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Bacon_Grease 12-27-2012 12:22 PM

Lost Luggage - Tell the truth
How many of ya'll have lost luggage off the back of your bike? :rofl

mwzl 12-27-2012 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Bacon_Grease (Post 20339016)
How many of ya'll have lost luggage of the back of your bike? :rofl

I lost a calculator that slipped out of the bag.

Mr_Gone 12-27-2012 12:29 PM

Not that I, personally, am admitting to anything. But I know this guy not me, you understand who lost the contents of his right sidecase somewhere in South Dakota, on my FJR. I mean, his FJR. The sidecase popped open and the bag should have been strapped in, but wasn't.

Bacon_Grease 12-27-2012 12:37 PM

Yeah, I had a buddy riding an old '85 Ironhead from San Francisco to Wilmington, NC back in the 96. Dumb bastard lost a tool roll, a jacket, a wool blanket and who knows what else on that trip. I've gotten better over the years, thankfully. I mean HE got better over the years...

Man, I miss that bike. Just not enough to buy another one...

Mgbgt89 12-27-2012 12:38 PM

I lost a can of chain lube after it bounced out of my milk crate going over some rail road tracks.

I also lost a set of brand new harbor freight allen wrenches out of the same milk crate while I was inside a liquor store. I hope the guy that stole them rounds out whatever bolt he uses them on.

pretbek 12-27-2012 12:47 PM

I lost a top case. Luckily it did not contain anything valuable.

It was a cheapie Bestem, which didn't lock down very well because the mounting plate was warped.
Now I know what it should feel like to properly lock down the (new Bestem) top case.

JimVonBaden 12-27-2012 02:43 PM

Never any luggage, but my tank bag popped off once!

Jim :brow

the_sandman_454 12-27-2012 02:52 PM

Not luggage, but I lost a 2L bottle of Mt. Dew. Went for a quick ride to try finding it since I was thirsty, and in need of caffeine, but it was nowhere to be found.

DADODIRT 12-27-2012 02:56 PM

I lost a tent off an old suziki dirt bike.
It was a good loss though. I was meeting with some friends and had an excuse to climb into a tent with a cutie.

Mr Bags 12-27-2012 03:14 PM

Back in the day I went stealth camping in northern WI. Down a fire road than off on a trail . The next morning I went into town leaving my entire camp set up. Met up with some friends and did some trail riding . That afternoon I couldn't find the trail back to my camp .Looked for hours....Never did find it.

AviatorTroy 12-27-2012 04:15 PM

I lost a Camelback off the back of my KLR the day I got it. The water bag that is.

Cogswell 12-27-2012 04:28 PM

Lost a hard bag off my R100RS coming home late one night many moons ago, after a night of :1drink

Retraced my route the next day and never did find it...


DAKEZ 12-27-2012 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by Bacon_Grease (Post 20339016)
How many of ya'll have lost luggage of the back of your bike? :rofl

**off** [klay]

I use ROK Straps. I don't lose shit. :D

concours 12-27-2012 05:20 PM

I lost a six pack off the back of my XS1100 back in '82, after riding 25 miles from a town (Pottsboro, TX) in a dry county to get some brew, I guess it wasn't meant to be:1drink

DaveStockwell 12-27-2012 05:25 PM

Never lost a thing in 32 years but I have been accused of excessive use of bungy cords all my life.

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