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jbhawley 10-01-2012 08:00 AM

Honda PC800 Givi Install w/ LEDs
Not sure if this is the proper place to post this so if the mods are inclined to move then please do the needful. :D
As this is my motobike forum of choice, plus the IPCRC yahoo group is a bit lacking on new forum put it lightly.
I digress.

I have recently added a Givi E52 Top Case to my Honda PC800 (Pacific Coast). This effort was quite the process as there is an extremely limited supply of mounting racks made for the PC800. I eventually found one made in Ukraine by Mmoto. Seems they make many turn-key mounting systems for many bikes. I will give them a shout as the rack is top notch quality and communication with them was great considering the language barrier, time zone difference and so forth. From the time I made a PayPal payment I received the rack in nearly bullet-proof packing in about 2 weeks. Not bad considering this had to go through US customs.

The Givi E52 case is an, as expected, top quality case from Givi. As Givi offers, as an option, add in tail lights to the case i was inclined to purchase them. But upon review and price the Givi lights seems woefully inadequate. I found a Canadian small company named AdMore that made a set of LEDs for the Givi that also acted as tail/brake/turn lights. Sa-Weet!

Any why not give props to Premier Cycle Accessories in Ohio. They had the best price on the Givi plus gave me good advise on the AdMore light kit.

So now that I have dealt with four nations on my products (US, Canada, Ukraine, Italy) about world wide...I was ready to mount this puppy.

First open the PC800 trunk and find the rear brake/tail light wire harness. Plug-n-play and easy access.

I got a couple Hitachi connectors and added to the AdMore wire harness so I could keep all the connections P-n-P. The AdMore bottom harness has the small connector on one end and loose wires on the other for splicing or what not. All wire splices that I made are soldered and heat shrink wrapped. Not friggin stay-kon connectors here.

Took the Dremel tool and made a small hole in the lip of the trunk so the wire harness can go out. This area is covered by the passenger pillion and not noticed once all is back together. I forgot to take a photo, but I cut a similar sized hole in the lip of the actual seat pan so with its all together there is a circle, of sorts.

I had to add about 6 inches to the AdMore bottom wire harness so I could route it within the trunk frame. My hand is at the added part. Put some heat shrink to avoid later issues.

Mounted the Mmoto rack and put the seat back in place. The rack comes with hardware to mount. The stock seat handles come off. You can even get your choice of colors for the rack power coating. Notice the Givi mounting points on the rack. The rack comes with pre-drilled holes and the hardware so the Givi mounts directly to the rack without the need of a Givi mounting plate. I think all the Mmoto racks are made like this. Hey! One less thing to purchase and have to worry about. Plus it looks cleaner when the case is off the rack. The mounting / removal of the Givi works the same as with a mounting plate.

Leave 4-6 inches of wire harness protruding our the back of the seat. This allow for some wiggle room when removing the Givi.

I did not get any pics of the Givi pre-install of the LEDs...but the case has knock outs made in place and the AdMore kit fits perfectly. The white portion has 3m tape to stick to the rounded sides of the case.

The AdMore top wire harness routes (the best method possible). I decided to do as noted in the photo. The Square block on the end of the harness goes out of the case.

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the Givi to get the wire harness block to the outside. Here is where the bottom and top wire harness comes together.

A small connector is used and a 1/4 turn lock nut secures it all in place.

All together with the tail lights on. When the turn signals are activated the entire left or right side Givi lights are active. When the brake is applied both sides light up. This, IMO, is a great safety feature and puts the intentions of the rider at face view of following vehicles.

Side view.

Front view.

treynolds 10-01-2012 12:45 PM

Nice Install!
Great job and thanks for sharing. Still thinking of this myself, as I've had Givi panniers an a topcase on the last two bikes I've had, but the PC800 has such nice lines, not sure I want to mess them up...

kpinvt 10-01-2012 09:13 PM

Great Writeup
I installed the large MMoto rack on my '95 PC a couple of months ago. I had mine delivered in about 2 weeks and the install couldn't have been easier. I bought a heavier prop rod for the trunk lid but I haven't switched the stock one out yet as it holds the trunk, rack and case up just fine. So far.

robfilms 10-02-2012 05:15 AM

i have long been a fan of the honda pc800 - pacific coast - the station wagons of motorcycles...and more!

and i do LOVE station wagons.



be well.


Contevita 10-03-2012 08:39 PM

Looks great! Thanks for the pictures to go along with the instructions. I'll be doing something similar for my ride as well but I'll have to piece it together since I can't get any parts from AdMore for my current set up.

Unstable Rider 08-16-2014 08:43 PM

I'll touch on this old post, and say it was well stated.

I am going to order that same rack, seems to be the clear ticket.

I am not sure of a Givi that big yet......

I hate to see that big alien-martian looking "head" in my mirrors behind me... :eek1 I was always a "Pelican" guy up to this point... but I don't think a Pelican case as a top box is going to compliment the "refined lines" of the PC.

But even to be able to tie down a soft bag of a few more things, you know, in addition to the 5 bags of groceries they refer to in the reviews that we all must be toting....

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