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kildala2000 09-09-2012 12:23 PM

1150 Oil cooler guard (pre order)
Hello, :D

I want to make a run of 1150 GS oil cooler guards.. Looking for people to commit to a run of 10..
Please PM me and put your name on this thread.

Here is what it looks like.


Oddfellow 09-11-2012 10:24 AM

I'll take one, been dodging that bullet for 10 years now and in that time I've worn out one Kidala bash guard and am now on my second! :evil

EKinOR 09-11-2012 01:46 PM


elmontanero 09-11-2012 07:32 PM

I'm in for one on preorder... great stuff always from Kildala!

EKinOR 09-11-2012 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by kildala2000 (Post 19571469)
To be announced, but just like my other products it will be affordable. :wink: I'll let you know when I get back from my trip.

Fair enough. I'm interested...

rotaryracer 09-14-2012 02:23 PM

Silver available or just PC'd black?

txbear55 09-16-2012 12:42 PM

Sign me up ,too. I have a tendency to bang up stuff!

Oddfellow 09-18-2012 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by txbear55 (Post 19606968)
Sign me up ,too. I have a tendency to bang up stuff!

I can vouch for that, I've seen him do it! :deal

kbroderick 09-18-2012 12:27 PM

I'm interested...let me know what I'd be looking at for shipped cost to Vermont (05751).


TnVFRrider 09-18-2012 07:10 PM

PM Sent
Put me down for one. I have one of your mudguards and a bash plate. Great stuff!

nwemerys 09-24-2012 09:51 PM

Oil cooler protection
Hi, count me in as well,thanks.

jachard 09-25-2012 09:15 AM

I'm in for one too.

jtprange 09-25-2012 07:11 PM

Me too!

EKinOR 09-26-2012 07:13 PM

Did you ever settle on a price? I looked back through the thread and didn't see one.

EKinOR 09-26-2012 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by kildala2000 (Post 19689523)
Hey EKinOR, :D

Right at the moment it looks like they are going to be between $53.00 to $55.00 depending on powder coat guy quote.. Does this sound OK?


That sounds reasonable.

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