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Forum: Epic Ride Reports 09-06-2004, 09:26 AM
Replies: 27
Views: 4,241
Posted By natparktiger
Rock on man!

Dewd, you really know how to make me homesick!!!

Great ride report, and thanks for so many photos of home.

Was out for a ride yesterday, and got my first "performance award" on the Tiger. ...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 08-31-2004, 06:51 PM
Replies: 49
Views: 5,323
Posted By natparktiger
Nice report man...

So WTF is up with yer GS man?!!!

Egads, it seems your bike has been down a L O N G time?

Anyhow, you won't believe the modification that Triumph has made to the '05 Tigers?
Forum: Equipment 08-31-2004, 06:22 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 2,199
Posted By natparktiger
Barry, I'm no chemist, but I do know that...


I'm no chemist, but I do know that anything strong enough to release/remove the dye from the nylon is also strong enough to age and/or weaken the parent material.

Most nylon fabrics...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-31-2004, 06:04 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,240
Posted By natparktiger
Tire talk, I can't answer for Daddystarr,...

Tire talk,

I can't answer for Daddystarr, but they look to be Continental TKC-80's.

If so, I'm running them on my Tiger as well.

They ROCK in the dirt, and you can push em over pretty far...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-31-2004, 05:44 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 1,076
Posted By natparktiger
Tiger tires...

Well Stromtroll,

Myself, I've had Metzeler Tourances (9000 mi), Michelin Anakees (7500 mi), and now Continental TKC-80's (3300 mi.) on my Tiger in the past ten months since I purchased it the end...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-30-2004, 11:48 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,240
Posted By natparktiger
Thumb Cute shot Daddystarr! Take yer boy out...

Cute shot Daddystarr!

Take yer boy out ridin!!! I grew up, and learned to ride out in the Owyhees myself. Ridin two up between Tiger-pop and the tank! Little Honda 100 something or others. ...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-20-2004, 08:13 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,025
Posted By natparktiger
Howdy Twotail...

I haven't tried their can out yet, and have been shopping for something with a higher audible signature (if ya catch my drift). Myself I've been eyeballing the Staintune (100% stainless...
Forum: Equipment 08-17-2004, 10:41 AM
Replies: 109
Views: 40,249
Posted By natparktiger
Eh? Speaking of engine heat???

Ummm, how is this different then the gasoline in the the tank, right on top of that hot motor???

While your choice of putting the bottles in your rear panniers solves any issue, I'm curious why...
Forum: Vendors 08-16-2004, 02:36 PM
Replies: 48
Views: 2,456
Posted By natparktiger
Newest one! Not (yet) on the poll though?

Newest one!

Not (yet) on the poll though?
Forum: Face Plant 08-12-2004, 02:21 PM
Replies: 51
Views: 4,025
Posted By natparktiger
Bluhduh Outf'ingstanding!

Good onya' RLittle!!!

Please keep us posted as to the results of the trial. Awesome that you saved your own hide, checked for others, and still had presence of mind to insure that Spinkey...
Forum: Vendors 08-12-2004, 10:31 AM
Replies: 42
Views: 1,896
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh ummm, synthetic please?

Voted for a vest, and would wear one (when I don't have my electric stich vest on), however a synthetic poly-pro mid-weight base layer, zip t-neck would be my first vote instead of the vest?
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-12-2004, 07:15 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 759
Posted By natparktiger
Tiger grips...

Howdy Phil/TX,

I just checked, and the FSM does indicate a dedicated circuit for the heated grips. PM me, and I can attach a PDF file of the wiriring diagram.

I had the factory grips wired...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-11-2004, 02:47 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 1,279
Posted By natparktiger
Triumph recall...

Something that I received via e-mail; (
<TT> -----...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-10-2004, 09:23 AM
Replies: 10
Views: 966
Posted By natparktiger
Thumb Tiger wheel...

