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Velocity_Girl 07-10-2011 11:05 PM

Hey Guys,

I need to get a feel for how many are interested in participating in a Juggernaut group buy.

Here's the info:

-This is for the full Juggernaut Armor System.

-The price is $119.00 each.

-We are going to be placing a very large stock order and we would like to get the group buy order in with it.

-I can most likely have Armor on doorsteps in 4-8 weeks from the day we close the group buy.

So if everyone interested could just post me a "I'm In" I'd really kinda love it!!!

The quicker you guys are with your buttons the sooner I can throw up the Official order page.



WHY Velocity Gear? A few quotes from ADVRider members following our first official ADVRider group buy:

------"First impression of this product: it totally surpasses my expectations. Very well made, great fit, and the armor protection feels like it's in a totally different category than other stuff I've tried on at stores. It's as though the dainese/icon/alpinestars gear I put on was for bmx, and this thing is for motorcycles. To everyone still waiting or considering an order: you will not be disappointed."

------"Holy Cow this is a great deal on a cracking piece of kit. Sizing based on the site was dead on (and that's uncommon for my lanky build).
Mine arrived today and I'm 100% satisfied... Stellar product and a good price. What Vendors and group buys are supposed to be about. Thanks!
If you have the need for a suit of this nature - Get one the next time this thing comes around!"

------"Tore it open, and damn I'm impressed. That is a nice pressure suit. Way easier to put on than my Koerta. Thanks for a fine product, and a killer deal"

------"I dont remember anything from about 20 minutes before the crash until about midway through the exam in the hospital, so I have no idea if I stuck an arm out, but judging by the lack of pain, I'd say no. I think it was a direct plant on my left shoulder and head, my helmet looks really bad. my ribs are pretty severely bruised, but no breaks. all I was wearing was a jersey over the armor, and came out free of road rash too.
Without this gear I'd still be in the hospital, no doubt about it. this stuff works. the guys riding with me are all convinced too, they are all rushing out to buy the stuff. the impact would have broken my collarbone, and possibly the shoulder joint as well."


opcocrg 07-10-2011 11:24 PM

"I'm in"

And a good friend is "in" as well

F8 Pilot 07-11-2011 12:09 AM

I'm In
Count me in...5' 10" 200lbs and a 44" chest.:clap

hvydee 07-11-2011 03:24 AM

Hey, I'm in...

Avi8tor 07-11-2011 05:02 AM


epix1718 07-11-2011 06:24 AM

I'm in 100%!

PaulGinAZ 07-11-2011 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by F8 Pilot (Post 16365087)
Count me in...5' 10" 200lbs and a 44" chest.:clap

I am in and only a smidge lighter. :freaky

Day13 07-11-2011 10:37 AM


thumperphile 07-11-2011 11:28 AM

I'm in.

DingDangKid 07-11-2011 01:32 PM

Ive never participated in a group buy but I'd like to be in on this. Pm me the specifics and ill most likely be in.

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David_Moen 07-11-2011 02:13 PM

Has anyone ever compared the Juggernaut gear to the Acerbis Koerta?

Hucker 07-11-2011 02:17 PM

I got one in the original group buy...GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT SERVICE. Thanks again guys.:clap

Velocity_Girl 07-11-2011 03:27 PM

Acerbis Koerta vs Juggernaut
I know we have had a few discussions with customers regarding this comparison and the Juggernaut was deemed far superior every time. We also were carrying a similar product, the Velorta, which we are discontinuing. There have been comments re the safety and comfort (mobility) thatís not ok with us. We have put many years into this Armor. My husband and I wear it and we put it on our three children. Theyíre why we began this venture. They are the most important parts of our lives. We trust the Juggernaut with theirs. It has saved other peoples lives. We have spent years designing this. It has come a long way from the original design we chose. I am not saying that the Acerbis Koerta or our Velorta are bad products. Iím just sayin the Juggernaut is WAY better a few examples of why are:

The collarbone strap appears to be somewhat useless. We try to bulk up the padding and place it where itís the most effective and comfortable.

The back protector on the Juggernaut is removable and can be used as a stand-alone back protector and kidney belt where the other Armor does not offer this.

We are pretty sure that we are the only ones to offer a lifetime repair warranty
plus a lifetime 1/2 price replacement plan.


David_Moen 07-11-2011 03:49 PM

Thanks Erin,

Only asking because my ratty old EVS Ballistic must be retired, it's at least 10 years old! I have a Koerta sitting on the shelf waiting to go into service, but I've tried it on a few times and I don't like it. For full on off-roading, it's to restrictive and uncomfortable.

I guess you can put me down for 2. One will be for my own son.

screwit 07-12-2011 11:56 AM

I've been very happy with my juggernaut suit. Two years old and holding up very well.

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