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Not much to report as we're slabbing the interstates due to inclement weather patterns..looking for El Sol...where are you??

First of all, thank you very much Litewait, Dr. Jim, and Mikepa for yor analysis and input on the limping Tub leg! Although like Dr. Jim said that it might be OK...if no fender rubbing or performance is interferred with. However, like you all said that it WILL eat into my Tucks back-up tire. We have decided to shoot for Jay's stable and get it straightened after transitting some sights through the states of SD; ND; Mt...

So far the trip has been uneventful except gas mileage...25-30 mpg. It's been cold, rainy and windy. Today it's 50 degrees in Sioux Falls. Planning on a 2 day R+R here.

Here are a few not so grand pictures taken underway. We rode 670 miles on the first try and felt just great; then 480; today 400 miles.

It's been years since I last have seen reversible/rewashable cloth handtowels..but the machine on the left, errr...can you tell I'm at a truck stop

Prarie..oh so beautiful!

Got 25 mpg by using the 89'er octane...

The entire station smelled of spilled Ethanol....ah, Iowa Corn...
I am sure that our BMW comp compensates for the lack of octane??? losing 20 hp of my 100 hp....

Obama does it...

The famous 3-inch Minnessota Mosquito..??

Oelwein(oiled wine)..anyone, only 35 miles

Brunhilde and Ingrid at rest...

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