I managed to break a spoke (nipple actually) in my rear wheel, and once the wheel was off and in the shop, they also found a flat spot on the rear rim.

Woody's Wheel Service, fixed both the spoke...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-10-2004, 09:06 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 884
Posted By natparktiger
Thanks guys!!!

I appreciate the input from both of ya!

Sasquatch, sorry I didn't make OSCAR to meet ya! The Fates have conspired to keep me from having as much fun as I'd hoped this summer.

I wrote to the...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-09-2004, 03:11 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 884
Posted By natparktiger
Question Advice on Tiger final drive ratios???

Okay, so I've cranked over 18K miles on my Tiger since buying it Oct 19 last year. Now it's time for new sprockets & chain.

Any recommendations out there on final drive ratio's?

Factory is...
Forum: Equipment 08-09-2004, 01:57 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 829
Posted By natparktiger
Thumb map interest...

Trails Illustrated through National Geographic!

try here;

They publish maps, search base by state, good quality &...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-05-2004, 02:32 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,083
Posted By natparktiger
Try the flea market?

Howdy Bushwhacker,

I'd recommend posting a WTB offer over in the flea market...

Good luck w/ the custom work. Post photos once you get it wrapped up.
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-05-2004, 11:53 AM
Replies: 78
Views: 8,913
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh Re-seating tubless tires in field...

Haven't ever tried this myself, but it might work?!

I remember reading an article in a 4x4 magazine a couple a years ago about a bloke who remounted a tire onto a beaded rim without an...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-05-2004, 10:13 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 593
Posted By natparktiger
Eek hot smell...

Howdy Daddystarr,

Certain it smelled like brakes? Not trying to question your diagnostics, but I've recently heard a Tiger horror story of a bike run low/out of coolant.

Engine gets hot...
Forum: Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan 08-05-2004, 10:03 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,083
Posted By natparktiger
Corbin for Tigers...

Howdy Bushwacker,

I have the factory stock saddle on my Tiger, but had an opportunity to sit a Corbin saddle last weekend up in Steamboat Springs CO at the 3rd Annual RAT RAID.

It was WAY...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 07-27-2004, 01:35 PM
Replies: 32
Views: 4,112
Posted By natparktiger
Too bad about the muley...

Howdy Stromrider,

Too bad about your ride getting messed up! Those mule deer are pesky, flee ridden beasts!

The tadpole humphing a pile of dirt wasn't to far off...

It's called aptly...
Forum: The Rockies It's all downhill from here... 07-23-2004, 02:17 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 1,223
Posted By natparktiger
Steamboat Springs, CO...

Howdy Stephen,

If you are in Steamboat on Friday (day 2?) night, you'll likely see a few Triumphs around. Rocky Mountain Riders Association of Triumph (RM RAT) is hosting our 2nd Annual RAT RAID...
Forum: Equipment 07-14-2004, 12:38 PM
Replies: 47
Views: 3,580
Posted By natparktiger
Camp stoves...

Myself, I have a Primus Himalaya multi-fuel that burns canister iso-butane or liquid fuels. With additional jets, it can burn anything from white gas, unleaded, kerosene, alcohol...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 07-04-2004, 09:48 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,612
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh Big Cat ridin...

Howdy Sasquatch! Looks like a grand time up in the hills. I've been in Le Bois since Thursday, but had to fly up out of D-town on short notice so I didn't have my Tiger. Dayum! It would have been...
Forum: Equipment 06-29-2004, 12:54 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 686
Posted By natparktiger

Hey Sasquatch,

Please PM me if you find a set of these, and also what you think of them if/when you get em mounted up? So far I've burned up my original Tourances and am now nearing the end of...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 06-29-2004, 07:58 AM
Replies: 49
Views: 7,972
Posted By natparktiger
Nice riding with you...

Nice ride man, almost like being there with you. Thanks for sharing! It's made my day, and trust me, I needed that!
Forum: Equipment 06-28-2004, 09:25 AM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,494
Posted By natparktiger
PIAA lamp life?

