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sideup 12-31-2012 04:24 PM

Safari Tanks / Canister 3rd hose
My Christmas present was a set of Safari Fuel Tanks for my 2011 990 R.
Other than enlarging the base plate holes in my fuel pump to align with the not so perfect brass inserts in the tank every thing is looking good.
I have one question of the vent routing. Based on the advice below on the Halls of Wisdom I don't really want to (need to) do the SAS removal.
The directions on the Safari Tank page refers to Fig. #'s that are not included in the directions but it's pretty basic except for what do I do with the hose 3rd hose that was routed to the canister. (Two hoses come from the tanks.) By the diagram on Halls of wisdom the third hose goes to a single electric valve control by the ECU that goes to the engine manifold vacuum.

Should I just tee it together with the other two vent hoses from the tank vented to atmosphere or should I just vent it to atmosphere by its self up under the speedo? It seems that the canister might have created a dry break so fuel could not enter that system to the electric valve.

Thanks in Advance for the advice.

From the Halls of Wisdom KTM section:

The 990's (Adventure, Super Duke, and Supermoto):

Being fuel injected, they don't have carb bowls to vent, so just the tanks use the canister.
Tanks plumbed to the canister with a "T".
Single electric valve, controlled by the ECU, connects the canister to engine manifold vacuum into both manifolds when engine is running.
Tanks are vented through the canister (bypassing the charcoal filter) and into the intake manifolds via the electric valve when engine is running, and through the canister charcoal filter to atmosphere when off.
Canister is purged by engine vacuum when engine was running.
When the electric valves for the SLS and the Canister are removed the ECU will sense this and illuminate the FI warning light in the instrument panel. FastEddy760 documented a procedure for tricking the ECU so it doesn't turn on the FI light when the two valves are removed:
990 Error Code Bypass.
*** 2010 and Later Adventure 990 and 990R:*** As of early 2011 we haven't had any reports of issues with the canister on these bikes. Some have even proclaimed the issue mute. So, until we get more data, I will advise owners of these newer models to ride them as delivered from the factory until issues of uneven tank feeding, gasoline geysers, and poor running associated with flooded canisters or pinched fuel tank vent lines show themselves. If you are the owner of a 2010 or later 990 Adventure please report any issues that come up pertaining to the fuel tanks or canister either to the Webmaster or at on the Orange Crush forum."

Alleycatdad 01-01-2013 07:55 AM

Can't help ya but I've got a set of these sitting in my entryway still in boxes for my 2010, which still has the SAS and canister, also based on the, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule. Interested in what you find out!



sideup 01-01-2013 04:45 PM

Plugged It.
After an e-mail from another forum member. It seemed the best two options were : 1) Leave the 3rd hose in place and plug it. or 2) Extend the 3rd hose up under the Speedo and put a small air filter on it.

Trying all three lines together and venting just didn't sound like a good idea.
Today I vented the two fuel tank lines together and ran the line down to the skid plate area. On the 3rd vacuum line I took option 1 and plugged it in place.

Took a hour ride today. The bike ran great. It seemed to run better now than when the canister was in place, but it could have been the nice 34 degree air temp. and I haven't ridden for a month. Seems to be working fine with this method.

Alleycatdad 01-02-2013 07:21 AM

Sounds great!

I can' wait to unpack mine, and the boss is getting antsy about getting the boxes outta the house, but we just moved before the holidays and it's been nuts.

It's hard to get TOO excited since I have a solid 1-3" of ice all the way up my sloping driveway outside the garage as well.:puke1
Looking like it might be there until June at this rate as well, I didn't realize when we bought the house that that portion of the driveway gets no direct sunlight in the wintertime at all.

Thanks for the follow-up!


catalina38 01-03-2013 07:55 PM

Tanks came yesterday and they aren't as big as I expected:clap:clap
Good to hear that plugging the line worked out.

HellSickle 01-03-2013 09:18 PM

Just plug them all and you should be fine.

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