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Your words not mine.
Trying to make this a hardtop-only ride but we couldn't avoid the gravel but we tried. bbooker made it look easy.
Ahh the good stuff!
Yes this campground was about 1 mile into West Virginia on 55, about 5 miles east of Wardensville. No sign for the road when headed west, I went past it the first time. This road would have taken you north to Capon Springs not Wardensville.

No pic but I was cruising on 55 and I look over as a metric crusier is coming to a stop from a side street(unpaved). They came to a stop and fell over hard. I hit the brakes and made U-turn. Turns out it was a female and she had pulled way to the right of the road and put her right foot down 'off the road' and into a big hole. She must have dropped it before as she had huge crash bars on the thing. She had stood it back up by the time I got to her. She was on the right side of the bike so I put the kick stand down. She wasn't injured and the bike looked ok.
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