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nevgriff64 08-28-2011 01:56 PM

Trials Specific Flea Market and Wanted To Buy - PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING
OK, Guys and Girls.

Lets see if we can come up with a better solution to sell our unwanted "TRIALS" items.

We already have our main Flea Market Forums for Bikes, Parts, Equipment ETC. If you wish to submit an add in those forums and place a link here to those items of sale, you will then have the luxury of placing as many photos as you wish or answer any questions/comments that may arise in "YOUR" thread. IF/WHEN your item/s sell, please edit/delete your post in this thread.

Because our Trials Flea Market is only the one thread to sell all trials related items, we really need to keep the comments/questions/remarks out of it so we don`t have a cluttered up mess.

Please try and keep photos to a maximum of two, you can supply more via pm if an inmate requests more or link them and remember to delete your add once the item has sold. I`ll do a clean out of old items every now and then so if you still have an item up for sale and it has sat longer than a week or two, bump the add and delete the original.

I appreciate your efforts in helping to keep the Trials Forum the best forum on ADVRider. :ricky

Just a reminder to everyone - Normal Flea Market Rules apply here as well.

Your ad MUST have a price and a location.

We don't do Auctions or "PM with highest price" type sales here.

No links to outside ads etc etc.

Zuendapp 10-02-2014 06:25 PM

Wanted Fantic dual shock trials
Wanted Fantic trails, 200 240 300 dual shock, most any condition, even if it needs TLC.

Please note, I will be competing on this bike and not looking for a restoration.
I am located in Pa. so anywhere in the surrounding states is OK.

trials 10-14-2014 08:24 AM

Trials 290 sherco
TRIALS 290 SHERCO - $3900
Sherco 290 Trials bike 2007 It is in very good condition with very lows hours. It has some nicks and scratches but nothing bad. It has one sticker coming loose that needs gluing or replacement. It is ready to go with a new air cleaner and a new set of tires to be put on before your first trials. I just put on the top of the line S3 foot pegs. This is one of the very best trials bikes made and it is a very competitive machine. Tallahassee Florida area


ILikePowerWheelies 10-19-2014 02:49 PM

WTB Trials Rebuild Project
Hey guys if anyone has a trials bike in need of restoration or rebuild please shoot me a PM. I'm located in Maine but would travel New England and maybe New York for a bike. I'm only looking for bikes in need of restoration or rebuild. Would not like to pay any more than $1000 for the initial purchase.

Thanks guys!

mark1976 10-23-2014 08:58 AM

WTB TY350 and or TL125 Northeast
Looking for either or both - I am in CNY so anything in the Northeast is possible.

Gundy 10-26-2014 06:54 PM

Interested in buying a late model trials bike to experiment with; it's the one type of dirt riding I can literally do in my backyard.

I am located in the Philly suburbs. Something in the 2-3k range and good running condition would be ideal. Also, must be in quiet trim.

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trailer Rails 10-27-2014 05:39 AM

Trials Specific Flea Market and Wanted To Buy - PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE...
I am looking for two bikes, one for myself and one for the wife. The wife rides my 280 now but I have to start it for her. So ideally, I'd like to pick up one smaller bike and see how it suits her. I'd like to keep the bike prices below $3k, maybe closer $2k each. I want a modern chassis, I don't like messing with old stuff.

Edit: picked one today. It was the first time I have ever rode a 125 trials bike, plenty of power. I instantly felt more comfortable than my GG280.

bothfeetin 11-01-2014 05:57 PM

1975 Montesa 247 Cota - Northern Virginia
This is a Vintage 1975 Montesa 247 Cota trials bike.

A few months ago while on business in upstate NY I ran across this bike and had to have it. I purchased it from the original owner that was retiring, moving south and selling everything. He had purchased the bike new in 1975 from a Montesa dealer near Binghamton NY.

This bike is in original unmolested condition. All I have done is air up the tires, replace the original carb because of a sticking slide, plug, points and condenser. Seems to start and run fine however it will need some fine tuning on the new carb.

I was considering restoring the bike as a winter project but I really want a KTM EXC and the wife is running short on patience with the limited garage space !!

Not a Bultaco, Ossa, Honda TL, Suzuki RL or Yamaha TY

Asking $1785.00 OBO

Redclayrider 11-16-2014 12:48 PM

Looking for a modern Trials bike, 2 or 4 stroke, in the Alabama area. Looking to give this a try. Looking for something $1,500.00 or less, decent condition. I would rather ride it then work on it. :D

finehomebuilder 11-16-2014 04:18 PM

Add me to the list. 125-200 max. Late Sherco prefered. Up to $2,500. In lower AL or N. GA.

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Simon Slapstick 12-04-2014 11:01 AM

WTB a modernish beginner trials bike, around a 125 or 200, 2t or 4t. In AZ but don't mind traveling/organizing shipping for the right bike. Budget of around $2-2.5k.

Complete beginner, as in never ridden a bike before, but always wanted a trials bike and my wife has given me the go ahead.... :clap

Anything out there? :norton

joe cool 12-06-2014 10:46 AM

Beta Vforce3 reed valves
For sale: Vforce3 high performance reed valve system. I used this for one season.
Fits all Beta rev 3's includes rubber intake boot, reed valve cage, gasket and stickers.
Asking for $ 80.00 shipped.

mrwmw 12-14-2014 12:10 AM

Trials Specific Flea Market and Wanted To Buy - PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE...
Looking for 2005 or newer 250cc -290cc 2 stroke trials bike. Willing to travel / ship for the right bike. Budget is 3k.

Located in the SF Bay Area, CA
email is


redduck124 12-15-2014 12:38 PM

WTB late model trials bike
Add me to the southeastern riders looking for a used late model ('00 or newer) trials bike. I'm in Mississippi and would like to find something in the Ala., Ark., Tenn. area, Florida panhandle or east Texas. In other words, a day drive, unless you want to help deliver and meet me.

If you have one, or know of one, drop me a line. I have a budget of about $2,500, but for the right bike I might be able to adjust it a bit.


barkbuster67 12-21-2014 03:46 PM

WTB Late model trials bike
Add another buyer to the wanted list. Looking for a 2000 or newer trails bike in good reliable condition. Prefer 2 stroke. Looking to stay in that 2k - 3k range. All new to the trials thing so any advice for a tall guy with some weight shot me a PM. Thanks located in Upper MI
Found a ride. Now the fun begins or should I say the learning process......

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