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XC Rider 06-08-2012 06:57 PM

The long ride to brunch
As I'm sure a lot of other riders do, some of us here in VA & MD like to set up "ride-to-eat" gatherings as a good excuse to take the bike out for a spin, see friends, and hopefully make some new ones. So this past Sunday was another one of the RTE; this one was happening in Davidsonville, MD at the Kilarney House. Now I live up in northern VA, but a buddy of mine from southwestern VA had mentioned he might make a weekend of it by leaving his place on Friday, camping out in the Shennandoah valley Friday night, riding around Saturday and ending up in Davidsonville that night for some more camping, and then the RTE at Kilarney house on Sunday morning. Another buddy, and the guy setting up this Maryland RTE graciously offered camping accomodations for Saturday night, and so after seeing all this, I decided to join in on the fun. My plan was to meet up with my buddy Steve (the on coming up from southwestern VA) early Saturday morning, ride around VA and into MD, camp up at Wayne's place (the guy in MD setting up the RTE), then go to the RTE on Sunday and then back home because I had a work call in DC later that afternoon!

Now it may seem strange to some people but even though the RTE location was northeast from where I live, left the house at 6:00am Saturday morning heading southwest! :lol3 I was headed to Waynesboro to meet up with Steve and enjoy the great roads of central VA and the Shennandoah valley.

Early morning shadow rider.

My ride to Waynesboro was not the most exciting as I was just trying to get there. I started by going south on I-95, but exited in Fredericksburg on Rt 3. Then it got better as I got closer to where I grew up and turned onto Rt 20 south.

About 3 miles from my parents' house. I feel a little guilty that I didn't stop by, but I was on a tight schedule. :shog

AAawwwww yeah, the weather this morning was perfect!

As I was cruising along, I came up on these two guys on scooters; one of them was on a Piaggio (scooter with two wheels up front).

I soon reached Charlotesville, which meant a return to intersate (I-64).

Once in Waynesboro I met up with Steve at our predetermined location. kool-aid.....I'm so jealous! :tb

First order of business, breakfast! :dg After all, I've already been riding for 2.5 hrs. I had done a little research ahead of time and found this cool little spot. The Basic City Lunchonette.

This place is tucked back off Rt 340, but it's a gem! Sorry I forgot to get pics of the food, so you'll just have to trust me about how good it was! :deal

Once our bellies were fueled up, we hit the road. Our plan was to head northeast 'ish and try to find some fun gravel roads.

We found a few, but they all deadended as we got close to the Shennandoah national park. It wasn't until we got north of Elkton and found Cub Run road that we had some real fun!

Taking a little break along Cub Run, and Steve posing for a picture1! :lol3

Catherine's Furnace near the end of Cub Run road.

Some butterflies hanging around the furnace.


From here we looped back down to Elkton, hoping to catch up with another buddy of ours, the most renowned Bloochdog. We stopped by his house first but he wasn't there so we continued on into Elkton and found him at El Paso!

After another little bite to eat, and some general BSing with Blooch, it was time to get back and the road; after all, we still had quite a few miles to ride in order to reach Davidsonville, MD!

PART 2 coming up later.

XC Rider 06-09-2012 05:36 PM

Part 2.

We left off having meet up with Bloochdog at El Paso in Elkton.

After a brief run by his place to get some more BWDR stickers for the new bike, Steve & I continued on our way towards Davidsonville, MD. This next stretch of road would take us through Green, Madison, and Orange counties, all of which I am very familiar with as I grew up in the area. I think Steve enjoyed the roads I led him down.

We eventually wound our way to Fredericksburg; while passing through F'burg, I got a kick out of this car's license plate! :lol3

From here we continued eastwards, planning to get on 301, heading north up the MD peninsula, and soon enough we were crossing over into Maryland.

Once again the sun was starting to get low,

....and so we made a B-line for Davidsonville. Once there we met up with Wayne (and his buddy Wayne), set up camp and had a good evening of BSing, drinking beer, and cooking up a little dinner.

The next morning, we helped Wayne break down camp; here's Steve helping out! :rofl

From here, Wayne led us on a very spirited 60 mile ride, on roads with speed limits ranging from 25 MPH to 45 MPH, which we completed in about 60 minutes! :augie:evil

Come 11:30am, Steve and I had built up quite an appetite keeping up with Wayne, and so to the Kilarney house we went to meet up with other riders and enjoy one of the best brunches I've ever had!

Here's the majority of the group at the table.

After a good meal and good conversation, it was time to head back home, get cleaned up, and head to DC for a work call. All in all, another great little ride to recharge my batteries.

geauXplor 06-09-2012 08:38 PM

Great report/pics :clap

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