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Originally Posted by Lauren
A couple of simple observations and then back to bed so I can work tomorrow - I am going to feel it at work tomorrow I am sure. I'll try to come back tomorrow sometime so I can post some more info.

This is a tall bike - 37" with a stock seat IIRC. All the more tall because I had Tasky's install a tall seat. I am 6'6" tall, but I have a 32-33" inseam. When I sit on the bike it sags of course so I can flat foot on a level surface, but getting on and off the bike requires lifting my leg to a degree that I am not used to, made all the harder by my bad back.

There was a couple of times when I had to turn the bike around in tight quarters where the height of the bike worked against me, but other than that I didn't notice it.

Part of the purpose of the bike is to get me off my ass and out doing something that will help get me in shape, or at least slow down my getting out of shape. After just ten minutes of riding off-road in mostly street gear I was sweating like a stuck pig and I wasn't doing anything hard at all. So I think this will help in this regard.

This bike has a sweet transmission. That was something I noticed when I rode the demo bike. No clutch needed. Very smooth and easy from one gear to another. It seemed to get smoother as I rode - at first it wasn't as smooth as the demo bike - a bit notchy, but still very easy to shift. Just think about shifting and its done. I didn't miss a shift or shift unintentionally all day, and that is on a new bike - I usually screw up a shift on a bike new to me at least once.

Oh, and a couple of other things before I forget:

There seems to be a lot of intake noise when I open the throttle more than a trivial amount. A lot as in it sounds like exhaust noise - indeed, it overwhelms the exhaust (which is very tame but sounds good, especially on deceleration) but I am pretty sure the noise is coming from the intake and not the exhaust.

The spark arrestor was loose when I got home. I'll have to put something on it or I will loose it for sure. I didn't see anything else that was loose when I checked the bike over after the ride.
We're the same height though my inseam is 37". When I'm tired, I lean the bike over to get on/off. I have the tall seat also.

The noise is the intake. The exhaust (what others hear) is actually very quiet. I like it that way.

My spark arrestor fell out after my first long ride. Jeff was nice enough to give me another. I've used red loctite on it to keep it in. Longer term I will go with the Pro Moto Billet arrestor (which is actually stamped as approved).

I put the bike back together on Saturday. I had the forks/shock rebuilt by Less Tinius at LT Racing. Feels very nice. I even went for a quick ride and managed to remove 1/2 my rear fender when I jumped a speed bump at 45 mph to see what it would do. I found out - the lower part of the fender contacts the tire on hard compression.

I like the look of the smaller fender so I fabricated a combo license plate holder (horizontal) and LED turn signal bracket. I drilled the fender through in 4 places and instead of the plastic screws I now use 6 mm through bolts. The back end plastic is now much more solid.
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