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Jonesy72 11-16-2012 08:33 PM

KLR purchase advise..??
Hey all ..
Im new here ,So this will be my first post.Been doing alot of reading here and other sites. So if ive missed this or has been brought up i apologize.. Ive decided a KLR 650 is going to be my next bike.Id like to try to pick up a used bike .As i just bought a new bike a few weeks ago (RoadKing) I do like my Harleys ,But where i live theres alot of dirt that im missing riding on . and places i just cant get to on the King .
.So used is my only option.
But my question is ,on buying a used KLR , what kind of mileage on the bike should i be looking for.. Obviously less would be better but realisticly .Alot of KLR's ive seen have higher mileage.
Also should i be looking for a certain year/s .Ive read that the 08 has had some problems .Or is that something i should even be bothered with? Any other things i should be looking at on a used bike that could be problem areas?
Im also open to other bike options aswell. ?
Any hadvice would be greatly appreciated..
Thanks all

Aprilia 11-16-2012 08:59 PM

I own both a GenI and GenII with a few other bikes sprinkled around the garage. Are you looking to stay with GenII (2008+) or prefer GenI? Basically, GenII is more street oriented whereas GenI more dirt. Engines can last forever with some basic upgrades and service. Yes, early years of GenII's had/have many issues. Worse being oil burning but thats a pretty simply fix with about $400 in parts and an afternoon in your garage. I recently sold my Roadking...08 that I put a little over 36K miles on it.Welcome!

dickensheets 11-16-2012 10:00 PM

KLR is solid. I am partial to the new blackened ones for 2012. My buddy has an 09. No issues and he goes all the places my DR650 goes. The Gen 1 is what I'd shoot for in your position as you have a dedicated street machine.

Find one used and farkled and don't dwell on mileage if the machine was loved and cared for. It will be obvious.

McB 11-17-2012 05:01 AM

You'll get a million answers in as many different directions until you narrow it down. Check the forums, dealers, and craigslist ads within whatever you consider a reasonable driving distance and start narrowing it down based on what you see out there. Look at some DRs too if you're flexible. Mileage-wise, condition and maintenance start being more important than miles after a couple of years and a few thousand.

Grinnin 11-17-2012 05:11 AM


Originally Posted by dickensheets (Post 20062439)
Find one used and farkled and don't dwell on mileage if the machine was loved and cared for. It will be obvious.

I'd concentrate more on trying to see if it was cared for than what the mileage is. Any bike can be run out of oil or thrashed or parked outside for a winter or 3.

On the other hand I'd want a really good price on bikes over, say, 80,000 miles.

Blu_Vue 11-17-2012 05:52 AM

It depends...
I say it depends on budget and how long you plan to keep it. Miles aren't the absolute indicator, but they're definitely a sign of wear on things you're not going to replace easily. First one I bought was '89 and 19k mi. Low for a 20yr old machine, but sitting is aging, as with anything mechanical. 20k miles later, that one needed a top-end, was pretty spent overall but it was trying to keep up with ktm's much of it's life.

The up-side with them is, upgrades can always be transferred to the next bike (within the same generation, and some things with both earlier and later models). Do you drop your off-pavement bike?

Just look it over well, ask to see any records of services, parts, etc. Ask if it had sat idle for longer periods of time, etc.
Good luck!

Evenflo76 11-17-2012 05:57 AM

A lightly used bike can be a steal. Especially if it was well cared for, and has some aftermarket accessories.

But given the time of year (end of it) and the fact that bike sales are down, I would be out looking for a brand new bike.
I'll bet you can save 20% on a new KLR.

My local kawi/zook/yami dealer is selling it's old stock for 20-30% off. :eek:

Jonesy72 11-17-2012 11:14 AM

Thanks all for the response .gen1 might need a closer look .i also think ill be checking more into a DR650 .My cousin bought a DR650 this year and says he really likes it.But also told me hes had some problems with it. guess ill do some more compairing . dmotocross and trail riding are very popular around here. more so motocross. But id rather have more of a. Ride it to the woods .A bike that can handle trail riding and be ok in the highway. maybe im looking at the wrong bike i dont know .The trial riding i regular are tight trails to river bed sand .miles of dry Arkansas river bed mixed with trails to track . ill keep looking..
Thank again ! :freaky

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