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Originally Posted by Gummee!
Did I tell y'all that I got my box o' fun in from VA? Well, I did. Rival shifters and generic brakes = working bicycle again. Now all I gotta do is put Rival on in place of D/A and I'll be happier again. Yeah, I know... D/A coming off and Rival going on?! Well, it'll make it easier in the long run if all the parts match. Seems that if I sell, people don't quite understand 'mechanics' specials.'

I'm haring the hash today AND tomorrow PM, as well as having a Camaro that needs a fuel pump replaced. I'm lucky to get in short runs, much less rides right now. Next week, that *should* change.

As a note to y'all that have F-Bodies: the fuel pump does go bad and you hafta drop the rear axle, remove the exhaust, etc. to get the tank out to get to the top of it, where the stuff lives. Who ever designed THAT POS needs to be shot!

Are you going to replace the pump yourself? That sounds like a good weekend project.....although ample amounts of beer would help move things along.
Phoenix, Az
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