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Originally Posted by Gummee!
You got the wrong impression of us. If yer doing 50mi/week on that, yer a MUCH better man than the rest of us. No shorts, no clipless pedals and shoes, no road bike (efficient), etc.

Nope. My hat's off to ya.

Now, if you'd go to PBS and get ye some bicycle shorts to go under the plaid jobbies, and maybe some pedals and cleats, THEN we'd

I'm teasing you guys.

This thread is a must-see for me every day.

With new kids and big girls to drop off at school, I haven't been riding to work the way I was last year, but I do try to at least go out for a 10+ mile ride at lunch, at least four days a week.

It's all hills around here. Yesterday was a tough one, but it was a beautiful ride. I'd sure like another bike, but I just can't afford it right now, and I've certainly made good use of the bike I have.

Katie's out of school now, so I may start riding back and forth a couple of days a week again, too.
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