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dvwalker 11-25-2012 09:56 PM

2012 UT/ID/OR 2300mi 11d Outback Ride via UTBDR, T2, OBDR
As a long time forum RR lurker, this will be my first attempt at a ride report. As will be obvious, I’m not a professional blogger or vendor sponsored rider, just a normal working stiff that loves to ride dirt and has been inspired by several inmates on this forum.

During winter of 2011, I learned about Touratech’s plan to conceive a 800 mile Utah Backcountry Discovery Route, known as the UTBDR. The red rock formations of southern Utah have always held a special place in my heart growing up watching the old american westerns. Following a Washington Backcountry Discovery (WABDR) ride the previous fall, I was immediately interested and began spending spare winter hours in Garmin Basecamp and Google Earth drafting out an interesting one-way off road route from southern Utah back to Portland, OR.

The primary planned route segments would be comprised of available tracks from Touratech’s UTBDR and Martin’s Tour of Idaho’s T2 and ORBDR. I also wanted to include visits to the B-24 crash site near Denio Jct NV (inspired by Hodakaguy), and various hotspring's in OR. Now, I just needed to join the segments with interesting connectors, side trips, gas, camping, etc

The Plan:
  • Sept 10th 2012 start (after the kids are back in school, desert heat has cooled, and bugs are less plenty)
  • 11 days
  • 2300 + miles (Mexican Hat Utah to Portland OR)
  • 2 bikes
  • Possible tire change in Pocatello ID
  • split camping and hoteling

The Route Map: (GPS file download instructions in post #5)

dvwalker 11-25-2012 09:59 PM

Introductions – The Crew Dale (aka dvwalker) Tom (aka BackCountryCruizer)

When I pitched this route idea to my ridding buddy Tom (BackCountryCruizer) in Winter of 2011, he was onboard from our first email exchange. Over the winter, I shared countless route versions containing new side trips and interesting sites along the way.

I first rode with Tom back in the mid 90’s on dirt bike day rides in the Oregon coast range with mutual riding friends. I was a newbie dirt rider at the time and Tom was old seasoned trials rider. I was grasshopper and he was the master, cat like in this riding prowess, I quickly learned to watch and observe. Over many years of riding, my comfort and skill level for dirt riding begin to narrow with his. Our common bond is the love of riding which has stayed constant till present day.

In 2009 we rode much of published CDR track over a 2wk period. This was our first multi-day trip and we learned a ton. What to pack and what not to pack, GPS navigation, ride spacing, mutual trust, communication, establishing our daily rhythm of unpacking/packing, gas, food and shelter. We had a great time. Also learned the limitations of the bigger heavy bikes on technical terrain, I was on a bmw f800gs and Tom on a ktm 950. On our way back home to Portland OR, we entered a dualsport event by Bend Dualsport staged at Diamond Lake Resort, near Crater lake OR. As we began to meet the other event riders, we noticed all the other bikes were light weight plated dirt bikes. Turns out we did okay on the big ~400+lb bikes, primarily because we were both in excellent riding condition at that point in time…

After returning back to Portland in fall of 2009, we both sold the big bikes for lighter go anywhere variants.

In 2010, we completed a 7day 1000mi loop trip from Bend OR combining route sections using the western OBDR and NV/OR TAT. This route was a lot more technically challenging than the CDR, and in the end fed our hunger for even more of this style of riding.

In 2011, our adventure riding had to be downsized into two 3 day short trips. We completed a 3 day trip of the eastern/central ORBDR, and a 3 day ride of the WABDR. Primarily, due to limited vacation time and family demands.

dvwalker 11-25-2012 10:03 PM

Introductions - The Bikes

The bike I will be riding is the 09 Yamaha WR250R. Like many others on this forum, inspired me to buy this amazing little bike. I tossed around riding my newest steed, a new KTM 350exc, but common sense finally prevailed. The Yamaha was the perfect ride choice for this type of trip (for me).

WR250R mod highlights are:
• Rebuilt front/rear shocks to match rider/load weight and more technical terrain
• Seat by Seat Concepts
• Dunlop D606 front, Pirelli MT21 front
• Safari Gas Tank (3.5 US gal, ~225 mile range)
HDB cockpit/hand guards with 2 ½ risers and 12v powerlet
• Direct powered Montana GPS
• Heated grips
Giant Loop Coyote luggage
• Double-take mirrors
• Ricochet skid plate
• Weight reduction diet (removing unwanted OEM bits)
• New front/rear sealed wheel bearings
• Lots of other small bits…
Unlike my KTM, the WR250R comes with good night time driving light and high output stator (~350w) from the factory.

Tom will be riding a 2010 KTM 690r. Very short list of mods (other bike build bits he can share):
• Lynx fairing and HID lights from Britannia composities
• Direct powered Montana GPS
• Seat by Seat Concepts
• Skid plate
• Jerican fuel bladder (1.8 US gal)
• Giant Loop Coyote luggage
• Wolfman tank bag

Tom’s bike had an estimated range of approx. 170 miles, 120 miles with the factory tank plus an extra 50 miles with the fuel bladder. This is conservative miles to minimize running the FI pump dry. Tom’s 690r is the weak link in the gas range department, but range wouldn't be an issue on this trip.

dvwalker 11-25-2012 10:08 PM

And so we begin
Lots of last minute bike and packing prep.

