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masterbrewer 03-04-2013 08:56 PM

DRTrev's Inaugural Retirement Midweek Ride

Well the rewards have finally come & by the end of the day he was smiling just like his inaugural "Flinders Classic" way back in 2008, but without the pain killers :lol3

DRTrev's Inaugural Retirement Midweek Ride

The Tour Guide's Brief : Please select from the following options :deal

1. Pace: ( A) Smell the Roses (ie take lots of photos) ..... (B) Dust the roses (ie only a few action shots) ..... (C) F%#*k the roses (ie Let's ride)

2. Sustenance: (A) Morning tea only ..... (B) Morning Tea + Lunch ..... (C) Lunch only

3. Destination: (A) Bakery only ..... (B) Bakery + pub ..... (C) Pub only ..... (D) Devonshire Tea Rooms

4. Bedtime (ie back in the big smoke by...) : (A) 2pm ..... (B) 3pm ..... (C) 4pm ..... (D) 5pm

PS don't forget your seniors card :D


Originally Posted by DRTrev (Post 20856154)
BBBB (or any variation) and 'got it'.



Originally Posted by DRTrev (Post 20857573)
........ as it turns out, two of the three participants so far are self appointed official photographers.......with cred.:evil


Originally Posted by Sundowner (Post 20859513)

1. Pace: (C) F%#*k the roses (ie Let's ride)

2. Sustenance: (B) Morning Tea + Lunch .....

3. Destination: (B) Bakery + pub .....

4. Bedtime (ie back in the big smoke by...) : (D) 5pm

Don't expect a tip, m'kay.


more to come ................... plus comments from the man himself, after he fights his way through mid-week traffic home :D

PBee 03-04-2013 09:33 PM

Ohh Yeah!:lurk

Aussie Trev 03-04-2013 09:41 PM

Just home after small adventures between Lobethal and home seeking tracks, not much on offer unfortunately. Bloody workers on their way to work this morning and on their way home this afternoon slowed me down considerably. PITA I reckon. Just about to sooth the bones in the shower whilst the photos load up. More later.

masterbrewer 03-04-2013 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by DRTrev (Post 20867862)
................................ Just about to sooth the bones in the shower

Don't you wished you'd retired earlier :D

Aussie Trev 03-04-2013 11:23 PM

Being retired, I was able to put some time into prepping the bike yesterday. Got up this morning and kitted up for the ride to Belair and remembered that it took about 65 minutes last time I did it. What I forgot was that was on a Sunday!!!!!

Those bloody inconsiderate workers clogged up all the roads along the way and no matter where I tried to gain an advantage with a short-cut they had me beat. I started to get a little worried that MB might consider me a non starter if I ws late until I saw him stuck in traffic also trying to make his way to Belair......relief!

Met up with Graham, Sundowner and MB at the BP and the master map reader worked out a track for us. A little bitumen first and a major distraction to MB as the two teenage school girls wearing short skirts came into his vision, I thought he was going to crash the TDM, but no, that was to nearly eventuate later though.

Out onto the dirt and those magificent windy tracks, almost lanes, that litter the hills and southern areas took our attention...well some of us. MB took some time map reading on the run like he does, got caught up in the rough alongside the track and suddenly was loking like a train wreck about to happen. It was unfolding in front of me and my worst fears went through my mind......I didn't have the camera at the ready...bugga it!:cry

Anyway, he gathered himself and the TDM and we were away. Photo stop after photo stop and some particularly nice up hill and downhill sections which at times had the Tenere tested but we got our act together (bike and I) and got through.

Must give MB his due though, we were racing through some back water track when there in front of me is this 6' suntanned goddess holding onto a couple of German Shepherds. Obviously out power walking she was wearing hot pants and a singlet......I waved.....naturally..... How does he pick these routes (note the spelling) and have attractive women waiting to wave us through - especially for me, I'm thinking??

Endless tracks and we pop out of the undergrowth at Strath as Sundowner had threatened violence if we didn't get him to some food. Bakery it was, and not being a quick thinker I missed out on getting to the counter first as Sundowner just about bought everything left in the pie warmer.....MB even got the photo to prove it.

It was getting hot and I'd already drunk 3 lt out of the camelbak so MB organised another couple of hours of tricky trails and tracks and we came to the Meadows Pub.......Why not? you should ask. So we introduced ourselves to the publican and ordered some refreshments followed up with some wedges because Sundowner was still hungry...and had some pleasant conversation amongst ourselves.

