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Originally Posted by Richard-NL
Mmmm. Details. Let me think. Aschaffenburg license plates on the pic. Well, thatís close enough to Frankfurt. EML-chassis, EML-chair and EML-front-swingarm. Typical eighties, beginning nineties dual-sport outfit. Several parts of different origin. Rear swingarm (extended?) by Horst Ullrich. Rear wheel and sidecar wheel from a CitroŽn 2CV. Bilstein shocks. (maybe even air suspension on the hack for heavy loading).

Obviously a trailerhook, trailerhook, trailerhook.....

Got it. I knew I made a pic of this outfit.


G/day Richard.

That wouldn't be one of your outfits would it?

If it is, what a small world we live in

The photo's were sent to me from a mate of mind, Wolfie Loher, works for Lufthansa in Frankfurt, and regularly comes to Oz. He is lucky enough to have a GS here in Oz.

He also sent a photo of this outfit

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