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RevBill 05-24-2011 03:39 PM

'06 KLR650 .. Toxic Green Adventure Bike ..
.. just to have some fun and ask some questions along the way .. since I hope a few of the avid (or rabid) KLR owners out there will follow along .. this is the bike I have wanted for a long long time .. and I finally found me one .. and '06 KLR650 from another inmate here on the ADV site ..

.. the day I picked her up .. about as "plain-Jane" an '06 as you can find .. and very clean .. (edit 07-11-2012) - I wish I had written it down, or maybe I have mentioned it somewhere else .. she had about 16,500 miles on her when I got her .. now she has just turned 24,000 in July 2012 and I am still in love with this bike .. though she has changed a little since I first got her ..

.. the proud new owner ..

.. had her for a few days and already out playing NC Tag-a-Rama ..

Just a tad over a year later and still playing tag games .. this was for the NCNCTAR game this past week .. a recreation of the first tag shot I played over a year earlier ..

Farkle List - As of 07/2012 - (Edited 02-13-2013)
01. BarkBusters - Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-05-11 and tested 05-07-11.
02. Rox Risers - 2" adjustable Rox Risers - Done - installed with new handlebars - 05/2012.
03. RAM Ball 10mm mount (originally on Choke Relocator, now installed on Rox Risers) - Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-13-11.
04. USMC Rear Shock - Done 6-24-2011.
05. RAM Ball Mount for Storm Case/GPS - Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-31-11.
06. Headlight Guard - TCI Products - Installed 05-11-11.
07. Crash Bars - SW Motech/Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-11-11.
08. Skid Plate - SW Motech/Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-28-11.
09. Center Stand - Studebaker - Replaced damaged SW Motech/Twisted Throttle - Installed 06-12.
10. Center Stand Assist Handle - Happy Trails - Installed 05-29-2011.
11. Moose Racing 1" Extended Folding Shift Lever - ProCycle - Installed 05-28-11.
12. Fork Brace - Twisted Throttle - Installed 06-07-11.
13. Dash - Unknown Mfg - small aluminum with lighting and power and LED Battery Monitor - Installed 03-12
14. LED Battery/Voltage Monitor - - Installed in smaller dash - 03-12
15. Tail Box - eBay find - large enough to hold my laptop and some gear - Installed 05-24-11.
16. Aux. Tail Box for "Ready Kit" - Hardigg Storm Case - Installed 05-24-11.
17. Relocate Tag/add LED light - Have Parts - Started on 05-24-11 and Completed (finally) on 07-30-11.
18. Battery Tender/Clothing Whip - Installed by previous owner, good to go.
19. SW-Motech "EVO" Quick Lock Side Carrier - Twisted Throttle - Installed 08-09-11.
20. Ammo Can Panniers - Tough as Nails - Modded and Installed 09-11
21. Tail Rack - JNS Engineering - Installed 5-31-11. (Edit 02-2013 - took off to install rear box).
22. Doo-Hickey - Done 06-24-2011.
23. T-Mod - Done - 08-10-2011.
24. Fan By-Pass Switch and Circuit - Twisted Throttle - Done - 11-19-2011.
25. Replace fuel line - Done - 08-10-2011.
26. Carb Plug Drill and "Kubalink" Mixture Screw upgrade - Done - 07-12.
27. Carb Choke Spacer Replacement - Replace plastic "breakable" one with Aluminum Custom Part - Installed with Harley part #29229-880D for CVK40 Carb (used on Early model Sporsters) - Done - 07-12.
