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John65 01-12-2013 11:22 AM

TET-S Georgia Section
Over the past few years, Larry (my ridin partner) and I have made lots of trips,
TAT - first 400 miles which was almost 1000 miles including trip from Chattanooga to Jellico and then from Mile 400 back to Chattanooga, where we had parked truck & trailer
Talladega NF - including trip from home and back home was 900+
Apalachicola NF - several trips down there. I think we have covered every inch of the western part
Trip to Louisiana Bayou country 1400 miles
Natchez Trace - 1300 mile ride
2nd TAT trip (from mile 400) to middle of Arkansas. - this trip included Alabama portion of TET-S - 1700 miles
3 days around Tellico Plains
and many more. and I've read lots and lots of Fantastic ride reports, but until a few days ago, I never tried to write one.

Let me tell you, It's a PITA,,, I now have GREAT respect for DrRock, Colebatch, BigDog and many others
But,,,, it does let you re-live some fun times

SO, I'm gonna try one more

The first one was TET-s Florida section -

John65 01-12-2013 11:25 AM

On most of my (& Larry's) trips, we encounter some kind of problem with “Mr Garmin”. I have the el-cheapo model GPS (Nuvi 500), so I can't turn off re-routing. And some roads don't exist in 'Garmin Maps'. On this trip, I got smart(er) and built an overlay map with the TET-S track on it, so now when it re-routes while I'm not looking, I'll know it, cause it won't be following my RED line on the map.
This is probably the best thing I've done to help deal with Garmin problems.
Now, on with the story....
This is the entire loop we rode in 3 different trips, one for Al section, one for Florida Section, and this one for Georgia Section

John65 01-12-2013 11:32 AM

Day 1
starts from Donalsonville Ga. We take a route I put together to get us back to Screven Ga, where we left the route in August.

Route for today

Since I got the GoPro, I don't take many still shots, so most all photos you see will be Video Capture.

I didn't get any video on the way to Screven, but I should have. We got on a couple of roads that had sand deeper than anything I ever saw in Florida except for maybe a couple of the beaches. and somehow they managed to FLUFF this sand so you wheels sunk about 6 inches into it

I would have turned on the camera, but there's only 2 ways to do it.
1- take your hand off the grip.
2- stop and turn it on, and I wasn't going to do either. I was afraid to slow down, dam sure wasn't going to stop..
anyway, we get back on the route

photos start just north of Screven This area is mostly dirt, long straight sandy roads

Turkey huntin without a gun

as long as you stay in the tracks, sand's not too bad

and they say we don't have enough prison space

Long, Straight

and sandy

They don't waste any farm land on ditches and right-of-ways

Peanut pickin' time
We only had to go about a quarter mile on this rd

When you got deep sand and washboard rds, it gets interesting

Old tobacco drying barn
We got a motel in Statesboro

BigDogAdventures 01-12-2013 11:39 AM

Lookin' forward to following your ride. I've only ridden a small portion of the TET-----so it will be nice to see your ride.

Man---that sand looked pretty tough---can't let your guard down for a second in that stuff.

I agree on the map overlay---------man that has opened up a new world for me too.

I'm going to Baja in a few days and I have about 130 tracks logs in the map image---a huge help. I could nave never loaded that many tracks till I learned about the map overlay thing. I'm using gpx2img to do it. Best $20 I ever spent. Dr. Rock taught me this on the Mobius 10.

Now on--with your story !!!!


