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DJSponge 04-18-2012 03:51 PM

Rev'it Horizon Jacket and Pant thread -- Follow for updates and review!
Greetings fellow Inmates! I am starting this thread as a location to post all things about the Rev'it Horizon jacket and pant.

I am VERY EXCITED about this jacket/pant combo! I've been a fan of Rev'it gear for years, and own a couple of their jackets already. I think they do it right in almost all cases, and their gear looks stylish to boot. I've been eyeing up another Aerostich offering, but was dreading the price tag, as well as the styling. I owned a Roadcrafter 1-piece for a few years, and although it was bombproof, it wasn't infallible. The crotch got wet in a deluge (due to pooling probably), and it was pretty darn hot most of the time. I'm not a fan of the 'Stich styling either. I realize this is safety gear, and yes, that should be anyone's number one concern, but I don't really enjoy looking like a lost spaceman everytime I step off the bike. YMMV. Plus, being less "advanced" than most of the touring guys, style does still factor into my gameplan. Call it vanity, but I want to feel I'm smartly dressed for the occasion :evil

My current setup is from our local hero Ghazi and Teiz Motorsports. I have a v4 Lombard suit that I've been wearing for about 3 months of riding. Great kit, lots of bang for the buck, but I hate having to deal with the waterproof liner here in the PNW.

For those of you who don't know, this line from Rev'it is new for 2012, and is a departure from their previous offerings in that it incorporates a laminated waterproof/breathable membrane into the shell of the jacket (similar to Gore-tex) instead of being zipped into the shell via a waterproof "liner". (Aerostich has been doing this for decades) There are some distinct advantages to this, as well as some drawbacks, but I'm VERY excited to test them out in and around the Seattle area.

In my opinion, this system is superior for a few reasons:

+ No waterproof liner or rain gear to fiddle with. Pulling off to the side of the road and trying to zip in a liner or throw on rain gear is annoying at best (to me). At worst, you are getting soaked as you try to fiddle with zippers and snaps with wet hands.
+ No "wetting out" of your textile shell. I've had this problem with pretty much every textile jacket I've owned. The liner might be waterproof, but the shell is definitely not. DWR treatments help to some degree, but it can take FOREVER for the shell to dry once you've soaked it.
+ No worrying about those clouds up ahead. Being already waterproof, you remove the burden of worrying about the weather as much. I tend to ride more because I'm not worried that I will get soaked, or have to fiddle with rain gear or liners. This applies to day trips and commuting mostly.

With all of that being said, there are a couple of disadvantages:

- Less flexibility. Anyone who's owned a 'Stich can tell you that you will find yourself overly warm from time to time. Being in the PNW, I don't worry about this as much unless we are on an extended ride South, but the summertime can be downright oppressive in these types of suits.
- Running hot. As stated above, you are wearing a WP/breathable membrane whether you want to or not, and it will not breathe as well as a normal jacket. You can manage it with some venting, but it's much easier to get overheated with this system.

Stay tuned for updates!

DJSponge 04-18-2012 03:51 PM

Specs and Info on the Horizon:

From WeBikeWorld's 2012 EICMA Post:

"The Horizon jacket is new for 2012 and it incorporates a brand-new patented "Aquadefence" air vent system. The Horizon supplements the extensive line of Rev'it "tour fit" jackets and it has a nice adventure-touring style. Matching Horizon pants are also available to make the outfit.

The new front vent system consists of a special rubberized panel that is specially sealed into the fabric. It's a very simple system with a pull-down panel that completely covers the large vent to make it instantly waterproof. It's easy to use and takes only one hand to open or close.

The Aquadefence vent is backed by the special Rev'it "3D" mesh material, which is a thick matrix that keeps the vent away from the rider's chest when riding to ensure that the air flows through. Without the 3D mesh, the fabric tends to push flat against the chest with the wind pressure, and that diminishes the amount of air that can circulate.

The Horizon jacket comes in an "HV" (High Visibility) version, which meets the CE EN-471 specifications for visibility. The Horizon has added reflective material all around the front, sides and back also.

The jacket and pants come with the full array of CE protection, including Knox Flexiform in the shoulders and elbows. The Horizon jacket and pants are breathable, with a Hydratex membrane and tested for water resistance.

The Horizon jacket will have a list price of $479.99 for the standard colors (light gray or black); the Horizon HV jacket costs $20.00 more. The Horizon pants will list at $299.99 in short, standard and long lengths."

From Industry News:

"VCS | Aquadefence As traffic in most of the bigger cities is getting more and more congested a growing number of people are riding motorcycles for commuting as well as personal transportation. For those who travel on two wheels all year round and conquer all types of weather we have developed the Horizon; the future of motorcyle apparel.
To ride comfortably in all climate conditions the Horizon features a truly unique solution that has been engineered by the REV'IT! development team: The VCS | Aquadefence system. The system allows 'on demand' maximum airflow due to the perforated panel and is 100% waterproof. Curious how it works?

