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DisTech 06-01-2013 06:07 PM

DisTech's R1100GS
My '99 R11GS was being a real pain to start. If I did get it started it would run very rough at low rpm then rev like crazy over 3500 rpm or so. After a some searching I finally found Afrodog's post describing similar symptoms and a solution, BMW R1100 Help.

Leaky quick disconnect were the likely cause of my trouble so I'm upgrading from plastic QD to brass. Also going to replace fuel lines, filter, screen and fuel pump (existing one has whined like crazy since I've had the bike).

Lots of threads describing boxer fuels systems, these helped me: Syst..._system_01.jpg

Parts ordered from
Here is a link to EnDuraLast FP-231 Kit Installation Guidelines if the embedded one doesn't work below.

Step #2 remove fuel tank. Fuel spider before. Syst..._system_02.jpg

Most shots of the mounting plate are like the one above, I took this one to show where it is in relation to the rest of the tank. Syst..._system_03.jpg

#6 remove bracket from tank. Syst..._system_04.jpg

After removal. Syst..._system_05.jpg

#7 remove fuel pump hose. Pretty much destroyed all the crimp hose clamps, good thing beemerbonyard included plent of replacements. Syst..._system_06.jpg

#8 note the polarity of the original connections. This model is brown negative and green positive/ Syst..._system_07.jpg

#11 .25" spade on positive and .187" space on negative. They included crimp connectors that I soldered on. Syst..._system_08.jpg

#12 thru 18 install pump, install filter, install screen. Syst..._system_09.jpg

The new brass quick disconnects are made by CPC, same mfg as original plastic ones and are the same size. Cut the new fuel line to the same lengths as the old and replace. Syst..._system_10.jpg

#19 stuff in hole! Syst..._system_11.jpg

Other half of QD's on bike. Syst..._system_12.jpg

Step #23 Test!
Mounted the tank, added some gas and pressed the start button. She cranked maybe three times and fired right up, smooth as silk. :clap The new pump is much quieter too!

<iframe width='800' height='2200' frameborder='0' src=""></iframe>

When I was flipping the tank around getting gas out of it and positioning it, something was rattling around in there. I pulled this thing out when the fuel spider plate was off. What is it? Syst...ry_part_01.jpg

Looks like a knozzle? Syst...ry_part_02.jpg

bdarling 06-01-2013 09:54 PM

This is a nice write up and you've put a lot of good work into your bike, but your initial symptoms sound a lot like an improperly seated throttle cable:

Did you already confirm that this isn't the case on your bike? I've had this happen a few times after removing the tank.


DisTech 06-01-2013 10:24 PM

The right side was not like that when I took the tank off to start, but when I was putting the new lines and QD on, the throttle cable ended up like that several times. Hmmmm... Thanks for the info!

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