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ryguy83 12-28-2012 11:20 PM

-= TR650 Terra-Owners Please Respond =-
I know there a couple of threads,but i had to ask for myself,im really into getting this bike come spring,was gonna go wr250r,but decided i wanted the tr650 uhmm the minute i seen it.I would be doing more street,so seems right.I just wanted anyone who owns the bike to chime in on your reviews,likes,dislikes and anything else about the bike.
I literally have read Every review of this bike through google,ya know like; "dirtride", "motorcycle-usa","cycleworld","ridemagazine" and everyone of them had nothing bad to say about this bike,not one thing,i think one mentioned something about the gearbox being its only dislike,but nothing to serious about it.Other than that they all really praised the bike for what its intended for,good commuter,everyday bike.please include some pics if you can,that would be sweet.thank you


Ol'NumNuts 12-28-2012 11:33 PM

I'm not an owner- just like you actually,
But I wondered if you read the couple of threads you mentioned...

Quite a few owners have already written some pretty lengthy reviews and frankly I think you're asking a lot for them to repeat those reviews here...

There are a couple of other places you can get owners reviews such as Tr650 page and even Cafe Husky where several owners have written lengthy reviews and trip logs...

Good Luck- I'm down in Australia and the Terra's have only just begun appearing in dealers in the last couple of weeks...

ryguy83 12-28-2012 11:42 PM

ok thanks,ill definitely read those other websites,i never knew about them till now,thanks!

also i kinda flew through the thread on here, bc its sooo long,and everytime i went to read a page it was just talking about some singled out thing,couldnt find a good review from a rider yet.Im gonna go back and look,just got to much a.d.d going on right now,to excited about this bike..hehehe, but ayways,i dont think im asking tomuch if any tr650 terra owners still wanna throw me there .02 without bothering anyone,they can reply or not.easy peasy,japaneasy.


Scott_PDX 12-30-2012 10:52 PM

Assume you've seen the Big Dog's reports...

TerraCzar 01-10-2013 04:48 PM

Well, I have only had it a week, 200 miles so far. Just filled up, went 152 miles, put in 3.3 gallons, getting 46 mpg. That's doing the old school break in, full throttle to 5K, then release throttle, decel, then downshift and engine braking. Some short hops to 80mph. Mileage will improve once broken in.

I came from a 2012 KLR650. Put 6k miles on it in 5 months, all commuting. Comparing those two bikes I like the KLR tank size for commuting, but like the TR tank for placement which helps handling. Overall, the TR beats it in every aspect. Handling, braking, acceleration, power, etc. The KLR is a great bike, the TR just kind of continues the dual sport style forward.

The negatives, or dislikes vs. the KLR for me are:

Smaller fuel tank=more frequent fill ups
Seat seems a little firmer, it may just be the suspension is more firm, which I like.
No handgaurds, ordered from dealer

I crashed my KLR, otherwise I would still have it. I looked at the Terra, and loved it, read reviews, sounded good. I really like the bike, and am happy with my purchase. I'll be putting about 15K miles a year on it, so time will tell.

darylnj 01-10-2013 05:16 PM

haven't gotten to a dealer yet either the terra or klr
is there as much seat room as the klr? or is it more like a dr
can you ride 2 up?

bigkatie 01-11-2013 09:14 AM

Look at page 89 of the other thread. Highfive gives a great real world review. I took one out for a test ride on 1/9/13 and was very impressed with the initial feel of the bike. Very light feeling compared to my KLR and it does not feel top heavy in the least. I will be buying one in the spring for sure. It is one of those bikes that when you ride it ,it leaves a lasting first impression .. The only other bikes that did that for me out of all the ones I have had in 40 plus years was a 1974 Husky 125wr and a 2005 KTM 200exc..I only rode it for 25 minutes on the street but could tell immediately it was for me.It really does just feel right.Good luck in your choice!


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