamD 10-27-2010 12:12 AM

Added Old Git Ray, pickin' it up and puttin' it down. (In General Impressions, Reviews and Info)

mobyfubar 11-01-2010 10:50 AM

Cycle World riding impression:

GrahamD 11-01-2010 02:12 PM

Added Cycle worlds initial, on road only impressions. (In General Impressions, Reviews and Info)

combo 11-03-2010 03:44 PM

Just an idea?

If you dated the links when you post them it may save me some time trying to find the new ones in each section.:wink:


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