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Klasjm 03-20-2011 10:51 AM

Team Nun Bus rides the infamous ice roads of Bago

Team Nun Bus
rides the infamous ice roads
of Lake Winnebago

In Wisconsin, the winter months can drag on.

One way to speed things up is to get a hobby
A hobby that takes advantage of the extreme weather that our northern climate can hand out.
A hobby that makes you look forward to the first below zero day.
A hobby that will make you cuss at the first 50 degree day of spring.
Of course the hobby has to involve motorsickles and your motorsickle buddies
. . . That hobby is motorcycle Ice riding/racing.

The below photo is shot at ISO 200, F13, 1/750 second.

Below ISO 100, F7, 1/1000 second

Klasjm 03-20-2011 10:54 AM

.................................................. ...Riding on water

My last photos of the year,
ADVrider BoneBag riding on water

The ice deteriorated very fast in the afternoon

The Saturday after, Freeflow flew his plane over our Lake Winnebago 3.2 mile track.


Originally Posted by freeflow (Post 15228434)
Surprisingly there looks to b a lot of standing water on your course.

There is hardly any snow left on the ice but a lot of open holes from fisherman

I'll post up some aerial photos

pitot tube :lol..hey sorry, I was banking a little bit :lol

all of the dark spots appeared to be shimmering like water..liquid water...:lol

and some pretty freaky ice to the north a bit

a few low angle shots at ...were only temporary :lol

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:02 AM

Team Nun Bus rider "BENRON" report on February 19


Originally Posted by BENRON (Post 15229166)
Went up and bombed around a little this morning.
I pulled on at the BP in Fondy, started to drive towards the normal track area until there was a truck sized hole in the old path...
I decided parking next to the launch was probably a good idea:deal

Off-loaded the bike and rode up to wendt's,
Dodging spearing holes along the way. Id say at least 2/3's the holes either didn't have any marking, or the sticks had fallen over.
VERY hard to spot them before you got to them.
It's going to be a real minefield out there when they skin over tonight and snows on top of them.:eek1

The ice is uneven, But has a hard surface. The old roads that were plowed have sections of open water.

Found a nice smooth spot and was attempting to get the handlebar to touch down...
Was working fairly well until I fell off and the bike decided to chase me...
Then it decided it would be fun to drive ITSELF in 20' circles while idling, Laying on its side...
I managed to grab hold and it drug me along for about a lap before I managed to get to the kill button :lol3
All of this at about 5 mph.

Rode back down the lake:

Managed to tip the bike over into the trailer, Tearing the seat and busting the trailer tail light.... Lots of folks pulling the shanties off.


Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by Dr Zed (Post 15229239)
Sounds like my laundry idea was pretty good then , seeing as how Jodi did it


Originally Posted by papalobster (Post 15232756)
5 cars sunk. One dead. Holes aplenty, big enough to sink a truck.


Originally Posted by BENRON (Post 15229166)


Originally Posted by WIsixfitty (Post 15234835)
(BENRON) Nice pics. Last season I had as much fun cruising the lake as I did tearing up the tracks.

Just a little public service announcement with some local (20 yr) knowledge.

This (the lighthouse) is one area no local will be found traveling as it's always very thin or open where the "big hole" (background) empties into the lake.

DO NOT travel anywhere near this are. See the sign? Ben's a little lucky. :1drink

I stay at least 1/4 mile from this area on good ice.

The same can be said for the canal by Suples marsh. If you enter always do so from the far west right along the shore. If you come from the east make your path at least 1/2 mile off shore, go west then south to the shoreline and enter.

The FdL waste treatment plant pumps the "treated" water right near the eastern corner of that canal so it's always open and thin.

Winnebago is a fickle lake. It's freezes quick but also opens up quick esp if the wind helps with cracks etc.

That is TeamNunBusLookAtMeNowBENRON

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by papalobster (Post 15241649)
Just to let everyone know, Winnebago swallowed 8 cars over the weekend.....and 2 people.
The melt we had, coupled with sturgeon holes brought forth a dangerous situation.
When all that water drained back though any hole it could, it made the holes bigger.
There are reports of 20x20 foot holes all over the lake. They skinned over, with maybe an inch of ice Friday night, and then it snowed.
So there are random holes all over the lake that can swallow a truck, and you aren't going to find them until you break through.
Right now it's up in the air if we'll get a track plowed out there or not.


Originally Posted by Big Augie (Post 15244908)
I guess Ben may get to say he was the last one on the lake this year,
not worth dying out there!


Originally Posted by Big Augie (Post 15244908)
The ice at the skating rink in Elkhart Lake looks pretty nice, it's on the tennis court's in the park.
Wonder if they would mind if we rode on it this weekend?

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:12 AM

:thumb:thumb:thumb First track of the year :thumb:thumb:thumb
Here are two riders coming into and leaving a turn

ISO 100,
shutter 1/500

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:20 AM

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Team NunBus
So . . . you are wondering who or what is "Team Nun Bus".

Team Nun Bus are the guys that I always seem to ride dirt & ice bike with. The team (name) started about a year ago when PapaLobster bought a white vintage 90's Dodge Ram 350, 10 Passenger van complete with tinted windows. Lobster affectionately named the van "the Nun Bus". :dunno






Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:23 AM

.................................................M ore Team Nun Bus
Big Augie


DR Zed


Kurt................... Chris Baker


Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:25 AM

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:28 AM

Klasjm 03-20-2011 11:58 AM

Klasjm 03-20-2011 12:07 PM

Cory "yeroc40"

Pushing the bike to extreme :eek1
Falling can be part of the fun

Unlike road riding - where falling down really sucks

Klay 03-20-2011 12:11 PM


Klasjm 03-20-2011 12:23 PM

Klasjm 03-20-2011 12:25 PM

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