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rickypanecatyl 09-28-2013 07:08 PM

Sony Xperia Z1 torture test?
I need a new smart phone and was wondering if anyone has any real world experience with how well the waterproof sony Xperia's hold up?

On the stats I noticed the ZR and new Z1 and Z ultra have higher waterproof ratings than the original Z.
Anyone have any experience with vibrations? Can they hold up to mounting on a motorcycle?

I was considering an iphone with the "lifeproof" case but in almost all the reviews I read on it, customers agreed it made it harder to hear and be heard with the lifeproof waterproof/droppoof case. My thought was it's probably making the case waterproof that muffles the sound?
If I started with a waterproof phone and got a case that just added impact protection it would be easier to do that without muffling the sound?

I live in extreme environments, am demanding of all my equipment, don't have time to baby things and am a bit hard of hearing - those are the driving factors in my "which new cell phone" purchase. Any other ideas are certainly welcome!

FWIW I had a Samsung Rugby Pro which CLAIMS the following:

- Passes Military Standard Specifications MIL - 810F
- IP67 (Ingress Protection Rating 6 & 7. 6 means "no ingress of dust whatsoever"; the 7 means can be immersed in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.)
- Can be dropped from 6.6 feet

Reality from my unbiased customer experience was:
- it did do well on the drop test. I don't think I ever dropped it from 6.6 feet high, but probably 5X dropped it to concrete from the height of my hanging hand of +/- 3'.

- water test wasn't close. In pocket with heavy rain rendereds the speakers useless until dried out.
I once (I know - very stupid) put it in a glass of water to "show off" for about 30 seconds. All the ports were tightly closed and it didn't work for 3 days but was fine after taking it apart and having it dry out for about 3 days.

- It can't hold up to vibrations at all. I mounted it on my handlebars to use as a GPS on my KLX250/351 (the 351 vibrates a bit more than the 250). It only lasted a few hours and it shook some of the internals apart. I got it repaired at the Samsung HQ here and tried it again (after some inmates insisted that wasn't what caused the breakdown :lol3) and it broke the battery and charging system. I thought it was finished but found with a new battery and using an external charger I could charge the battery and then put it back in the phone.

Beast1210 09-28-2013 08:26 PM

not sure about he sony but I use the Kyocera torque, x grip mount, no case, havent had any issues, dust or water.

rickypanecatyl 09-28-2013 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by Beast1210 (Post 22436213)
not sure about he sony but I use the Kyocera torque, x grip mount, no case, havent had any issues, dust or water.

That looks cool! Just checked it out here:

It actually advertises "vibration proof" - It may not BE vibration proof but the fact they put it in there means at least they are trying! I can't really think of anyone other that us motorcycle riders attaching smart phones to thumpers that need that though I'm sure there are others out there!

Now to see if they have those in Malaysia!

rickypanecatyl 09-28-2013 08:56 PM

I thought this was interesting from CNET comparing the Samsung Galaxy Rugby pro and the Kyocera Torque:


If you're not committed to Sprint, AT&T's Samsung Rugby Pro is a similar device. With its vivid screen and better camera, I prefer the Pro when not accounting for toughness. However, the Torque would definitely be able to take it down in the ring. Its sturdier build makes it the better rugged phone, and if that's what you're prioritizing, the Torque is the more bulletproof choice.

BobPS 09-29-2013 12:34 AM

Ricky, if I didn't already have iphone 4 and lifeproof case when sony announced experia z, I would buy one.

After using lifeproof for about 8 months now, I keep my iphone in the lifeproof case all the time and never take it out of the case, I can tell you that I never have the problem you described. No problem in hearing other people or be heard.

I don't know how if it can stand prolonged motorcycle vibration though, cause I keep my phone in my jacket pocket.

If I must buy a new phone to replace my current phone, I would buy another iphone and another lifeproof case, not because I'm a fanboy but because I have bought apps like informant, pocketmoney, tomtom,sky safari, motion x, etc, and simply don't want to purchase those apps again:D

rickypanecatyl 09-29-2013 11:15 PM

Thanks for the feedback Bob - I'm sure you have the same kind of rain in Jakarta that we do in Kuala Lumpur! :rofl I do wonder sometimes if riding an unfaired motorcycle at 70 mph in our pounding 6"/hour rain is tougher on a phone in the pocket than the carefully conducted submersion test of 1 meter for 30 minutes!

This was the review from CNET that concerned me on the lifeproof case:

CNET liked it but the customers reviews were pretty bad. What seemed consistent was it made it at least slightly harder to hear. Some thought it was negligible and didn't matter and others thought it was bad enough to be a problem. Since I have weaker ears it scared me off.

I just bought the Z1 and did just get hit last night by a torrential rainstorm while doing 70 mph. It handled it better than my old Samsung rugby did though it was inside a case.

I just saw (an hour after buying it) Samsung has a galaxy s4 "Active". Wondering if I made the right choice. The Samsung has more external buttons which I really like as I seemed to have a non human mutant fingertip that doesn't work so well with any touch screen. And they are claiming the Active is glove friendly.

rickypanecatyl 09-30-2013 07:46 PM

No more buyers remorse - saw that CNET and one other reviewer on the active both had the phones fail in less than 1 meter of water! :eek1

Nice claim! Oh that's right - I've already owned 2 samsung rugby's and they failed from very little water... what was I thinking? They'd get it right the 3rd time I trusted them?

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