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windblown101 11-12-2012 05:01 PM

Rocks hurt when they find a soft spot.
Decided to sneek in a quick dirt bike ride on Saturday in an area called Taskers Gap which is rather notoriously rocky before I had to go to work. Riding my fairly new to me CRF250X. It's quite a bit more nimble but also twitchier than my well set up and steering damped KTM525. Was on a faster section of rocky fireroad and caught a rock with the front which threw the front one way and the rear the other and unserimoniously slammed me into the rocky road bed quicker thasn I could blink.

Took a hard shot to the ribs as I hit the deck and felt the wind escape my chest. Once the dust settled I continued to lay still for a minute doing a mental checklist of my important parts. All was good except CRAP my ribs hurt and it was hard to breath.. My riding buddies quickly gathered and got my bike upright. After a few minutes my breathing was better and I was starting to think perhaps I had just gotten the wind knocked out of me. Picked myself up and felt a crunchy clicky feeling in my lower rib cage and decided to call it a day. It was a long ride back to the truck and by the time I got there I was certain I had busted a rib.

Drove myself to the ER and after much poking, prodding, blood tests, x-rays & Cat Scans they declared two broken ribs and some blood in my urine from a bruised kidney though nothing got poked by a rib that would need any special attention. I'll be off the bike for a few weeks it looks like. All and all broken ribs aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Painful? heck yeah, but not completely debiliating like I thought they might be.


Gear - I was wearing full gear from head to toe. My torso was protected by an A-starts compression suit. Unfortunately it's one weak spot (as with much of the dirt bike gear on the market) is side rib protection and that's exactly where I took the hit. I have a couple of different under jerseys already on order that have decent side impact protection to remedy that.

Bike Set-up - I haven't gone through this bikes suspension as I should have and I'm spoiled by the KTM and it's setup suspension and damper. I'll be adding a steering damper to the 250 and going through the suspension before taking it into fast rocky sections again.

Personal Judgement: I had mentioned earlier in the day I didn't really trust the 250 as it was setup for fast rocky sections and might bail on hitting the fast rocky stuff... but I hit it anyway. It pays to listen to ones own advice...

Damage to bike and gear - Trivial. Gear held up great, I have one small tear in the side mesh of the compression suit. Some rash on the plastics, a bent right foot peg, and my left cyra guard is slightly mangled but fully functional (and did a great job protecting the clutch lever, etc).

I'll be out again soon. My only words of wisdom escpecially for us older guys that can't afford spending too much time healing is if you think your gear has a weak spot address it and don't ignore that little internal voice that has years of experiance dealing with your bad decisions. LOL.

dirtrulz 11-13-2012 11:52 AM

Buddy of mine in college wiped out on a rocky hill. He was fine but when we looked at his chest protector there was a 4 inch long gouge almost all the way through the plastic on the upper chest form a sharp rock. Can only imagine what that would have done had he not had it on.

I apparently broke three ribs in a decent crash that also broke my collarbone. The hospital didnt tell me even though I complained about it hurting. They are healed not but not correctly and now I have periodic pains and muscle problems on that side.

RBILSON 11-17-2012 07:57 PM

Windblown ,I feel your pain still healing from broken ribs myself . Was riding up at the Moto Cove outside Winchester Va . and had a 40 mph get off into some rocks 4 weeks ago today . My damage was 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung that required a three day stay with a chest tube . Had full gear on as you and landed elbow out side impact , but still greatfull for the chest protector as there is a few deep gouges in the chest and shoulder plating . It's fun to have the ribs still crunch but no wincing pain to go with it . Heal well and be one with the rocks they always win .

windblown101 11-18-2012 08:22 AM

Ouch! I was much luckier. The impact and circumstances sound about identical. Hitting on the side with Elbow/arm extended at time of impact allowing the ribs to take a direct hit. Glad to hear you're healing up!

Like you said, the ribs clunking around doesn't really hurt, just feels odd. I think mending has started already. They have been itching like crazy the last couple of days and hadn't clunked once yesterday until after a bad sneeze which I think knocked them loose again (Man sneezing sucks...Ow).

I was eyeing the dirt bike a bit today and thinking about trying some slow speed balance loops around the yard.... decided descretion is the better part of valor. Think I'll wait a bit longer.

RBILSON 11-18-2012 02:22 PM

The strange part of my injuries is that the some ribs broke front left ( behind pectoral muscle ) and the rest were just under the shoulder blade on the same side. My chest protector has a full 1pc chest and back plate so I'm thinking the impact is what busted the ribs .
On the recovery part I finally got out yesterday and today for Mountain bike ride and the bouncing and jarring did't affect the ribs at all , just don't think I could take a ground impact yet . Looking to get back on the motorcycle in the next couple of weeks .

JaxObsessed 11-19-2012 03:30 AM

Hi Windblown, you and I met a few years ago riding with DAMN>
Hate to hear of your getoff.
I am a believer in gear, but have been unimpressed with the overall protection that even the most expensive stuff gives. My paranoia has identified all the holes in protection, and there are MANY. I've really thought about just doing it myself, and taking my jackets, pants, pressure suits, gloves and boots and filling in the gaps.
Hopefully I won't look like the kid who cant put his arms down. OR.. effect the bond with the bike.
Good luck healing, that crunchy clicky feeling sucks DAMHIK

windblown101 11-19-2012 09:46 AM

Heck yeah. Good memory! That was a nice ride. I've been meaning to meander up to that watch tower countless times since then and have yet to make it. Perhaps our paths will cross again this coming year!

My new underjersey rib armor has come in and of course I had to try it on already. It was a bit tough to get back off, LOL. I'll be back in action soon.

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