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Baldy 12-11-2001 11:18 PM

How to post an image
Got pics? Here's how to flaunt them: :rayof

Option 1: The quick & dirty (but not very good) way.

Attaching pics to posts. Okay for n00bs.

If you're not in Jo Momma, when you write a post you should see an option to add attachments. If you scroll down below the area where you type your post, you should see this button:

When you click that button, the following window comes up:

Click the browse button to find a photo on your hard disk and upload it to ADVrider.


1. Your photo has to be small enough to post, which means it probably has to be re-sized after you fetch it from your camera. Paint.NET or Irfanview to the rescue.

2. You can only attach one image per post.

3. It uses ADVrider's disk space and bandwidth, making it harder for me to keep the site fast. :cry

4. When people reply to your post, they can't display your image again, which they usually want to do.

Option 2: Open a SmugMug or Photobucket account:

SmugMug and Photobucket specialize in image hosting. They do the image resize thing automatically, allow you to post many images per post, and you can post to other message forums. They don't use ADVrider's disk storage or bandwidth, which helps keep ADVrider fast. :D

In addition, with SmugMug, you get real online albums you can arrange, customize, use for family, travel, hobbies, etc. Disclaimer: I own SmugMug. The idea came from ADVrider and the need for good photo hosting.

You can tag any album at SmugMug as part of the ADVrider community, and it will show up with other member's galleries in the ADVrider community home page, most recent on top.

Photobucket offers limited free accounts and easy upgrade to more capacity for a nominal yearly fee. SmugMug offers a free trial and full accounts for a nominal annual fee.

Once you have an account, you can use the IMG button,, that you see above the area where you type when you post. The image button let's you specify an Internet address (URL) to identify the image.

Here is a tutorial at SmugMug that should answer your Qs.

Clear as mud? :ear

Q: "But... But.... I followed your directions to link to a photo exactly from some other photo sharing site and it didn't work!? Computers really piss me off."

A: Some sites don't appreciate you linking to their images for mindless posts, so they block it.

Note: Other picture hosting sites can be used.

Guzz 03-11-2002 10:16 PM

Winbloze tidbits...

Print Scrn = the entire screen into clipboard
Alt+Print Scrn = the active window into clipboard

BMW Marc 03-20-2002 05:27 AM

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:flush :lol1

dapolrbear 04-28-2002 11:26 PM

Let's see if I got this right.
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First attempt at posting a pic:

RedRyder 10-12-2002 07:30 AM

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dik 11-18-2002 12:21 PM

greetings from sunny ??? england

ok i've downloaded that ifran thing and managed to get a picture down to less than 160kb, but.........
why does it not look so good ?
and how do i change what type of image it is ? as in i tried a test post and got a message saying it should be jpeg or something, and i think it is bmp.

does that make sense ?
can you tell i'm no good with these damn computer things ?

many tia
all the best

wxwax 11-18-2002 05:55 PM

To change what kind of file it is (say from bmp to jpeg) click on File, go to Save As.

At the bottom of the dialogue box is your file name, and below that another line that's titled "Save As Type."

There's a drop down menu on the right of that box. Click on the drop down, and scroll down to the type you want to save it as. Lots of choices, as you'll see.

Can't help you with your pic looking worse. I could guess, but I hate making a complete fool of myself in public.

dik 11-19-2002 01:34 PM

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thanx man, easy when you know how !

well lets see if i can do it ????

dik 11-19-2002 01:38 PM

more help
hey hey it works !!!!!

so can anyone tell me how to reduce the size without the loss in quality seen above ?


2Laud 2Bro 12-10-2002 08:11 PM

file to big
Things were going well then I hit Submit Reply, the wheel spun awhile and came back with "file to big". How do I make the file smaller? Fuji finepix 2600Zoom 2.0 Megapixel.

John Macdonald 12-10-2002 08:15 PM

Do you have photo editing software?

I'm using some freeware that I got hipped to on the site here.

It's called IrfanView

do a search and download it on your machine.

Resize the image to something smaller and go again.

zero-zero 12-11-2002 02:47 AM

That should be .

Fish's fault (no shit, this time). :):

2Laud 2Bro 12-11-2002 10:56 AM

Downloaded irfanview,resized pic, saved pic. The saved pic has a .bmp instead of .jpg

Invalid attachment.

Computer DIZ has set in.

zero-zero 12-11-2002 11:03 AM

That shouldn't happen if it was a jpg to start with, but if it does, use the "save as" feature. That will allow you to specify whatever format you want, inc. jpg


fish 12-11-2002 11:10 AM

you can also just specify .jpg in the filename and it will convert automagically.

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