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Aussie Trev 10-04-2012 11:53 PM

Big Day Out to Burra (Sth Aust)
Three of us put up the hands to have a day off and head north from Gawler, near Adelaide South Australia. The intention was to take advantage of the good weather after a couple of warmer days, find some sweet trails, a bakery and avoid any 'incidents'.

Bikerbilly on his 950 KTM and GasmanADV on his KTM Erzberg SE agreed to accompany me on my XT660Z Tenere on this little adventure for a day.

We arranged to meet at Billy's house at 0800. Gasman rings at 0710 and says that he might be a little late as he's around Grand Junction Rd but I reckon that's only half an hour away, so no big deal. Phone calls later and Gasman has overshot Gawler and found Gomersal Rd in the Barossa Valley instead. That being the case, he does end up a few (30) mins late - see photo, with map in hand. Must admit though, the directions were complicated......"once you leave the expressway, take the first right and then the first right..

We unload the Erzberg from the trailer and gear up. First to Roseworthy for some fuel. I'm okay, having fueled at home yesterday.

Billy and I get to Roseworthy and note the absence of Gasman. I shoot back a kilometre and find him on the side of the road - out of fuel!! This is a great start.

Back to Roseworthy and a gang of blokes heading to the Simpson Desert help out with a jerry and a ride. We get Gasman going and leave there already running behind time, but no big deal, we have all day.

The guys with the jerry must have known Gasman was coming..

Billy picks up some great little tracks, many of which I haven't seen before and brings us out west of Kapunda and onto Taylors Run Rd. We ride north on this for what seemed ages, and what a ride? Up on the pegs, reasonable speed and no traffic coming the other way.

Trail and scenery shots...

We ride this for as long as we can then switch to a more easterly road north until Burra. Straight to the Cook O Burra cafe and I get a double shot coffee and a Cornish Pastie on the go.

Gasman forgot to bring money so he hunts around Burra for an ATM, while Billy and I get stuck into some carbs filled with a little bit of protein.

Gasman starts telling the story of the old days at a nearby place called Redbanks Conservation Park. I've heard about this place before but Gasman tells the stories of old bikes, all night parties and riding bikes in places that bikes shouldn't be ridden. Sounds interesting, so off we go.

Not long and we get there. Looks like it might have been a great spot back then.

Then it happens!!!!!:eek1:eek1 Gasman, in slow motion as far as I was concerned, dismounted on the right side (think about it) and he and the bike toppled over. Yes, Kipo, slow motion - I wasn't going to let one of these slo-mo opportunities pass me by again!!

He's laying there with this 230 kg monster machine restricting his movements and says that it's not hurting him, it's just difficult to move. Well, Billy jumps off his bike, on the left side, and goes to help Gasman. Right, I thought, if Billy's helping him, someone should make sure that this little incident is preserved forever on the world wide web. Yes, Adrian, I got out the camera. Sorry I lied back there but I did manage to get a shot......and here it is.

Embarrassment over, and we spend a few minutes there, while I do some field testing on my Helinox camp chair. This thing take seconds to put up and is as strong as can be, as the photo shows.

Then back to Burra and a high speed run down Old Adelaide Rd to Inspiration Lookout and I quickly notice that Gasman dismounts on the correct side this time - drats!!

Photo opportunity over we take some more great tracks back to the tar 7 kms out of Kapunda and and the dark clouds tell me that I should run for home. We agree and 30 minutes later I'm at home doing this report.

7.5 hrs of great fun, 315 kms, fantastic weather, excellent tracks (well done Billy), and apart from Gasman coming along and providing all the highlights, there were no incidents.

Thanks for the great company fellas, we must do this again.

PS Sorry Adrian....:lol3

Gateshutter 10-05-2012 12:25 AM

Photoshopped.. KTMs dont lie down .

Aussie Trev 10-05-2012 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by Gateshutter (Post 19751779)
Photoshopped.. KTMs dont lie down .

Neither did this one - it dropped down.:evil

DR Ozzy 10-05-2012 01:03 AM

Cool, looks like you had a great day out :thumb

bikerbilly 10-05-2012 01:04 AM

Had an awesome day out on the trails and some company too is always good. Thanks Trev and Adrian for a top days riding.... Its always good when its a weekday as well, beats working by a long way.......

Trev sure does come prepared

This has too fit in here somewhere.

Its got to fit together........

Rated for 140kgs you reckon Trev, I think your pushing the safe load limit there mate....:lol3

Good ride with good mates, lets not leave it to long before the next one....:D

LC4nicator 10-05-2012 01:52 AM

Crikey Adrian...... more time.........

