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scarysharkface 09-07-2012 07:17 PM

Go West Old Man 2012
If not for the kindness of strangers, I wouldn't be posting this from Missoula, Montana...

150 miles into a brand spankin' new Dunlop D606. I'll never put one of these on the KLR again..

But what the hey.. I kept riding..

Pics and stuff to follow as time allows. I'm still on the road at the moment..


Snirt-MT 09-07-2012 07:59 PM

WTF is going on with that tire? I've got one on my KLR and have good luck so far with it at 1000 miles. Anyway, I'm in Missoula if you need help.

scarysharkface 09-07-2012 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Snirt-MT (Post 19545918)
WTF is going on with that tire? I've got one on my KLR and have good luck so far with it at 1000 miles. Anyway, I'm in Missoula if you need help.

Thanks, but all has been well for a few days now. Sporting a new Kenda now. :)

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scarysharkface 09-08-2012 07:04 AM

So I've got two weeks, Saturday to Sunday inclusive, off work and am meeting a friend Sunday night (9/2) at the KOA in Cortez, Colorado. Prior to my departure early Saturday morning from West-Central Indiana I've got a gig at a blues club in Bloomington, Indiana, with Dicky James and The Blue Flames. I could really stand to leave Friday night and maybe dodge some of the remnants of Hurricane Isaac as I head West, but that's not gonna happen. I make an executive decision to, *sigh*, haul the bike to my sister's place in Abilene, Kansas, and ride from there. It's a good plan and at my age I don't have much to prove to anybody and will happily begin the trip dry.

It's a bit disconcerting to look in the mirror and see this.

I get to her place and we have a good late lunch together.

I go to work swapping out my front tire (I did the rear Friday instead of eating lunch) and now have a fresh set of D606 shoes. I beat feet to Wakeeny, Kansas, to meet this guy..


scarysharkface 09-08-2012 08:12 PM

Sunday morning I wake up, pack the bike and notice this..

All of this after a whopping ~150 miles of I-70. :huh

I figure I'll keep an eye on it and keep riding..

Somewhere in Western Kansas..

Boy, do I love my Nolan helmet! (foreshadowing)

There's something about a train with a string of coal hoppers on the Great Plains that I find very cool..


ThumperStorm 09-10-2012 09:15 PM

Very nice pictures. Love the colors. +1 on mid-western trains.

Truck115 09-11-2012 04:12 PM

NIce pictures John. Looking forward to a great report. Thats crazy about that tire. :huh It's good you got it switched out.

Cannonshot 09-11-2012 04:21 PM

Hi John! Had a 606 get hot on my KLR at highway speeds and do something similar in the past. Looking forward to more!

siyeh 09-11-2012 07:10 PM

Great start keep it up :clap

Rapid_Roy 09-12-2012 05:30 PM



scarysharkface 09-13-2012 08:35 PM

I make it to Pueblo and the rear looks like this:

The front, with the same mileage, looks new (because it is):

I need food and hit the quickest place I see for a filet-o-fish. I walk out of the restaurant to see a pre-teen run away from the bike as his friend across the parking lot is yelling something, most likely a warning that I'm coming outside. I ride away and the shifter feels distinctly vague and unright. Looks like junior used it for a footpeg and broke it. On a Sunday in the middle of Labor Day weekend.

Thus far, the trip is not the stuff of fantasy but it's okay. These are just a couple of burbles.

I post a troll for some assistance in the Rockies regional forum and get to slapping some Water Weld (similar to JB Weld) on it..


scarysharkface 09-13-2012 10:02 PM

Before not very long, wzd1a shoots me an offer of a free shifter if I'm willing and able to make it to his place up the highway a bit. I figure I'll give it a shot and hit the road. I'm *very* gentle shifting gears and spend quite a bit of time in 2nd enroute to I-25. Once on the Interstate I realize I needed to stop for fuel, so of course I tempt fate by exiting and shifting. It all goes swimmingly though, and soon enough the free shifter awaits just over the next hill (literally). I stop to check my directions and the bike goes completely dead. Completely. Nothing. WTF?

And then I notice that weather's rolling-in. Brilliant.

I call my wife and tell her to come get me. She suggests I call my very-actually-nearby shifter source and relate my predicament. I tell her there's no way I'm going to inflict myself upon him like this. He's expecting a guy to ride up and leave with a shift lever, not a guy almost getting there but needing a ride and some troubleshooting and who knows what else and then a gifted shift lever. I give-in and call. Zack drives over the hill to get me. Lightning strikes just up the hill and we load the bike (with the help of a passer-by) into his truck in a driving rain. *sigh*

Zack gets me sorted (the battery chose that time and place to "let go" so I bought a new one) and the shifter installed and off I go into the Colorado night. Passing motel after motel, the decision is made to stop at the next one. Some miles later, and by now way up into the mountains on I-70, I pull off to check the phone for options. The chin-bar of my Nolan helmet comes off in my hand. I manage to get it to close again and eventually find a place to end today's excitement, just across the street from a McDonalds..


scarysharkface 09-15-2012 02:36 PM

What a difference a day makes.

Breakfast and a couple of passes later..

A great day for riding..

Last night I was scheduled to meet my friend Neil in Cortez. I didn't make it, so today we're hoping to rendezvous in Grand Junction. I'm a bit ahead of schedule, so I try to grab a quick power-nap just East of town.

The nap doesn't happen (too much caffeine, and I'm excited about the trip) so on into town it is. We meet, strategerize a bit and head for the Colorado National Monument just outside of Fruita to setup camp...


scarysharkface 09-15-2012 02:54 PM

I had a gig Friday night in Bloomington (Hoosier territory) with Dicky James and The Blue Flames, and consequently everything up to now had felt a bit rushed. My last minute prep-time was squandered playing music. I suppose there are worse ways to spend a Friday evening..

Anyway, it felt good to be out West, on the KLR and with only a short-list ahead of me. I needed to replace that rear tire and pickup a helmet in the morning, and surely Grand Junction is as good a place as any to find what I need in-stock somewhere after a long holiday weekend..


ThumperStorm 09-15-2012 05:01 PM

What kind of instrument are you playing? I only count 5 strings but it looks like a guitar? Is it some kind of banjo?

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