About 2.30 we decided to split and I headed north back towards the Barossa. I mucked around trying to find some nice tracks but I need to spend more time at it to get them to run into each other as a possible ride. I would have been home sooner but them pesky workers were conspiring to slow me down again...

Home around 4pm - bike straight into the shed and me into the shower.......

If this is retirement, bring it on.

Thanks to my ride mates, and especially to Mr Reliable for mapping it all out for us.......very pleasant. I might do more of this...:freaky

Anyway, some shots.....quite a few, are out of focus, I apologise for that so limited numbers have been used,


Now maybe for some MB humour.......

KIZ 03-04-2013 11:53 PM

Good to see you all had a safe and enjoyable ride. Too hot for me (after last ride ending spending a night in the Burra hospital).
Great to see the pics, Marty. :norton

masterbrewer 03-05-2013 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by DRTrev (Post 20868252)
................If this is retirement, bring it on.
Anyway, some shots.....quite of few, are out of focus, I apologise for that, cheers
Now maybe for some MB humour.......

It's amazing how quickly the "shacky hand syndrome" kicks in after retirement :rofl

Aussie Trev 03-05-2013 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by KIZ (Post 20868302)
Good to see you all had a safe and enjoyable ride. Too hot for me (after last ride ending spending a night in the Burra hospital).
Great to see the pics, Marty. :norton

We'll do more of these Marty, north, south and the odd overnighter. You'll just get back to it in time for the cooler weather...keep cool old fella.

Aussie Trev 03-05-2013 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by masterbrewer (Post 20868372)
It's amazing how quickly the "shacky hand syndrome" kicks in after retirement :rofl

Just after the ability to spell falls off I think...:lol3

masterbrewer 03-05-2013 02:09 AM

It was a pleasure to introduce Trev into midweek retirement riding & we were joined by Sundowner & GrahamG.

Even from the start he just couldn't keep the smile off his face. :D

A few easy flowing dirt tracks out to the back of Mount Barker, joined by the occasional blacktop followed.

After the previous weekend's eventful "200 metres from hell" episode, my sights were set on another "special" :augie track I had been saving for a rainy day, with ruts as deep as the strawberry rows behind.

But alas it was Trev's lucky day, as road repairs had recently been completed :ddog

Onwards alongside forest tracks

Sundowner had subtly mentioned earlier he hadn't eaten since yesterday lunch & was really, really keen :bow to get to a bakery asap. :dg

A bit of blacktop made up time before entering the hidden entrance to another "interesting" track. :evil

Brushing past the bushes, the track opened over a railway line, climbing over rutted, rocky ground to a 180 degree steep left handed, off camber, corner with deep holes, challenging the senses & skill levels.

masterbrewer 03-05-2013 02:21 AM

As Graham was successfully negotiating the bend, a huge 6ft roo stood up & bounded out of the bushes to his left & up the hill, much to his surprise :eek1

From there we high-tailed it direct to the Bakery in search of sustenance

Still Smiling Trev

masterbrewer 03-05-2013 02:32 AM

As we followed Sundowner through the door, we could hear someone calling ....

..... "I'll have one of those; two of those; & a couple of those" :lol3

.......... and especially that one :rofl

With a similar smile, he appeared sated at last, well nearly :dg

Sitting under the airconditioner it was difficult to make the first move to the next leg of our ride when we knew the outside temperature was still rising over 30C, but when someone mentioned "Beer" :evil

Aussie Trev 03-05-2013 02:36 AM

Nice photos MB :clap

masterbrewer 03-05-2013 02:55 AM

It was still before the "yard-arm", so I mapped a course to fill in another 90 minutes or so :wink:

.............................. with a view :clap

The thoughts of a cool cleansing ale got the mojos workin'

"Save one for me boys " :beer

"Are you lost MB?" I could hear in the background :cromag
Just a couple more hills, I promise :evil boys, before :dutch
On arrival at Meadows, Trev got his riding gear off and to our surprise :huh ....................... instant retiree tourist :jkam :rilla:lol3

Congratulations on reaching this milestone & your recent award Trev :clap

Thanks for your patience Sundowner & GG. I was trying to make the day memorable for Trev with so many photos.

Great day yet again, thanks for the company, cya again soon. :ricky

DR Ozzy 03-05-2013 02:56 AM

When I see pictures of donuts on a bike forum I expect to see some idiot going round and round on his bike laying rubber or displacing gravel in ever increasing circles and a cloud of dust before hopefully going all dizzy, having a youtube moment, and spearing off into the woods ... not bloody choc topped dough rings with sprinkles within the safe confines of a bakery FFS ... please try harder next time :D

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