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spaghettilegs 09-21-2012 03:37 AM

Kath's Nullarbor adventure
Hey there,

Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd September, I am embarking on a solo ride across the Nullarbor. I am leaving from Wodonga, VIC and heading to Perth, WA in the hopes to raise awareness and funds for Assistance Dogs Australia.

I am planning the trip will take me 8 days and aim to keep my first blog as I travel ( I hope to encounter many adventures and look forward to seeing more of Australia as I travel. I am unsure about how much phone reception I will have as I travel but aim to post updates to the blog each day. I plan to write a ride report when I return.

I am doing the trip on a Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250cc. I am carrying all camping gear and have packed as light as possible (which was hard!).

Assistance Dogs Australia trains dogs to assist people with physical disabilities, allowing them to become more independent. If you would like to suPAWt me in raising money for this organisation you can donate at my everyday hero page,

Maybe I'll see you along my travels,

Spaghettilegs :norton

spaghettilegs 09-22-2012 03:45 AM

Day one is complete and my body is feeling it. I did 520km, finishing the day up in Robinvale,VIC. I have stayed here before and itís just as nice as I remember.

I discovered the best thing about camping on a solo trip is you have things to do at your destination. Didnít take long to set up the tent and unpack, getting it all done just before the sun went to bed!

Todayís riding took me on mostly tar roads but I did manage to find a lovely dirt road as well. There is lots of canola around at the moment, making a nice mix of yellow and green scenery!


It was interesting to revisit some places I previously rode through in 2010. I was amazed at what I could and couldnít remember!


All up it was a lovely day. The weather was amazing, scenery didnít disappoint and Sherpa ran like a dream. Navigator did a great job showing me where to go and Iím looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.


egret 09-22-2012 07:36 AM

Nice one ! Looking forward to your next installment . :clap:clap:clap
-zie egret.

eepeqez 09-22-2012 10:04 AM

Have you seen Megumi rides around Australia?

You even seem to have the same colour Sherpa.

NoobIAm 09-22-2012 10:32 AM

Watch out for those brown snakesÖ :eek1


Willwilkins 09-22-2012 11:14 AM

Good on ya
You go girl!!!!:clap

Drop in at Catus Beach, its a top spot

The Sherpa is the bike of choice for a ride like yours, you'll enjoy every minute of it, think of my wife, she did Oz to UK on an XT250

Best of luck

spaghettilegs 09-23-2012 03:06 AM

Day 2 Ė Another day, another 520km!

Posted on September 23, 2012
Wind Ė 0 Kath -1!!
I survived my first night camping and was up bright and early. Packing up didnít take too long and I was planning to eat breaky in Mildura.
I was on the road at about 8 and it turned out the wind was too! Riding with a head wind reduced Sherpaís speed to 85km/h or 90 if I ducked right down! People seemed pretty patient though.
http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...4804.jpg?w=640Navigator was still all smiles despite the constant wind!

Quick breakfast in Mildura and then onto Renmark. As I travelled the wind battered me from both the front and side, tying to wear me down but I fought back! After 112km I went onto reserve and still had 30 or so to go till fuel. When I filled up my economy was 6.5l per 130km. I only have a 9l tank, very glad I packed a jerry can!!
Pushed on and turned off the main highway towards Monash Ė Morgan Ė Burra Ė Spalding, finishing up in Jamestown. Another big day and it was interesting watching the scenery change so much as I travelled along. As I got further into South Australia, it became greener and greener.
http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...3721.jpg?w=640Doesn't quite capture the colours!

As I approached Jamestown I debated with myself about camping. I asked prices when I arrived Ė $80 for a cabin or $15 to camp. A quick call to Rob and I went with camping. Now I can donate more to the super puppies!
I was told I could camp anywhere on the grass. Due to the wind I wanted to be sheltered, so I am camping next to the ladies toilet/shower block! No wind and crazy convenient!
Another great day. Even with the mighty wind, I had a smile on my face and was loving every slow minute of it!! :D

BeardedOne 09-23-2012 03:25 AM

You go girl! :clap

Sundowner 09-23-2012 04:48 AM

Great stuff, Kath. :wave How'd you get involved with the Assistance Dogs? Don't tell me you've gotten rid of your beautiful collie? :nono Yell out if you need any help from this part of the continent. And Cactus (south of Penong) is worth a look just for the pink and blue salt lakes alone. The surf beach is just icing. Fowlers Bay is a must do as well, if you can afford the slight detour. The sand dunes are brilliant fun but watch out for the bowls and razorback dunes - they'll cause you a lot of grief. Great fishing on the jetty if you have time. Watch out for the wombats west of Penong - they're bloody quick when startled and in big numbers. Camp well off the road if you do bush camp. Good luck, mate. Huge adventure for the little bike. :clap