28. UniFilter Swap - Done.
29. Synthetic Oil change-over - Done 05-05-11. (Update - Have been running AMSOIL MC Oil for a year now with great success and 3,000 mile change intervals. Could probably stretch it further, but I'm not that brave.
30. Euro-Control Upgrade for Lighting/Signals - AWESOME !!!! - Done - 05-2012.
31. Upgrade Main Lighting Circuit to work with HID Upgrade/Swap. - Still Shopping/Comparing Kits (07-2012).
32. HID Headlight Upgrade - 35 Watt HID Lamp/Kit - need to order a set - Still Shopping as of 07/2012.
33. Fuse Upgrade and Relocation - Twisted Throttle - Done 11-19-2011.
34. Stainless Front Brake line - "In Hand - need to install (02-12-2013).
35. Stainless Rear Brake line - DONE - 05-12(??)
36. Remove Side-Stand Safety - Done - 08-10-2011.
37. Remove Clutch Safety - Done - 05-12(??).
38. Clutch Arm Mod/Swap - Twin Headlight Ernie Mod - DONE - 01-24-2012.
39. LED Aux. Driving Lights - DONE - 06-2012(??) - Will probably swap these cheap ones out for better ones later.
40. Lower Sub-Frame Bolts Upgrade - Done 05-11-11.
41. Upper Sub-Frame Bolts Upgrade - Done - 05-12 - After breaking one and having to drill through to install new bolt.
42. Upgrade Footpeg Bolts - Done 05-11-11.
43. New Footpegs for better off-road use - Done - 06-12. Used the el-Cheapo eBay pegs and Moose Racing stainless springs.
44. LED Tail Light - Installed 05-05-11.
45. LED Running Lights - Installed 07-30-11.
46. Tool Tube - Re-think and re-design - Installed 08-13-2011.
47. Agri-Tubes for Fuel Bottles/whatever - Installed with Ammo Can Panniers 08-15-2011.
48. Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard - TCI Prod. - Installed 07-29-2011.
49. Billet Rear Master Cylinder Mount - Happy Trails - Installed 07-29-2011.
50. Front Fender Brace - JNS Products - Installed 07-29-2011.
51. Side Stand Foot Pad - JNS Products - Installed 07-29-2011.
52. Front Fairing Mount Aux. Rack/Brackets/Box/Windshield - TCI Products - Done 11-19-2011 and Removed 12-04-2011; then re-installed partially with LARGE Windscreen in 06/2012 - Thinking about re-installing the rack.
53. Re-Use Front Fairing rack as Tool Kit Mount/Engine Guard - Have Parts - Need to Complete. Changed Plan in 06/2012 to re-use/re-install with new windscreen and maybe use for GoPro Camera Rig.
54. 12V fused rear power source/socket - Installed 07-30-11.
55. Throttle Lock - needed for long-mile slab-bombing - need to pick one and order it.
56. Fuel/Bottle Holders - End of the Road Inc., Quick Fist Mounts - Done and re-used/re-purposed 05/2012-06/2012.
57. LED Dash/Control lamps to replace OEM lamps - Done - 10-09-2011.
58. New Handle Bars - Yeah .. about this line item .. been through two sets (bent) and will probably go through more - DONE - no dates needed.
59. Re-Gear to 16 Front/39 Rear or leave stock 15 Front and go to 40 Rear(?). Still using depending on needs. Using a 14/15/16 front sprocket with Eagle Mike's counter sprocket nut to make changing much simpler. Using a stock rear sprocket again.
60. Leo Vince Silencer - ordered 02-12-2013 from Happy Trails.It's here, waiting on PowerBomb 02-22-13
61. Stainless Header - need to purchase FMF PowerBomb unit - ordered 02-12-2013 from Happy Trails.
62. Moto-Mule Trailer - Got one 02-11-2013.
63. Raising Links - eBay - somehow forgot to add this at some point .. will need to look up date - Done.