100% Waterproof The VCS | Aquadefence closure is made of a TPU-dual-injected panel that is laminated to the outershell. The fabric panel that covers the VCS | Aquadefence panel can be closed with one hand, with a water-resistant zipper.

100% Ventilation The VCS | Aquadefence panel is fully perforated to allow maximum airflow and has an ingenious, injected rain gutter that blocks water from entering the panel through the perforated holes.

Jacket The Horizon jacket features a list of technical details all incorporated to serve the purpose of riding in comfort every day; a waterproof and waterrepellent outer shell that does not soak and keeps it lightweight and extremely comfortable, pockets that are 100% waterproof, laminated reflection; detachable thermal liner, high quality protection and more.

Trousers To complete the outfit the Horizon trousers have the same technical advantages as the jacket. They are allergic to water, suitable for all types of weather and designed to be the number one choice for daily commuters and serious touring enthusiasts. Pics:

2 Wheels 4 Kids 2012 Blog:


"The Horizon jacket is aptly named: this piece of new technology will help you take on any ride - anywhere, anytime, regardless of the climate conditions you might encounter. It will protect you from the heaviest rain; it also will be your best companion when the sun is high and the temperature is rising. This is possible thanks to a truly unique solution, engineered by the REV'IT! development team: a large airvent panel, featuring a 3D mesh rear panel, which can be sealed to 100% waterproof in a second, even whilst riding. This innovative sealing system is laminated into the chest panel of this 2-layer outer shell. You will not find this technology anywhere else on the planet - and especially not at such a reasonable price. The Horizon is the future of motorcycle garments."

Outer shell: PWR|shell 750D 2L , Lorica® , PWR|shell 500D stretch 2L
Insulation: detachable thermal liner
Protection: perforated EVA foam at back , Knox® Flexiform CE protection at shoulders and elbows , CE prepared for Knox® Advance X CE back protector
Waterproofing and breathability: hydratex® | lite
Visibility: laminated reflection at chest, back and upper arms

Fit: regular shape, tour fit
Adjustability: adjustment straps at waist and upper arms , flexisnap , adjustment drawcord at hips , UTA | tab at cuffs , adjustment tab at under arms
Ventilation: VCS | Aquadefence , VCS | zipper at back
Features: short and long connection zipper , collar hook , stretch at elbows
Pockets: inner pockets , hand warmer pockets , back pocket, stash pockets

Companion to the Horizon 2L jacket, the Horizon trousers offer 100% waterproofing. Their outer shell is basically allergic to water, repelling its pickup (assuming that you occasionally clean the shell). REV'IT! considers the Horizon trousers to be the number one choice for daily commuters and serious touring enthusiasts. Without the removable thermoliner in place, it's the most durably waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and multi-functional over-pants you will find. The fit is casual enough to wear over jeans. Airflow comes directly through the side pockets, which also give you straight access to your jeans pockets - in case you need some change for the toll."

DJSponge 04-18-2012 03:52 PM

Just placed my order!

Got in touch with Dennis (Motodisiac) over at BeachMoto and placed my order for the grey/black jacket and black pants. Can't wait to get these bad boys and start testing them out! :ricky

I've ordered from them before, can't speak highly enough about them. Good folks, always answered all of my questions quickly and professionally. Plus, Dennis is a fellow Multistrada rider so we're kindred spirits :D
(Hope you don't mind Dennis, I love your bike!)

Keep watching, I will be updating this as I get more info...

Pete O Static 04-19-2012 04:41 AM

I have Rev it gear and love the fit. It is like putting on a custom tailored suit. I can hardly tell I am wearing a full suit. I haven't tried the Horizon but I have tried other offerings with the same technology in an effort to rid myself of waterproof liners or separate rain gear. My experience however, has brought me full circle, back to separate rain gear. ( I hate liners for the same reason as you )

In my experience, the waterproof suits were much warmer, had a much narrower temperature range and never really stopped the water due to weak spots like zippers. Now I just throw on a Rev It pacific h2o which takes about 45 secs and is super dry.

I would be very interested in your review of the Horizon. The venting is interesting by having actual rain gutters to evacuate water. Some thought has gone into this rather than just cutting a jacket with waterproof material and weather resistant zippers.

If you do a review, can you also do a follow up after some actual time in the rain?


eddyturn 04-19-2012 10:53 AM

I too like their stuff and the Horizon looks nice but there is not enough venting for my needs. They should consider that some are behind wind screens and the vents they have are kind of low for that type of bike. YMMV

DJSponge 04-19-2012 12:15 PM

Full review will be done when I get them! Good points above, and is part of the reason why I get so excited when something new comes out. It rains plenty here, so it won't take long to test this system fully. I also have at least one trip planned this summer to a warmer locale (Laguna Seca in July- MotoGP), so I will be able to test the comfort range as well.

