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Thumb Rapido to rapid City...

Rain rain go away, come again another day!!!

We haven't seen the sun since leaving NC except for one day in Ohio visiting the grandkids. Left Siuox City, SD under sprinkling skies this morning and it was somewhere in the 40's. We donned our Gerbing heated jacket and on top of all other layers we had on we threw on our Walmart rain jacket & pants thinking that'll do. Well....about 100 miles down the road it started to rain a bit harder and harder. Not wanting to stop and change over to our full rainsuit that was tucked nice and dry in one of our compartment, we kept going.
Wearing our "BMW waterproof" gloves, Elmer's glove stayed dry until few hours later...the "wiper" on his left index finger came in handy as he wiped up raindrops from his helmet and my gloves leaked like a sieve. After the Badlands...the rain gods decided to hold off on the rain and Elmer stripped his Walmart raingear...tucked it underneath the yellow sack that was tied down on the rear seat thinking it would be was not. We thought we've seen the last of his Walmart raingear. Riding 65mph on Route 44, a rancher and his 2 dogs in a pick-up truck passed us and stopped up ahead, got out and held out the Walmart raingear saying he found it a few miles back. God bless the ranchers of SD!!!
The rain gods decided to visit us, once again while we stopped for coffee at Starbucks in Rapid City, spilling all the rain into sidecar. As soon as we checked into our motel---the sun came out. God bless the sun!!!

I love rain....come de da....

can't see...bum helmet.

This one sure has got an awfully long horn!

Think we're gonna see John Wayne come out of the saloon..

Badlands in the distant rain...

Don't we look stuffed?!!

Didn't see any there...

Just imagine what it was like long ago...

Isolated Route 44..

there were trees...

and then came the Dinosaur...

Got to Rapid City for tomorrows visit to the carved in stone Presidents.
Scoured Town for a genuine Buffalo steak and some local brew...after a hard day of trenching rain....

Washed down with these...

Woman's point of view:
Getting used to riding on the sidecar was easy. The seat is comfortable although I did add the sheepskin seat pad I had. It gives me an extra cushion for my tush. Plenty of room in the sidecar for me to move about. I keep all things handy in my backpack and it stays quite dry tucked forward in the sidecar. Storage is plentiful and there is room for a few more pairs of shoe... The wind does create an "updraft" when we're on the highway and makes it difficult for me to read a book...I think we need to tinker around with the design of the windshield a bit more. I'd like to replace our HJC helmets and find one that does not "leak" when it rains or fogs up. We have to keep ours open "a crack" to keep it from fogging up in the rain...I suppose that is true for many others. ??? Glad we have our Gerbing heated jacket liner...they do keep us nice and toasty. Cheerios...Sharon

On the technical side:

The bike has been running great except some chatter in first gear when taking off. The bike has been outfitted with Hyperpro shocks that were designed for hauling a 300# sidecar and it's gear. I must admit the shocks are a bit soft even with full preload in the rear and some in the front. The front seems to be softer. The 200/350# rated Progressive spring/shock on the sidecar are superb and highly recommended. Also is recommended the dynabeaded tires. They're running true. The Tourances are doing well, although a bit of wear is evident on the tilted sidecar wheel. The pusher Torurance is slowly showing it's flat spot as expected, but still has plenty rubber left. The front is as new as it could be.
I must admit that I love the tilt actuator that Jay recommended. It is protected of course with a cover for inclement weather. Heavy sidewinds are a cinch to ride in if they are from the left...just tilt the sidecar and you're on your way. Pretty slick I must admit. Of course are crowns easily corrected on the road. So far so good..except like we all know..fuel economy..what can you do when your sidecar is as aerodynamic as a billboard!....cheers
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