Step 1. lower side stand on to firm section of ground.
Step 2. place all weight on LEFT Foot on the peg.
Step 3. raise & loop RIGHT Foot over motorcycle towards the rear and dismount to the LEFT.
Step 4. release hand grips from Handlebars and walk away with a casual swagger, revelling in the coolness of a perfect dismount.

KTM saw fit to not need to explain this process in their Operations Manual, however, I guess they weren't accounting for the odd TM rider stepping up and onto team orange:lol3

........and I'm gonna come over & knife those trailer tyres quick smart!:eek1

Good to see you guys out 'n about by the way.

Billy, definitely book me in on the next one mate.

Trev, that's gotta be some real Hi Tensile framework on that bum parking contraption.......where do I buy one?:lol3

Gasman_ADV 10-05-2012 02:25 AM

The lies ...the bloody Lies ...................:eek1

and you can bloody well photoshop that pic the right way up as well...............:D

I had a camera as well...................:evil

I'll be back later to set the record straight

Bloody good day out tho..........:clap

Aussie Trev 10-05-2012 03:04 PM

Hey Con, I hope you guys gave Gasman sh*t all last night. That was the intention from my perspective. Funny, funny, funny.:rofl I reckon he'll be conspiring to get me's a very big club, he'll have to join the queue. BTW,

Billy, good one, I didn't realise you were taking photos of the construction phase. I'm glad you didn't get one of me getting the material onto those arms the wrong way around. Strong chair though...

DR Ozzy, yes, another good day on the trails. cheers:clap

kipo 10-05-2012 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by bikerbilly (Post 19751844)

Hey Trev, How was the reception with that TV antenna you've got there?

Great report looks like a good day out.

EDIT: and can you either get a blue jacket or get some red pants, you're not very colour co-ordinated there fella.

Aussie Trev 10-05-2012 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by kipo (Post 19757013)
EDIT: and can you either get a blue jacket or get some red pants, you're not very colour co-ordinated there fella.

So you keep telling me! Wait for the new bike then we'll get it together.

And that's not a TV aerial, you fool, but I could get 4G for the internet.

Gasman_ADV 10-05-2012 07:13 PM

Our Quest for the Holy Grail

Rise at 5.30 (will be 5 next time jeeze)

stuffed around and overshot the turnoff to Billy's (bloody main signposting) pull up at Bill's, Trev comes bounding out with a camera pressed to his face ................a recurring theme for the day :D

"how far is it to the servo .......will I be allright" .Yep, Yep and Yep..............Nup !

about a 4 to 5 klm trip, ran out lass than a K to go, the tank was bone dry.
Trev comes back ."did you lay it over".................Farrrk its not a postie bike Trev :eek1

anyway Trev must have been thinking I was still on the TM and comes back with a full service truck and crew :clap
and 3 litres of fuel, I only put in about 1ltr as I didn't realize you paid for it, plus I had a fiver in my pocket I was going to give you for it all day.(next time)

filled up at the BP

yep thats over 30ltrs plus the litre or so in it.


Trio on the run

Bill takes us on some nice tracks .I mean how good does this look :clap

put your own caption here :D

This is gunna be sweet !!

Gasman_ADV 10-05-2012 07:31 PM

Burra for lunch

no Eftpos at Kookaburra and the pub next door is a no pokies so no real problem tho.

the boys got a touch more fuel and then its on to Rebanks

So we get there

I set in and head towards "the Oval" for a look ............turn back friends are still parked next to the sign that says............ "No Fun"................actually No motorbikes, dogs, whatever else they don't let into a National Park.........

Stopped and checked out the Vista overlooking an area near the old oval.and Trev and Bill ride up..

Trev.........."did you notice the no motorbikes sign"

here's the rub..................I then proceed to explain the National Road rules regarding Public Access to National Parks and how we were ok as long as we stayed on the road and if we crossed over the single wire fence then we would be in the National Park and breaking the law..........................I KID YOU NOT......................:clap:rofl:freaky:D:D:

Gasman_ADV 10-05-2012 07:44 PM

Trev trying to imagine what Redbanks was like in the old days .

here's a couple of blasts from the past (my bike is the TSX250 the dude with the esky full of beers was unkown to me but dropped the esky and the beers fell out as he took off and was scorned by his tough looking mates behind me .ROFL)

Remember I talked about the reeds

I didn't cry this time as we left Redbanks......:eek1

Gasman_ADV 10-05-2012 07:50 PM

Inspiration Hill I believe

Bill took us up a special route.........cheers Bill

Heading back along the range

Bill making tracks for home

Fantastic day out...............good company, good weather, good day :clap

Sol Erzenberg 10-05-2012 07:52 PM

Great ride report & photos fellas, looks like Bill took you onto some sweet trails, pretty damn jealous that I couldnt make it along yesterday, count me in for next time.

Cheers, Sol..:thumb

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