Finally on morning of Sat Sept 8th, I road my loaded bike the short 30 mile distance over to Tom’s house, near Canby OR, where we placed the bikes and luggage onto a small tow trailer, and started making our way in Tom’s truck towards our route start point at Goosenecks Start Park in southern Utah.

We decided to layover near Salt Lake City for a good night’s rest, and plus I had access to a fancy timeshare on the cheap. This would provide a final good dose of luxury pampering for the sleepy vehicle occupants.

Tom’s sister (Sally) and friend (Kim) were along for the ride and volunteered to drive the vehicle back to Portland. Their plan was to take two weeks for the return and car camp their way back home on the cheap. This was a win-win situation, so Tom and I split the round trip vehicle petrol bill (~$900), small price to pay for an epic 11days on the trail.

Sunday (Sept 9th) morning we left Salt Lake for the final vehicle leg to Goosenecks Start Park. As we got closer to southern Utah and begin seeing red rock formations everyone got jazzed and started to awake from their highway haze. We pulled into Goosenecks around 5pm full of vigor and setup our overnight camp.
setting up camp goosenecks
San Juan River

As destiny and fate would have it, these French maidens joined our camp shortly after arriving for security, and would help provide good fortune on our trip. In broken English and my poor French, we learned one was a doctor in training and the other a physical therapist fresh off a plane from France. These adventuress souls were starting a four week car camping tourist trip of the southwest.

Next up day 1…

dvwalker 11-26-2012 01:13 AM

GPS file
GPS file for this ride

Is here:
Right click on the correct file----and click "Save Link As"----and save it to your computer--then you can open it up.

If you have trouble with this--------email me and I'll send it to you. No PM's for this---email is much easier.

It has separate unfiltered track logs for each days riding.

BigDogs patented waypoint legend:
G is gas
F is food
L is lodging

Baja Ho 11-26-2012 10:04 AM

Looks like a good one, standing by for more. :lurk

BackCountryCruizer 11-26-2012 06:24 PM

Tom will be riding a 2010 KTM 690r. Very short list of mods (other bike build bits he can share):
• Lynx fairing and HID lights
• Direct powered Montana GPS
• Seat by Seat Concepts
• Skid plate
• Rotopax 1gal extra tank
• Giant Loop Coyote luggage
• Wolfman tank bag
FMF Q4 slip-on
Twin Air filter

Tom’s bike had an estimated range of approx. 150 miles, 120 miles with the factory tank plus an extra 30 miles with the rotopax. This is conservative miles to minimize running the FI pump dry. Tom’s 690r is the weak link in the gas range department.[/QUOTE]

Cannonshot 11-26-2012 06:27 PM

This looks like a great ride. Looking forward to your report.

refokus 11-26-2012 08:13 PM

I'm ready for the report, this should be good.

Blaise W 11-26-2012 08:14 PM

:deal Bring it on!

dvwalker 11-26-2012 08:41 PM

Day 1: Monday, Sept 10th,2012
Goosenecks State Park UT to Buckboard campground UT – 195 miles

Very windy camp night exposed out on the rim of the Goosenecks. Tents were shaking and rattling, all kinds of fabric noises, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Finally, the morning light rescued each of the tent occupants. Still windy even at 6am.

After our normal routine of morning coffee and instant oat meal, Tom and I dove into our final packing. Each successive packing day seems to get exponentially easier, the bits fall into place and find their niche in the packs, but on day one it’s always a bit of struggle to get reacquainted.

GPS’s online, bikes ready, set go….The detailed plan included head north, enjoy the amazing scenery, find a place to eat lunch, get gas, then figure out a camp or lodging spot later in the evening. repeat...

Flashmo 11-26-2012 08:53 PM


dvwalker 11-26-2012 09:08 PM

First up
From Goosenecks park we headed up hwy 163 a couple of miles to the Valley of the Gods turn off. Not too far after, the Seven Sailors and other formations were waiting…Good way to start out a morning

I believe these are called Setting Hen. I really like this pic of Tom.

lots of picture taking thru this section

The valley of the gods has an excellent graded road that goes between hwy 163 to the east and hwy 261 to the west. Halfway in between, we ran into a couple gents from Tennessee on a long road bike ride. These guys were a kick to chat with, sorry no pics..

The vast expanse, tired of red yet?

dvwalker 11-26-2012 09:36 PM

Moki Dugway
I recall one of the locals talking about Moki Dugway during a food/gas stop in Blanding, and how they wouldn’t be caught out after dark driving this road. Tom and I had no idea what they were talking about at the time.

Leaving the valley of the gods road, you’re dumped out on this harmless looking pavement. The sign is a giveaway that something a little bit different looms ahead…

Apparently this jewel of a graded gravel road was built in 1958 for trucks hauling uranium ore according to the USGS website

Next up, morning sand...

dvwalker 11-26-2012 10:30 PM

Snow Flats Road
After a casual and relaxing morning stroll thru the valley of the gods and putting up to Moki Dugway overlook, we were not quite ready for what was coming next.

We soon found ourselves going south east on Snow Flats rd.

Finding small easy steps, hard rock base and overlooks along the way

Then bam, about 4 or 5 miles before snow flats meets US 191, it turns to sand. Tom and I had a quick re-introduction trying to get our riding legs working again with fully loaded bikes. No drops, but definitely in first day survival mode, a couple gopro images. Also have some video, but will wait and post that up later in day 1.

Next up Butler Wash...

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