ThatGuy 04-19-2012 12:41 PM

I bought a Sand suit last year and pretty much love everything about it. I am intrigued about the Horizon as I live in a mild and sometimes damp climate and like the the ability to not mess with liners. The Sand was very warm and I only had to wear a t-shirt under it which works since the highest temp maybe 85.

levain 04-19-2012 01:35 PM

You mention the membrane is laminated, but is it really or is this just another jacket with a z-liner? Massive difference.
I agree on the lack of venting.

JackB1 04-19-2012 02:59 PM

That's my smilin' grinnin' face in DJSponge's post wearing the Horizon Hi Viz. I don't have much to say yet but stay tuned. I'm leaving Pennsylvania next Tuesday on a ride to the four corners of the USA. Maine first, then backtrack a bit and make my way down the East coast to Key West. Than across the Southern Tier to San Diego and on up the West Coast to Seattle. After that diagonally Southeast across the country to a finish in Chattanooga, TN. Big miles all in the name of a childrens charity - The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. I'll be rockin the Horizon Hi Viz and matching Horizon Pants the whole way and will try to report out on my website at as well as here. If U have got questions about the stuff I can try to answer. In the meantime, stupid busy getting ready for this trip! ;)
Jack Broomall

DJSponge 04-21-2012 07:44 AM

Hey Jack, thanks for posting! Hope you don't mind me putting up your pic, it was the first 'real' picture of the Horizon that I've seen. Best of luck with your travels! Feel free to post up your observations on the kit when you get some miles on them.

DJSponge 04-21-2012 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by Jim Williams (Post 18496645)
You mention the membrane is laminated, but is it really or is this just another jacket with a z-liner? Massive difference.
I agree on the lack of venting.

Not a z-liner, read the descriptions above.

JackB1 04-21-2012 08:44 AM

Looks like the Weather Channel has scheduled a very nice test of cold and wet for my first few days on the road! Woo Hoo ! Gonna learn a lot about the all weather merits of the Rev'It! Horizon pretty early on.

levain 04-21-2012 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by DJSponge (Post 18510030)
Not a z-liner, read the descriptions above.

The description that talks about the vent being laminated to the shell? I don't see anything, other than the comment by the OP, that the membrane is laminated to the outer shell. There is a description about the outer shell not soaking up water, but all manufacturers claim that thanks to the DWR that wears off.

I'm not trying to stir the pot here, just looking for info. It does look like an interesting suit.

DJSponge 04-23-2012 07:20 AM

The set should get delivered tomorrow, I can take pics of whatever helps clarify construction...just post up and let me know what you guys guys want to see!

Cuchanu 04-24-2012 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by Jim Williams (Post 18510697)
The description that talks about the vent being laminated to the shell? I don't see anything, other than the comment by the OP, that the membrane is laminated to the outer shell. There is a description about the outer shell not soaking up water, but all manufacturers claim that thanks to the DWR that wears off.

I'm not trying to stir the pot here, just looking for info. It does look like an interesting suit.

It is laminated to the shell. You are right about DWR coatings; not only can they wear off, but they are not that great on porous fabrics, like cordura. But, for sure, there is no removable waterproof liner.

I just got the jacket today and, while I really like it, I'm not sure if it's worth the extra $140 above the Rev'it Spectrum. I used to have a Dragon Jacket (the older version of the Spectrum), and I was mostly happy with it, but since I live in Seattle I wanted something with a built-in liner so the shell wouldn't get soaked and, so it'd ideally hold in a little more warmth in the colder months.

I watched a video on Revzilla and noticed a few upgrades over the Dragon: the liner was zipped in at the cuffs, waterproof zippers on the pockets, and, most importantly, the upgraded Exskin thermoliner. The Dragon would get pretty chilly below the low 40's for anything other than a short ride, so the upgraded liner sounded great. When I received the jacket it didn't have any of those upgrades. I'm actually glad the pockets don't have zippers. The pockets on the Dragon didn't and I never had any of my stuff get wet. The zippered cuffs just seemed like they would be less bulky and trap in more heat when it's cold.

One negative of the Dragon was the short connection zippers which, I feel, didn't allow the insulation to hold enough of my body heat. The Horizon has a full zip the whole way around the inside of the jacket which should work a lot better. Also the snaps in the wrist are in a better position and wont be uncomfortable when the Velcro at the wrist is tightened.

It's great not having to undo two long sections of velcro to open the jacket. With this it's just the Velcro flap and zipper then you're done.

Overall I like the jacket, but I would only recommend it if the idea of a built-in liner really appeals to you and you don't live in a hot climate (unless you have a mesh jacket, too). I think it'll be great on all but the hottest days here in Seattle.

If anyone has any specific questions go ahead and ask. I haven't had the chance to do anything other than check the fit as I stripped the oil pan nut on my KLR and need to take it to the shop to get fixed, so I can't tell you about waterproofing or venting.

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