"TO DO" List -
1. Re-work electrical and dash to set up as follows:
- a. fused/unswitched "constant on" hardwired mini-usb for GPS unit #1. - DONE.
- b. fused/unswitched "constant on" hardwired mini-usb for GPS unit #2. - DONE.
- c. fused/switched "key controlled" standard 12v power supply on dash. - DONE.
- d. fused/switched "key controlled" std-usb power supply on dash (current one is wired wrong). - DONE.
- e. leave aux LED lighting running off "street lights" supply. - DONE.
- f. leave fused direct-wired std 12v power socket under rear fender/tag. - DONE
- g. install and set up new (louder) horn with relay and heavy-duty power supply.
2. Send off "spare" front wheel/rim to Woody's for a Super Lace and set up for off-road use - build shipping crate.
3. Send off "spare" rear wheel/rim to Woody's for a Super Lace and set up for off-road use - build shipping crate.
4. Move clock to dash and eliminate/replace thermometer .. DONE.
5. Move Tech Mount used for GPS .. it's in the way of the fuel cap. - Removed entirely.
6. Add foam (pipe insulation) to headlight "wall" under fairing .. to block stray light.
7. SuperBright LED lamps to replace all stock turn signal lamps.

Seriously Considering/Possible/Future Farkles/Upgrades/Changes:
01. Faulkner Fuel Tank Mod - Have Parts - Need to complete.
02. 685 Kit - Schnitz Racing - someday .. if for no other reason than to haul all this crap and my fanny around.
03. Front Fork Rebuild/Upgrade - Ricor Intiminators - Have Parts - Need to Complete.
04. Mermite Panniers - Have Parts - Project in Progress.
05. IMS Tank - either the 6.6 or the newer/larger one coming out in Nov. 2011 (and then sell the crash guards?).
06. ALCAN Fairing - have swapped e-mails with Craig Vetter about this new fairing that is under design/development. I WANT ONE!
07. Need to clean out oil strainer/screen - have gasket kit, just need to crack the covers and do the work.
08. 320mm Over-sized Front Brake Rotor - Not ordered yet. - NOT going to do, not off-road friendly.
09. "F-reservoir" for Front Brake Upgrade - Not ordered yet. Not going to do -
10. Replace Radiator with new aluminum unit (slightly larger) and add/mfg. new rock guard for same.
11. New set of plastics for paint/face change to mil. spec. appearance.

Some Things Redone/Rethought and removed or left undone/reversed ..
01. GPS Mount for Magellan Sportrak - RAM Mounts - Installed. - changed GPS units.
02. Pelican 1060 Case for GPS/Whatever - Pelican - Installed 05-24-11. - just to large for cockpit/dash area.
03. Center Stand - SW Motech/Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-11-11. Damaged, Need Repair/Replacement. - Replaced with a much more robust and heavier duty Studebaker rig - the Studebaker is MUCH tougher, but heavier.
04. Dash (changed) - Whitehorse Press "Studebaker" Dash - have parts - building setup. Installed/In-Progress. - To much vibration with the larger dash to the point I removed it. May someday check back into this dash, but not in a hurry.
05. LED Battery/Voltage Monitor (changed) - Twisted Throttle - Ordered 11-05-2011 - will install with (new) dash. Have Parts - Building Setup. - Did not like the part from TT - not waterproof and to hard to read.
06. ThermoBob Mod - not ordered yet (though I did get the overlay for the gauge). Nixxed - just do not need presently.
07. Billet Tensioner - Have Parts - Need to do. - will wait to see if stock part ever needs replacing.
08. Water Bottle Holders - Have Parts - Rethinking this one. - Nixxed - Didn't like the install and found better gear.
09. Britannia Composites LTD. "XS Twin" Fairing - if I can get it in Lime Green .. hopefully. Nixxed - Change of plans/design.
10. MAYBE a steering damper .. don't know that I'll ever need it though .. so it remains a maybe. Nixxed - just not going to need.
11. Carb Re-Jet - Have Parts - Need to Complete. - Nixxed - just don't need to rejet to enjoy with my riding style/use.
12. Carb Needle Upgrade - KLX Needle on Back Order. - Nixxed - shimmed stock needle and runs great!!
13. AirBox Mod with UniFilter plugs - Nixxed - read up on this a little .. don't need to do this mod.
14. Gerbings Temp Controllers - probably the dual set for my vest and gloves. - Nixxed - Using temp-trollers and not planning on permanent installed controllers, ever.
15. "Ghetto Windscreen" - Willson Sperion-Protecto Face Guard installed on stock windscreen - Done - 12-04-2011. - Removed/Nixxed with new windscreen install - 06/2012.
16. "Wheatwacker" Fairing Mod - Shopping for fairing to modify. - Nixxed - I like the new/larger TPI Windscreen and aux. mount.
17. Choke Relocator - Twisted Throttle - Installed 05-05-11. - Nixxed - installed choke/enrichener replacement .. and then had to replace that when it broke with the Harley Sportster Choke Cable.

.. will add/edit as I remember all of the things I have planned and find new ones to add or change up the ideas/installs ..

.. someday I'll edit this list into sections like "engine" - "controls" - "electrical" - "suspension" - etc., etc., ..

Last update: 07/12/2012

RevBill 05-24-2011 03:51 PM

.. off to the Nantahala Forest for the weekend ..
.. a few days later I ran across an invite to ride some service roads over in the Nantahala Woods .. what a GREAT weekend .. first time to really find out what my KLR can do .. 75mph on I-40, no problem ..

.. bombing through the woods and gravel roads, no problem ..

