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InlineSkate 08-25-2012 01:46 PM

Riding PCX150 W.O.T for 50 miles?
Alright so I need to go to the airport and I have two options. The airport is 50 about miles away taking interstate.

I can either take the highway that tops out at 55 mph. Scooter runs comfortably at this speed with no complaints, but it will take an 1 hr 15 mins to get there.

My second option is taking I-75 doing 65 mph in the right lane at this speed we're at WOT or pushing pretty close depending on the road. This would drastically shorten my trip to under an hour.

I realize i'm already taking a risk being the slow guy on the road, but i'm curious if the scooter would be able to handle this distance. I would take a cage, but being a broke college student the scooter was more economical for most commutes.

Warney 08-25-2012 02:35 PM

What's the hurry? Enjoy the extra 10-15 minute ride at 55-60mph and have fun while doing so. Many a Honda Scooter have run at wot for hours on end with no ill effects; unless there is a reason I can't see the point in flogging the Scooter. The CDI has a provision for chopping spark and/or fuel if the engine reaches redline in any case.

klaviator 08-25-2012 04:26 PM

Scooter engines are very mildly tuned and only have half the specific power output of a high performance sportbike motor. This means that your scooter can handle WOT for a long time although if you do it enough it may shorten your engines life some in the long run.

However, I personally don't feel comfortable running WOT for that long so I'd take the longer route.

InlineSkate 08-25-2012 06:13 PM

The main reason I was going to take I-75 instead was because the highway doesn't run through Flint the city where the airport is located while I-75 does, but I may go ahead and take the longer route anyways.

Forde 08-25-2012 07:03 PM


good god we cant have that!! how would you cope??????

better take i-75!

Tromper 08-25-2012 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Forde (Post 19445878)

good god we cant have that!! how would you cope??????

better take i-75!

Excellent attitude Forde.:clap you're almost ready for a ride in Seattle traffic.:evil

cbolling 08-25-2012 07:35 PM

Take whatever route that you want. The Honda will do just fine on either route.

InlineSkate 08-25-2012 07:54 PM

Here are my routes



It is 30 mins longer but I will take M-13 instead. The minimum for I-75 is 60 which the bike will cruise at fine, but I don't really want to be that guy clogging up the 2 lane.

I've taken this thing down to Detroit on the highway 3x 55 all the way down. Forde is right I can handle an 1hr 20 mins to get to Flint.

Starbuck21 08-26-2012 05:57 AM

My 2 cents, I would take the longer route unless there is a burning need to get there that much sooner. Your reactions will be better at 55-60, the scooter will have a bit of reserve if not running WOT. Plus the scooter should be a bit more comfortable not running at WOT. I usually avoid interstates on ANY motorcycles if possible so I can enjoy the ride!!! :D

seraph 08-26-2012 01:25 PM

My concern wouldn't be for the scooter, it'd be for being the slow guy on the road and having no power in reserve. I'd take the slow route.

JerryH 09-12-2012 03:57 PM

Shouldn't be a problem. I ride my Vino 125 at WOT all the time, have taken 2 900+ mile trips on it at full throttle. It has over 17,000 miles on it, and runs like new. The ONLY way to ride a small scooter is at WOT, otherwise you will not ever get anywhere, or you will be in danger from going too slow. A 125-150cc scooter is just the right size for long distance travel IF you keep the throttle wide open all the time. There's nothing in reserve, but you shouldn't need anything. Just wear a bright orange vest and stay in the right lane.

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