John65 01-12-2013 12:01 PM

OK BigDog, here' some more
Day 2 starts from Statesboro Ga
Route for today

Roads are same as yesterday, but except for “Sand Beds”, not as much sand as day 1

Old water powered Grist Mill.
My family used to own one similar to this

Howards Mill

Old Cotton Picker

100 miles north of Screven GA, we enter Screven County

Now, back into some that will keep your attention

And some pretty roads
and the first thing that looks like a hill

Nuclear plant somewhere around here. We got one of these at home too

Hey, another hill

Yep, we found the nuclear power plant, The Vogtle plant has 2 units operating and 2 more under construction

International Paper Co, Augusta Newsprint mill

We stopped in Augusta for lunch and filled up with Petrol for $3.38/gl Rode 3 miles across the River
into SC and everywhere we looked, it was $2.99.
Most roads in SC were paved, but had some pretty good scenery.
Most creeks we saw were dry or almost dry, same as in SW Georgia

Lakes too

Finally get to a dirt road

More photos of SC. The dirt roads don't have 'Ditches' like we usually see. The roads have a high crown and taper off to an embankment. Works very well, we didn't hit any washouts.

Need 10" ground clearance for this log,,,, we had 9 1/2

Old Charleston Road

Back in GA, arrive at Hartwell

Let me say; Any road, especially a dirt road is a 'Good Road' as long as you're straddling 2 wheels
BUT,,,,, the best thing about day 1 and day 2 is that it gets us to DAY 3
which will be along shortly

John65 01-12-2013 12:33 PM

Day 3
Day 3 – It was a 'Very Good Day'

Started out paved from Hartwell, but not too long. Today we go back into SC, back to GA, and into NC

First dirt – Black Mountain road

Then Brasstown rd

At the end of Brasstown rd, we come across this restaurant
looks closed, but there's a really nice lady outside burning trash, so we stop. She says they only open a couple days a week (at night), but she's got a pot of coffee on, and we're welcome to come in and have a cup, so we do. She also gave us some breakfast pastries.

While we're there, she's telling us about a couple who came through a few days back on a BMW (car)
They told her the GPS had put them on the BT road and they couldn't turn around, so they came all the way thru. She said they looked exhausted.
She wouldn't take any payment, so we just left the money on the table when we departed

John65 01-12-2013 12:48 PM

More mountain rds
Then Pool Creek road
starts out paved

but soon turned to dirt. This was another Good Road

Then Hale Ridge Road – another good road... Hell, there ain't no bad roads up here!!!
Air conditioned Church. Looks like they may just hold funeral services here

Rest stop on Hale Ridge

Now Larry's ready to conquer the world, or at least this trail anyway

continuing on Hale Ridge

Back on pavement, we're entering NC

Rabun Branch road

Then we head back south on Dillard road, and it's about lunch:30,

After Dillard, the first dirt is Patterson Gap rd & guess what? It's another good road

John65 01-12-2013 12:55 PM

more Patterson Gap
Lesson #84 on posting,,,, you can't edit what you put into the 'Title'
Patterson Gap runs into Tallulah River Road, partly paved, some loose gravel, and a little dirt
Looks like they're replacing all the bridges on this road with 2 lane bridges.

On this trip, even with the overlay map, I still figured out a way to screw up...
We're supposed to cross the Tallulah River at this point onto the Sandy Bottom / Charlies Creek Road
Do you see a road on the other side?

To the left is another little road down to the river
nothing there either, so we discuss it for a minute and Larry reiterates what a pisspore navigator I am, an I guess he's right again, cause the camera saw the road when I couldn't
can you see the trail on the other side?

John65 01-12-2013 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by (Post 20465658)
Lookin' forward to following your ride. I've only ridden a small portion of the TET-----so it will be nice to see your ride.

Man---that sand looked pretty tough---can't let your guard down for a second in that stuff.

I agree on the map overlay---------man that has opened up a new world for me too.

I'm going to Baja in a few days and I have about 130 tracks logs in the map image---a huge help. I could nave never loaded that many tracks till I learned about the map overlay thing. I'm using gpx2img to do it. Best $20 I ever spent. Dr. Rock taught me this on the Mobius 10.

Now on--with your story !!!!


BAJA,,,, man, you make me drool...

John65 01-12-2013 01:13 PM

Anyhow, movin on
we backtrack down to the 'Big Bike Bypass' and continued on.

