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Kingsqueak 06-11-2005 07:05 AM

Lowrance iFinder H2O and GPSCity issues
Figured I'd update and summarize what happened with my iFinder H2O I got from GPS City.

Lowrance has become responsive, providing good feedback and are more than willing to take my unit back for evaluation or repair/exchange should it prove to be defective.

I had some questions as to whether it was functioning properly, still do, but haven't had a chance to properly evaluate it yet. Since Lowrance got back to me and said it would be fine to send it back to them, I've decided to further check it out first.

My issue is that it almost seems like the internal antenna isn't working properly, the sensitivity seems really low and the unit doesn't get accurate fixes well at all unless I plug in the external antenna. With the external, and it's a cheap small one, the fix is nearly immediate and percent error is no longer several hundred feet but down to 20 consistently.

Now for GPS City.... and

After about five attempts at contacting them.

I sent emails to many addresses, and via web forms on their site for RMA requests, each of them containing my full contact information.

I've also left phone messages for their support staff, also with full contact info.

They have never once even responded, this is after a couple weeks now. Not even so much as an autoresponder email, and no return phone calls.

Yes, they have a wide assortment and yes the prices are low, but I would strongly encourage people to find another source for the pricey units people like to buy here in the group.

GPS City has pretty much abandoned me as a customer. Luckily Lowrance seems to care more about their customer base.

I realized that I should probably put in a mention of what I actually like about this unit too.

At one point I was pondering trading it for a different brand and kept coming back to this unit over and over again. I really like the interface, the display quality, and the size of the unit. It does exactly what I wanted and generally just feels right. Outside of the sensitivity issue, I really like the features it offers.

Of course the new iWay handheld unit with autorouting came out I think literally as I purchased this one...I probably would have got that unit if it's waterproof as well.

svwayne 06-12-2005 07:33 PM

Sorry to hear about your problems with GPSCity. I purchased an iFinder H20 from them last year and did not have any problems but I did not have to deal with customer service after the sale like yourself. I have found Lowrance to be very supportive of my iFinder, shortly after I received mine I noticed that Lowrance was selling v6.3 of MapCreate. A quick phone call and they shipped me v6.3 at NO COST. Compared to v6.2 the v6.3 includes TOPO, hunting\fishing, improved POI database, and national forest info. I'd have to purchase 3-4 software packages to get the same coverage from Garmin. My iFinder H20 Pro has performed flawlessly, no problems locking in on satellites regardless of the terrain I've been in. Hopefully your problems are due to a faulty built in antenna. I'd be surprised if Lowrance doesn't come through for you and make it right. Please let me know how it turns out.

ewertro 06-12-2005 08:23 PM

I can't make a comment on your GPS, but I too, had the same problems with GPS City. I was trying to get a status on an IPAQ cradle I ordered through them, same problems. I will in the future go back to dealing with here in Canada.


Kingsqueak 07-21-2005 05:56 PM

Lowrance hooked me up
Lowrance fixed me up just fine.

Just wanted to add here that I did finally send in my unit for evaluation and repair. It works very well now, it was indeed a flaw with the internal antenna. There was no charge and the turnaround was quick, about a week or ten days, with the to/from shipping time.

Now it locks on in much less than a minute and I get many more birds locked and generally WAAS lock when handheld as well. This is what I'd expected it to do. Now it does.

Lowrance staff were helpful and friendly, though they are quite busy so getting ahold of them means waiting around a bit and some callbacks needed. They always called when promised, which is a rarity these days.

I'd buy another Lowrance product tomorrow, two thumbs up from me.

svwayne 07-22-2005 05:27 AM

Glad to hear they came through for you. Based on your comments, my experience, and the comments from a couple of other Lowrance users on this site it sounds like Lowrance customer service is above average in performance. I know I'll buy Lowrance again, without hesitation, just not from GPS City.

Kingsqueak 07-22-2005 08:01 AM

Thank YOU for the help in figuring out that the performance on mine wasn't normal. Appreciate it.

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