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spacekadet 03-31-2013 03:26 PM

Trip logging / blogging / reporting
This may slightly tangential, but anyway...

I'm requesting advice about keeping a useful, public record of a trip. I know the popular path here is just to blog about it. I may end up doing that but I mostly do not enjoy reading blogs and I find them a pretty inefficient means of recording and sharing useful information.

By "useful", I'm specifically excluding personal anecdotes and experiences, unless they are things that other travellers are likely to need. So a blog is wrong to begin with because it is "back-to-front". I (reluctantly) read other traveller's blogs to get info about routes, distances, times, road conditions, island hopping, border controls and other information. It can be darn tedious trying to extract that from the personal stuff.

Also the structure of blogs is too flat - it's just one long stream, when an ideal site will have branches, notes, whatever.

I wrote a up a trip using Facebook previously and that sort of worked,although it's not ideal either. The biggest problem is that it sorts photos in the order that you upload them, where I would like to have control over the sorting order. At least that used to be the case, perhaps they've fixed it now.

I'd like to discuss this with other travellers and hopefully receive suggestions about sites or services that may be worth investigating.

I have a new Windows 8 phone with a Sky Drive account. One idea that occurs to me is to write a "One Note" document and share it. That way I can actually edit it repeatedly to add or correct info, including some details that I won't have until long after the original entry.

PS I'm not bagging traveller's blogs, I know they are popular, they just don't interest me!

troyfromtexas 04-19-2013 01:14 PM

I keep a blog using blogspot. Blogger or blogspot is owned by google, so one user name gives you an account to blogspot, email, youtube, picassa(for photo storage) and google drive. In addition google docs. I would write posts on my computer when I was near a wifi location. I could also write posts on my iPhone using the blogpress app. Or I could write posts into an email, then when I was near a connection I could send it to a special blogspot email that would then post to my blog roll. Then I would share my blog post onto my facebook. Also, I would transfer the text and photos that I wanted to share to an advrider or horizons unlimited thread.

All of this takes time, but the simplest is to write posts into an email, send it to blogspot, then share it with your facebook.

spacekadet 04-19-2013 03:29 PM

Troy, thanks for those tips. You obviously take it very seriously.

At the moment I am leaning towards WordPress. It has an app for Windows phone, so I can quite easily create and manage content on it. Also I can create any number of pages - not just the actual blog page, but also photo pages, notes, or whatever.

It is possible to install "addins" for WordPress that enable the blog to be viewed latest first, or latest last. I think that is really important. The latest-first thing is good during the trip, but makes no sense to anybody doing research after the trip. I'd have to get a paid account to be able to install the addin though. Also have to pay to get a "media" page where I could show video.

WordPress does also support Google maps, which is good. However I really would love to be able to add new pins to one map, showing location each few days, but it seems there isn't any way to do that. I would just have to keep adding new maps. Pity.

rufusswan 04-19-2013 06:41 PM

I use Wordpress and Youtube for vids. No it's not perfect but it works easily. You can place vids in your posts while Youtube is your media center.

Photos can be held in WP or for ex. Flickr if you want a still pic video center.

It sounds as though you are planning a rather long and/or extensive trip log. If so there will be as many people arriving 'late' to the blog as following in real time. In either case, if you put the entire trip in its own blog there are enough facilities in WP to allow you & users several ways to explore for content as well as for you to hi-lite certain aspects of the trip.

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