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Originally Posted by donnyh
Primers and powder are showing up on shelves, and the private party sale prices are returning to sanity.

No .22lr at all at my local walmart for six months now, Cabelas is the only source in my county for .22, Winchester 500 packs in the fancy wooden box for $27 with a limit of two.

.380 is still extinct, .40 and .45 are still very very rare.

One bright spot: 9mm Blazer Brass is showing up at walmart for $9 a box, over a two week period I scored over 2500 rounds of it, one store even had enough that the guy waived the six box limit and sold me a full case.

Guns are still selling here in Utah at a furious pace, shelves remain mostly empty.

Side note: New law here in Utah (HB 357), anyone over 18 who isn't a restricted person can now legally carry a handgun concealed in their vehicle.
I've noticed that the bigger sellers around here have no bricks of .22, whereas a couple of the small shops have it, albeit oddball brand-name stuff like the Centurion. For the longest time there were no primers, not even shotgun primers, and yet .22 was available on a periodic basis. That has reversed. Odd how spotty and regional this 'shortage' has been.

I have enough of everything to last me for several years, longer if I were more restrained in my shooting activities, but I would like to pick up some large-rifle primers, that's the only size that I'm a little short on. Not willing to pay scalpers for them however. I'll wait.
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