Chris Wils 09-23-2012 11:33 AM

Love to follow your travels across the Nullarbor.
I did it last year,but from the other side,I went from Perth to Adelaide,
on my Harley,that I shipped from Europe(Belgium) to Melbourne.
In the surroundings of the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse,there are a lot of little
green birds,they fly in flocks of 50 to 100,they fly strait at you,and just the
last second,when you think,this is a crash,they turn left or right.
A lot of people told me:Be carefull,it,s long and lonely,but I just love it,
you don,t have to take care of the traffic,because there is not much traffic.
Go for it,and let us enjoy your travel.
Greetings from Belgium.

rod1 09-23-2012 01:45 PM

look forward to following your trip
Best wishes for a fantastic trip. I look forward to following your journey. Rod

casalinda 09-23-2012 07:35 PM

offer in Port Lincoln SA
:clapHi Kath
My name is Linda and I have a Sherpa but it is awaiting collection in Adelaide as I have imported it from the US where I bought and rodeit.I live in Port Lincoln, south Australia and if you are in the area do come and visit me, plenty of floor space to stay and even a sofa!
My telephone number is:
Hope to meet you

spaghettilegs 09-24-2012 12:58 AM

Hi there! Let me introduce myself, Iím Navigator, the captain of this adventure.
I am an assistant dog in training and Kath has strapped me on for the ride. As captain, I sit up front, guiding the way and importantly keeping Kath company. I am also Kathís guard dog, keeping any trouble away. I may look small and cuddly but I have a fierce little bark when needed (lucky it hasnít been needed yet!).
I love adventure and exploring. So far this adventure has taken us through so many landscapes, all offering their own smells and bugs. Occasionally the wind picks up, but I donít mind, it just makes the smells more interesting!
http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...5521.jpg?w=640Things were frosty last night!

Camping has been fun but tonight Kath decided to stay in a caravan. The sign out the front said NO PETS, but I snuck in! Once in I quickly settled on the bed for a well earned rest!
It is lovely to meet you and I hope you enjoy travelling along with us.
http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...1247.jpg?w=640The captain and the rider!

spaghettilegs 09-24-2012 01:06 AM

Thanks for all the support and tips!
Hi Sundown, Thanks for the suggestions and warning about wombats. We still have Atlas, unfortunately he had to stay home with Rob for this trip. I have been interested in Assistant Dogs for a while now and wanted to do something for the charity this year.

I was planning to stay at Flowers Bay tomorrow night, do you know if they have fuel there? Not sure if I'll make it to Cactus but if time is going well I'll have a look. I'm planning to camp/stay at caravan parks or the like, not sure I'm brave enough to bush camp! Thanks again! :wave

Hi Chris, I'll be keeping my eye out for those little birds. Thanks for the warning! I hope you enjoy reading about my trip. :nod

Hi Linda, thank you for your kind offer, it would have been great to meet. Unfortunately I am missing Port Lincoln, cutting through Wudinna instead. Would love to know more about your trip on the Sherpa. How long and where in the US did you ride? Thanks again for the kind offer and maybe we will meet on the road one day :norton

Thanks for all the tips and support I hope you enjoy travelling along with me :rofl

spaghettilegs 09-24-2012 03:57 AM

Day 3

Posted on September 24, 2012

Started early and the weather was perfect for riding. No wind, blue skies and almost noone on the roads.


The riding was so nice, I decided to do a few kilometers before stopping for breakfast. The scenery around the Southern Fingers area is amazing and I realised how much I love this part of Australia. Rob and I have done a few rides through here when living in SA and it was still just as impressive.

Limited to uploading phone pictures, it just doesnít capture what Iím seeing!

Stopped for breaky in Wilmington and then pushed on to Port Augusta. I rode through Horrocks Pass, enjoying some lovely corners. When I popped out the other side of the pass the landscape changed and the wind picked up. Had a quick stop before getting on Main North Road into Port Augusta.

http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...0848.jpg?w=640saying goodbye to the mountains.

At this point I was leaving behind roads and towns I knew and headed to new places.


It was roughly 155km to Kimba and the wind was picking up. I got mildly concerned about fuel economy but this quickly diminished as I got busy looking around. Thankfully the road was relatively quiet and people didnít appear too bothered by Sherpaís slow speed. Sherpa is still sitting on 85-90km/ph, allowing me time to see the sights. As I rode along I spotted a large kangaroo standing behind a tree. It looked like he was waiting jump out and say boo to someone. Glad it wasnít me!

On the other side of Kimba the landscape changes again.
http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...1222.jpg?w=640From this.....

http://nullarbordreams.files.wordpre...3407.jpg?w=640To this.

I was making really good time and decided to stop for the night at Wudinna. Enquired at the caravan park about a cabin. I was happy to spend $85 but they only had $95 cabins left. Ummed and ahad, deciding to camp instead but they then offered me a van for $50. I couldnít say no to that!

Looking forward to a big rest and then heading to Fowlers Bay tomorrow. Thanks for travelling with us.


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