Met this guy while backtracking (hindsight will come into play)

I had looked at Charlies Creek Road in Google Earth and really wanted to ride it, so we decided to ride it from the other end (West to East).
Charlies Creek Road starts off by climbing 800 ft in about ¾ mile. That's only 20% avg grade, but when you throw in the 5% grade sections,,,,,,,

West end of Charlies Creek rd

Met these riders 'bout ½ way,

They said they didn't see a way across the river either, but asked a local how to cross, (yellow suzuki maybe), OK, Larry was right

Movin on
an it just continues like this......

an we get to the Tallulah River, simple huh!

Larry hit a big, slick rock in the river, so when he gets to other bank, he quickly grabs his camera to get a shot of me fallin' in that COLD! water... Forgot to mention.... morning temps on this trip were high 30's
an I ALMOST accommodate him

Remember how good hindsite is,,,,, Why didn't we turn around an ride it E > W, it would have be a totally different ride from the W > E that we did
anyhow, we take the BBB again and go on to Hiawassee to get a room.

Glenda [timetrax], who is my real navigator called and said that all rooms in Hiawassee were $100+, (and she didn't give me enough allowance to cover that), so we ride on into NC near Hayesville and get a really nice room at Deerfield Inn for $70

When we're on these trips, usually about 6PM, my travel coordinator, Glenda[timetrax] calls and says "You 2 dumasses do know that it's almost dark and you're heading away from any form of lodging, don't you", and of course then she tells us which way to turn to get to a motel. Spot is a good thing to have. She uses it to keep us out of any REALLY BIG messes

rhino_adv 01-12-2013 01:58 PM

enjoying the ride report!!


toolguy1 01-12-2013 03:05 PM

Good stuff guys.......keep it coming. :clap

Great pics!!

John65 01-12-2013 03:27 PM

Day 4
the blue lines are Big Bike Bypasses around some of the technical stuff

Day 4 starts just south of Hiawassee on hiway 17 for a few miles and we turn onto Wilks Road, a good bike road.and it climbs to the ridge of Blue mountain, follows ridge for awhile and then crosses Chattahoochee River,
vidcaps from Wilks Rd

This is Saturday, so lots of campers/hikers... bet they would've give me a cup of coffee if I could have got Larry to stop.

Chattahoochee River, I live about 5 miles from this river in south Ga, and it's a wee bit bigger than this down there

Then we turn onto Poplar Stump road, follow ridge line a little further and then follow the Chattahoochee into Helen Ga.
morning sun turned everything to Gold


continuing on Poplar Stump

Here, Poplar Stump joins back up with the Chattahoochee river

and follows it on into Helen Ga

John65 01-12-2013 03:44 PM

From Helen
we ride a couple miles and hit hiway 348 (Richard B Russel Scenic Hiway), very scenic and Crooked paved road
google earth view of RBR hiway

a few vidcaps from RBR

Off this hiway, we hit Hatchett Creek rd I THINK, I did a poor job of labeling my video along here,
but whatever it is, it was good ridin'

Then it's Wolfpen Gap rd - Blacktop, but Crooked, so it's good

Coopers Creek rd starts off paved, but once you're past the houses, it turns to loose gravel

Flat Creek / Flatland Roads. I couldn't tell where one ended and the other began, so here's a
BUNCH of vidcaps These 2 and Charlies Creek were FUN-FUN-FUN...
I guess you can tell from the number of vidcaps from these 2 roads that I LIKED 'EM... if I lived in this area I'd ride these everyday just for exercise
I had read on some threads somewhere (don't remember where), that there was signs and gates and such on this road, but we didn't see anything..
DISCLAIMER: I didn't take my eyes off the road much.
One of the things that made these roads so exciting was that the fallen leaves hid lots of holes and big rocks, so at least in November, you better pay attention to where you're going...

BackRoadNomad 01-12-2013 04:35 PM

Great Ride Report
Enjoyed perusing your report and viewing the accompanying photos. Got to get down there myself very soon.

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