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Alright folk, after alot of talking I figured it was about time that somebody started a little thread that us Winnipegers and southern Manitobans can use as a simple way of letting others know if we are planning a ride instead of using the northern riders thread (which is quite large and hard to follow at times)

The purpose of this thread is to set up rides or just throw out an open invitation for anybody listening to join up and hit the dirt (or pavement if your into that kind of thing).

I would like people to avoid using this as a thread for posting pictures and off topic conversations, yes you can link to a thread of pictures you took on a ride, but lets avoid letting this thread balloon out of controll and turn into another northern riders thread.

Please try to keep postings simple such as:

Date: June 7th
Time: Noon
Meeting Point: The Forks
Destination: Agassiz Forest (or no destination if its not decided)

Sound good? (and no im not planning a ride for tomorrow, thats just an example)
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