.. ahhhhh ... refreshing ..

.. thankfully I had already bought some Barkbusters and had them on for my slide into second base .. nothing like crashing (no sleeping beauty shot though) ..

.. and some JB Weld to put the fairing tabs back on and cable ties for a "good as new" repair .. notice the crash bars, those arrived the day I road out to Nantahala (ahem) .. what timing .. (EDIT on 08-10-11) .. the JB Weld is holding up great on the tabs, but has failed on the lower push-in plugs/mounts .. the tank fairings are (suprisingly) still very solid, but I will be fixing this very soon ..

.. btw .. as of this writing .. one of our fellow inmates owns the Cabins at Nantahala and is probably one of the most gracious and best host (along with his family) that I have met in a long time .. if you have the chance to stay there, do so, you will not be disappointed .. and if he can't go riding with you, he can darn-sure point you to some of the best riding in the area ..

RevBill 05-24-2011 03:58 PM

.. out and about .. and a few farkles later ..
.. some farkles have arrived and the 2011 Farkle-fest has begun ..

.. I am really enjoying the KLR .. my poor cruiser may leave me for another man soon .. though she's actually getting stripped down and redone into a mini-dresser ..

.. my kids are diggin the KLR too ..

RevBill 05-24-2011 04:02 PM

.. starting to play around with some ideas ..
.. moving tag, tail boxes, GPS mount, and much more to come .. I should have posted the Farkle list in the first post .. oh well, I can always edit this later .. (edit) added the Farkle List .. yeesh ..

Fishyhead 05-24-2011 04:06 PM

umbrella Corporation FTW!

Silver King 05-24-2011 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by Fishyhead (Post 15994509)
umbrella Corporation FTW!

Those guys are jerks.


wparkinson 05-24-2011 05:10 PM

Hey Bill nice looking bike... Sorry you can't come and play this weekend...

You got a healthy list going there......Have fun and enjoy.. It is a labor of love....:clap

Kevinhooa 05-24-2011 05:49 PM

Congrats on the bike RevBill! Mine looked just like yours when I bought it 3 years ago. 25,000 happy miles (and a mod or two :D) later and I like this thing more and more every day. Have fun with it and ride safe!

RevBill 05-27-2011 02:58 PM

Thanks Guys ..
I am having a blast riding and bolting things on .. the real fun will start here in a few weeks when I pull the side off and do the doo .. and maybe start on the wiring and lighting system (pulling the safeties, dash with electronics and headlight killer, aux lighting, LED running lights added to the turn signals, etc.)

.. still hunting down local riding areas and running down leads on roads and trails ..

dukedinner 05-27-2011 08:29 PM

I like pics where riders are genuinely excited about their bikes . Great shots!

Thanks for sharing

pluric 05-27-2011 08:45 PM

You started with the right color.:D

Your farkles will soon catch up.

RevBill 05-29-2011 03:53 PM

.. more additions ..
Thanks Duke and Pluric .. the Lime Green has grown on me to the point that she's definitely staying green .. and the "theme" has started to come together .. just for some fun ..

.. the obligatory cockpit shot with self portrait ..

.. new shifter .. the PO had already upgraded to a heavy duty folding one, but my size 13s needed some relief .. the original was hitting me right on the joint of the big toe just behind the shift pad .. no more .. this one hits just right ..

.. and a lift handle for the center stand .. I love that center stand ..

.. and the Skid Plate arrived and got installed yesterday .. I will have to replace that lower mounting bolt though .. I'm pretty sure I ordered the longer bolts that are made to go with the combination of the crash bars and skid plate, but that lower bolt is just (barely) long enough ..

.. and the Headlight Guard and some themed reflective stickers ..

.. and the side sticker .. ya gotta be prepared for the impending Zombie Infestation .. lol ..

AdvSwede 05-29-2011 04:01 PM

Fastest Green!
Nice ride. :clap

RevBill 05-29-2011 04:05 PM

.. nice skoot ..

Originally Posted by pluric (Post 16023866)
You started with the right color.:D

Your farkles will soon catch up.

.. I almost went with the Dakar bars and that skid plate .. just looks good imho .. your bike looks good and (most importantly) like she has been taken places and seen some sights .. just awesome ..

eakins 05-29-2011 08:49 PM

good lord man clean your front deck and enjoy it.
you wouldn't want to be called white trash would you?

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