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Good ride

Yes, it was a good ride today. Here a few of the shots I got.

Elkhound and Donnymoto arriving at Whites Ferry.

Donnymoto and Elkhound riding the ferry. For those not familiar with Whites Ferry, it's the only currently operational ferry across the Potomac. A little history about it that I dug up on the Internet (so it must be true )

Early settlers recognized that the relatively still waters of the Potomac River at the location would provide an ideal location for a ferry. The first known ferry operation at the location was Conrad's Ferry in 1817. After the Civil War, former Confederate officer Elijah V. White purchased it and made many improvements to the service. He named his ferry boat in honor of his former commander, General Jubal Anderson Early.

More than a convenient river crossing, the ferry provided a place of commerce between the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the surrounding community. Farmers from Virginia used the ferry to get their crops to markets in Maryland and Washington, D.C. via the canal. In the days before modern refrigeration, a farmer's access to reliable transportation meant the difference between prosperity and watching a year's worth of work rot in storage. Together, the ferry and the canal shortened the time it took farmers to get their goods to market. To further assist them, White built a granary along the canal to store grains until they could be loaded and shipped via the canal. Its stone remains can still be seen in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park near mile marker 35.5.

A little map consultation.

Awesome ride guys, thanks!

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