Does anyone have experience with the new PIAA Extreme White Plus-Anti Vibration bulbs?

Previously I ran a set of PIAA std Extreme White lamps in my Tacoma, and experienced three failures in as...
Forum: Pacific Northwet - Where it's green. And wet. 06-15-2004, 05:16 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 1,911
Posted By natparktiger
Trip route planning...

Howdy Markherman,

I would highly recommend MS Streets & Trips ($40) for trip planning MC rides. Just looked up portion of your route, and figure roughly 3 1/2 hours from Astoria OR to Yachats OR...
Forum: Equipment 06-15-2004, 12:47 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 610
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh Good in snow...

Good Luck!!!

You can buy aftermarket stud gun/studs to make yer own, try Aerostich/Riderswarehouse. I doubt there is a "good" solution, but good luck.
Forum: The Rockies It's all downhill from here... 06-15-2004, 10:53 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 1,000
Posted By natparktiger
Question Keystone CO Celtic music & DS ride 6/26 & 27?

Anyone interested in going to the Celtic Music Festival in Keystone CO, June 26 & 27.

Price is "FREE" which just fits my budget?! Planning to camp somewhere, DS around on my Tiger some, and see...
Forum: Face Plant 06-14-2004, 11:24 AM
Replies: 85
Views: 26,663
Posted By natparktiger
Get well soon Bean!

Here's to a speedy recovery!
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 06-13-2004, 10:24 AM
Replies: 21
Views: 2,045
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh Nice time in UT?!!!

Hey Accu,

Looks like you and Mrs Accu4U had a great trip. Some trooper, camping, riding, snow? Good onya both!

Rode a similar trip in late March. Two buddies and I headed from D-town to CO...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 06-13-2004, 09:51 AM
Replies: 51
Views: 2,460
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh H-OURAY for OSCAR!!!

Domestice duties???

Doesn't Mrs FC understand the importance of posting ever more of these photos and descriptive pre-ride writings that must prevail?

Awesome job with the photos and...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 06-12-2004, 09:25 AM
Replies: 1,052
Views: 394,714
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh More please???


AWESOME ride report!!! As many have said, you have a keen eye for capturing the scene, and a great writing style. I would be amazed that you can't get this story published by one of the...
Forum: The Rockies It's all downhill from here... 06-11-2004, 12:54 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 1,323
Posted By natparktiger
Talking John Leo?

Yeah, I was moving through I-25 traffic on my way out of D-town last Friday, and saw a rider ahead.

Decided to bust azz and catch up w/ other rider for company.

Ooops. LEO on a BMW!
Forum: Equipment 06-09-2004, 03:08 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,797
Posted By natparktiger
Adventure coat...


As you have probably gathered, the possible extremes found in riding pretty much dictate more then a single coat for all riding conditions.

Myself, I've only been riding (this time)...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 06-08-2004, 12:15 PM
Replies: 47
Views: 5,075
Posted By natparktiger
Atta boy Accu...

Helluva ride report & pix man! Sorry about the beat up equipment. I just got my Tiger back, and sad to hear you banged up yer bike. Tough luck, but I'm glad you could still ride it home. We are...
Forum: Equipment 05-25-2004, 05:37 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,443
Posted By natparktiger
Laugh Dry bags...

Hey Super...

Another idea for waterproof bags for you;

Jack's Plastic Welding, they create custom whitewater rafts,cats, drybags, etc. Would likely be a good source for a dry bag, and would...
Forum: Epic Ride Reports 05-25-2004, 11:03 AM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,502
Posted By natparktiger
Great report & photos...

Hey Gordy,

A riding buddy and I just rode that stretch of 191 in AZ. AWESOME ride, even fully loaded.

I recognize the restaurant too, looks like the junction in Datil if I'm not mistaken.
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