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spacekadet 12-25-2012 10:08 PM

Windows 8 phone recommendations?
Anybody done some remote area navigating with a Windows Phone 8 and got recommendations? I'm looking for something that can save and load GPX tracks.

I just loaded three from the app store and I'm not very impressed. One has no metric option, so that lasted only a few seconds before "uninstall". With he next one I could find no method of actually loading a track (and there's no help on the web site).

GPX Pathfinder is the most promising so far. I was able to create a log and also load one, but the whole of the New Zealand track that I loaded is about 20 km too far east. I used Google Maps, but it also supports Bing and Open Streets. Surely that would not make any difference anyway? It's not going to be useful if the loaded file does not agree with the maps :(

For what it's worth, Sports Tracker is the best route logging software I've found. It records route, speeds and altitude superimposed on Goggle maps. Logs can be uploaded to its web site and "shared". Even if the required map is not installed, you can still view the route on a map after uploading. However it cannot load a route or navigate, so it's only half of the solution.


spacekadet 12-27-2012 11:35 AM

Obviously Windows phone is not a popular choice for navigating :(

I'm trying a few options. I will report back when I have a result.

dvwalker 12-29-2012 10:12 AM

gpx viewers on win 8
no there's interest...still early but promising. I do not have a win 8 phone yet but I've been playing around a bit with various metro map apps on my win 8 pc. No field tests. The cool thing about Win 8 is it finally starts to blur the line between software running on a PC or phone :clap....

growing list of gpx track viewers in the map store

I uploaded a large 8k track point GPX file into Map Pro by jujuba and it worked.

On the PC side, I have all the required basecamp and mapsource application files copied to a portable SD card so that I can plug into any PC when on the road and fire up either app (see this post). Same concept may work on the phone if you copy over the required files. Screen size might be a challenge.

Twohondas 12-30-2012 01:41 PM

I just picked up a Lumina 822 for XMAS. So far just getting the hang of it. You could put extra maps on the microSD card which I think can be up to 32 gig.

Looks like the GPX Viewer will do the trick. Garmins Windows app may work as well. But I am still a ways from using this app which was designed for Windows Phone 7 I guess.

I never intended WP8 for the primary MC Navigation as I have a Zumo (crap for following archived tracks though). I wanted a backup nav system and a way to get weather on the road.

First trip complete. But still learning!

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